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New Integration: Turn Casual Shoppers Into Lifelong Customers With Appstle Loyalty


Loyalty programs work. They give you a means of showing your customers that you value them, incentivizing them to return to your store again and again, and strengthening your image so customers know what you’re about.

But don’t just trust us. Research shows that the overwhelming majority of consumers connect loyalty programs to their buying decisions and to their fidelity to a certain company. A McKinsey survey revealed that loyalty program members spend up to 30% more – and customers who pay for their loyalty program memberships pay up to 60% more.

Thanks to our new integration with Appstle, you can take advantage of this and start benefitting from more sales while saving costs for your customers.

Tailor your programs to your customers

Appstle is a comprehensive, highly customizable loyalty tool integrated natively with Shopify. It includes efficient loyalty program creation and management tools, loads of perks, churn control, and more.

It allows you to build loyalty programs that are tailored for your products and customers. You can customize and iterate on your existing plans, using loyalty program metrics to evaluate your performance and make adjustments for maximum impact.

You can also create tiered loyalty plans so that customer benefits increase as they spend.

Boost engagement

Appstle also gives you unlimited email notifications, which means that you can stay engaged with your customers and make their way along their loyalty journey. You can reach out to them to thank them for being part of your loyalty program, or congratulate them on reaching specific milestones.

You can also connect your loyalty programs with your social media platforms to enhance your reach and maximise your engagement.

Customize the widget to suit your brand

Consistency is a big part of having a strong brand image that people know and trust. Appstle gives you the power to customize your loyalty widget so it sits neatly alongside your existing branding.

A powerful, flexible, and customizable loyalty tool awaits. And that means you can start benefitting from better customer relationships, a better brand reputation, and greater profitability right away. So why not give Appstle a try? Check out our handy KB guide to get set up with the integration.

Special thanks to our friends at Judge.me for their insights on this topic.
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