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New Integration: MBC Bundles

new-integration:-mbc-bundles is now integrated with MBC Bundles. Check it out!

About MBC Bundles

MBC Bundles helps you create product bundles on Shopify that can increase your revenue by an average of 27% from the first day of use.

How can you benefit from this integration?

Product bundling is a good way to boost your revenue since it’s easier for customers to get all their desired products at a discounted price. Showcasing review stars on your product bundles adds another level of trust and help customers make buying decision quicker.

With MBC Bundles <> integration, you can add your Preview Badge (star ratings) and review count to your product bundles, and enjoy both of these benefits: enhance social proof and sell more.

After installing and MBC Bundles, follow these instructions to enable the integration. It’s simple – just copy the public token and paste it into the MBC Bundles dashboard.

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Here is how the product bundles with review stars look like in your store:

If you have any questions about our features and integrations, check our knowledge base or post a question on our forums!

Special thanks to our friends at for their insights on this topic.
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