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Newly Launched: Review Site

What’s the review site?

The review site is a B2C platform that:

  • Showcases product and store reviews under the brand name.
  • Helps potential buyers find unique products and reviews from reputable independent businesses.

What makes the review site different?

1. Promote your social proof on a dedicated channel

Reserved for users with at least 20 verified reviews, our review site is an additional channel for you to promote your social proof and funnel targeted, high-quality traffic to your online stores. 

2. Maintain the authenticity of your reviews

As your app settings are applicable to the review site, you can utilize features such as reviews curation or spam filters to display the reviews that truly reflect your products’ quality.

3. Highlight your reviews with user-friendly pages and features

  • Homepage: showcases your best products and lets potential customers discover your products via search tool and trending review cards with pictures and quotes of your best reviews.

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  • Store page: displays your store information, highlights your product and store reviews, and lets you collect more reviews from your customers.

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  • Product pages: display your product descriptions and product reviews, then funnel potential buyers to complete their purchases on your store.

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  • Review cards: highlight compelling quotes of your reviews, star ratings, product information, and Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons linked to your product pages.

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4. Pay for a commission based on your actual sales

We understand what really matters is the orders and revenue you generate from our site, not just how many clicks we refer to you. Hence, we’ll only charge a commission (approximately 5%) based on your actual sales.

If you’re not ready to pay, no worries! We also have a Free plan for you. On this plan, you can enjoy the standard benefits such as listing your store on the homepage and search results.

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Ready to get on the review site?

If you have at least 20 verified reviews, your store on the review site is automatically enabled. So you can start updating it in the review site settings You can also read about the benefits and upcoming features in more detail, as well as a step-by-step guide and a list of FAQs to get started.

If you have any feedback or concerns, please contact [email protected]

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