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New Integration: Reviewbit

new-integration:-reviewbit is now integrated with Reviewbit. Check it out!

About Reviewbit

Reviewbit enables small and large brands to automatically collect customer reviews through WhatsApp with a high response rate and a 100% open rate.

How you can benefit from this integration

With Reviewbit <> integration, you can:

  • Collect reviews via WhatsApp messages in Reviewbit.
  • Send your reviews automatically to to display on your storefront widgets.

After installing and Reviewbit, follow these instructions to enable the integration. 

You can activate the integration with one click in the Reviewbit admin. Then you can set the request timing and start collecting reviews by sending WhatsApp messages.

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After you approve the reviews in Reviewbit, these reviews will be sent automatically to


  • The integration works with new “Approved” reviews only, old reviews in Reviewbit which were approved before the integration won’t be sent to
  • Reviews from Reviewbit are not automatically verified. Please contact [email protected] and we will manually verify the reviews as long as you can provide evidence (e.g. showing screenshots of the order history from your other store).
  • For now, review without email can’t be sent to Judge. me.

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