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New Integration: HiConversion

new-integration:-hiconversion is now integrated with HiConversion. Check it out!

About HiConversion

HiConversion is an app that algorithmically launches product recommendations based on the same machine learning technology used at

How you can benefit from this integration

With HiConversion <> integration, you can:

  • Display HiConversion’s product recommendations with star rating
  • Deliver a more personalized and trustworthy experience to your customers
  • Boost sales through upselling and cross-selling products

After installing and HiConversion, follow these instructions to enable the integration. All you need to do is check the “Product Rating” box in “Product Details” when creating a Recommendation in HiConversion. Then stars will be displayed automatically.


If you want to display the star ratings on the Confirmation page, you need to have a store on Shopify Plus plan. If you don’t have a Shopify Plus store, you need to upgrade to Awesome plan and contact HiConversion for further customization ([email protected]).

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Special thanks to our friends at for their insights on this topic.
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