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New Integration: SEO Booster

new-integration:-seo-booster is now integrated with SEO Booster. Check it out!

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SEO Booster provides Shopify users with best-practice methods and strategies, store tracking, and useful SEO solutions. This overarching app offers a host of features to help you analyze, debug, and optimize SEO for your website.

How can you benefit from this integration

With this integration, will synchronize JSON-LD markup with SEO Booster, which serves as a friendly and comprehensive SEO tool to get a higher Google SERP ranking and reach more potential customers.

To use this integration, make sure that you have installed both and SEO Booster, and your JSON-LD snippets are enabled in Settings > Advanced > Rich Snippets: is automatically integrated with SEO Booster, so you can go ahead and set up other features in SEO Booster.

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