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New Shopify Academy Certifications On Headless

New Shopify Academy Certifications On Headless

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Shopify powers the world’s most innovative brands and entrepreneurs. To help fuel the growth of individuals and businesses of all sizes, Shopify Academy releases new courses and certifications to help anyone build on Shopify. You too can now master new skills. 


Available today, you can harness the power of headless at Shopify to build your skills as a theme developer, business consultant, or developer. Choose your own adventure, and measure your skills by taking a certification exam.


Learning and certification

On Shopify Academy, you now have three different ways to learn about headless at Shopify. If you complete all of the free courses and want to prove your knowledge, take a certification exam. A certification exam cost varies between $99 and $199 USD depending on which you choose. Once you pass, share your accomplishment via an earned badge from Shopify on social channels like your LinkedIn profile.


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Liquid Storefronts for Theme Developers 

This learning path is designed for developers who are interested in learning about how to optimize Shopify themes for a headless storefront using Liquid. Composed of two free courses, choose the Liquid Storefronts for Theme Developers learning path to elevate your skills creating well-designed, accessible user experiences. 

Enroll now


Headless at Shopify for Business Consultants

Create more qualified leads that convert, with two free courses designed to empower Shopify Partners to guide clients through all phases of a headless build. From exploring custom storefront solutions and making a tailored recommendation, to managing the client relationship throughout the implementation process, these courses equip client-facing roles with the knowledge and best practices to deliver an exceptional experience for merchants. 

Enroll now


Headless at Shopify for Developers 

Dive into these four free courses, where you’ll learn Shopify's headless framework, tooling, and hosting options to seamlessly prepare, implement, and optimize a custom storefront. From building essential pages with Hydrogen to leveraging the Storefront API for exceptional shopping experiences, this learning path equips developers with the skills needed to support headless storefronts. Enroll now


Why pursue a certification?



  1. Showcase your expertise with a certification badge from Shopify
  2. Unlock new opportunities with your validated skills and knowledge
  3. Differentiate yourself in the ever-evolving ecommerce landscape
  4. Demonstrate your dedication to craft excellence 
  5. Build credibility and trust as a partner or skilled-individual creating custom storefronts on Shopify 


Visit Shopify Academy to learn the world of Shopify.

Watch for many more new course and certification releases coming your way in 2024. Leave your feedback in the comments below if you have a request for a specific topic!

This article originally appeared on Shopify and is available here for further discovery.
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