New Month, New Features: 3 Updates to Improve your Hive Experience


The Hive team is back in office part-time, fully equipped with masks, hand sanitizer and a socially distanced floor plan. We’re excited to have a little more face time while focusing on what makes us feel the safest and most productive.

Along with these new adjustments, we’ve been hard at work, releasing a handful of features this month.

Let’s get into the latest!

Product Updates

Autocomplete on Journey Triggers

Gone are the days of scrolling through lists of segments or events to choose a journey trigger, global rule, or split condition. Now, all you have to do is type in the term you’re looking for, and you’ll automatically get options that match.

Product Update   finalAutocompleteScreenshot  1

Filter by Event Genre

We know how important it is to segment your event data in flexible ways so you can send more personalized email campaigns. You can now filter on customers who purchased tickets to an event in a specific genre to add them to segments or send them email campaigns.

Product Update   finalFilterGenre  2

User Profile Improvements

To give you more data on your subscribers on an individual level, new fields have been added to each user profile, including email engagement and purchase history.

Product Update   finalUser Profile example  1  1

Helpful Resources

Bookmark the Changelog for updates as they’re released. And don’t forget to check out the resource hub for helpful guides and the tutorials page for step-by-step videos on everything Hive.

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