New: Target SMS Messages with Facebook Messenger and Shopify Data

new:-target-sms-messages-with-facebook-messenger and-shopify-data

With over 95% average open rates, SMS messaging is one of the most effective channels to reach your audience. You can now send targeted messages using Shopify and Facebook Messenger data collected through Octane AI. 

Running SMS and Facebook Messenger campaigns under one roof gives you the ability to use data collected on both channels to send more personalized messages about new products or sales, post-purchase retargeting, personalized content, and more!

SMS messages can be scheduled or sent directly to subscribed mobile devices. You can grow opt-ins through Shopify, a campaign to collect phone numbers, or by asking them for their phone number through Facebook Messenger.

This allows you to work SMS messaging into the marketing campaigns that you run. Coordinating SMS with Facebook Messenger and email can improve the overall effectiveness of your campaigns and convert more of your audience into customers.

octane ai sms for shopify

By targeting your message, you can filter to include or exclude a specific audience with Shopify and Facebook Messenger data collected through Octane AI.

Send messages that include or exclude subscribers based on purchase history, gender, product preference, or a list collected through their engagement in Facebook Messenger.

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Reaching someone on their mobile device can be made to feel more personal through targeting. Sending personalized messaging or content helps to drive a 1:1 relationship between you and your customer.

For example, if you ran a large sale that saw an increase in first time customers, you can send a message to those who purchased offering them 10% off on their next purchase. By sending this message, you increase the likelihood of a repeat purchase and are able to make the relationship between the customer and your brand feel less transactional.


You can use targeting to personalize messages to customers in a number of ways. By sending a text to customers who prefer certain products, have or haven’t made purchases in a specific window, or to encourage those who haven’t submitted their email to do so.

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