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Nosto And Simon Data: Ecommerce Personalization Layered With Comprehensive Data Aggregation To Fuel Growth 

Here at Nosto, our mission is to make every impression relevant, and we aim to do just that with our Commerce Experience Platform (CXP)—an integrated suite of data-fueled personalization, merchandising, and search modules.

By teaming our CXP with Simon Data’s Customer Data Platform (CDP), merchants can fuse rich onsite and offsite data, enhanced by advanced customer data aggregation, to obtain the most comprehensive view of their shoppers and then create nuanced commerce experiences to the most specific audiences, further fueling ecommerce growth. 

Nosto’s Commerce Experience Platform

Our AI-powered CXP enables brands to build, launch, and optimize compelling commerce throughout the full on-site journey. 

Our core platform collects behavioral and product data from merchants’ stores, and then provides delivery modules to personalize and merchandise across the full site, including Search, Product Recommendations, Content Personalization, Category Merchandising, and more. 

By personalizing the onsite customer journey, retailers can serve shoppers the right products and content at the right time, while creating unique experiences across the full site that are catered to shoppers’ likes and make them feel as though they’re in a store made just for them. 

The impact? Increased CVR, boosted AOV, more customer loyalty, and so much more. 

Simon Data’s Customer Data Platform

On the other hand, Simon’s customer data platform unifies data from disparate sources to create a single profile of each customer that can be used to build and launch highly personalized marketing experiences. 

Simon breaks down data silos to unify customer data from all channels and touchpoints into a single place, making it easy for non-technical marketers to: 

  • Build hyper-specific customer segments
  • Launch cross-channel campaigns that leverage your existing marketing technology (including Nosto)
  • Automatically trigger specific campaigns and experiences as contacts reach certain criteria
  • Leverage identity matching to connect known and unknown user behavior

The benefits of Simon’s CDP include: increased marketing revenue and conversions through personalized cross-channel experiences; the ability to build super specific-segments without having to wait on data or engineering teams; less reliance on third-party data by better leveraging your own customer data; and increased engagement, customer satisfaction and LTV as a result.

A CXP & CDP combined for hyper-intelligent, comprehensive personalization to distinct audiences

Essentially, using Nosto and Simon Data together enables hyper-personalized on-site experiences that are informed by the granular, omnichannel data that Simon makes actionable.

This is made possible by Simon’s Cloud Data Warehouse-native CDP ingesting customer data from a spectrum of sources to illuminate highly specific segmentation opportunities that merchants can then target on site through Nosto’s various product modules.

For example, Nosto merchants can create targeted experiences to shopper segments  independent of Simon Data (based on the likes of customer lifecycle, product or variant purchasing affinities). But with Simon Data brought in, they can target further subsets within these audiences because they’ve access to comprehensive customer data with highly specific attributes, such as (to name a few): 

  • Lapsed purchasers
  • Contacts who have not opened an abandoned-cart email
  • Contacts with recently canceled orders
  • Contacts who’ve opened an email in the past X days
  • Loyalty program members who’ve joined on a specific date
  • Loyalty program members who have points that are about to expire
  • Loyalty program members who’re on a specific tier
  • …and lots more!

So, how can these be leveraged? To give a hypothetical example: say a merchant is looking to target loyal customers more granularly. With Simon Data and Nosto, they could see who within their loyal customer segment who has loyalty points that are about to expire, and from there, nudge this ‘segment’ to spend their points while they’re valid—creating homepage messaging to urge them (using Content Personalization). They might also wish to display products within a price range that equates to these shoppers’ accrued points’ value—not just through Product Recommendations, but by highlighting relevant products on collections pages, and weighing them more heavily within those shoppers’ search results.


Overall, the combination of Nosto and Simon Data allows the creation of complex segments with ease. With these extensive and complex data resources informing segments, along with the Commerce Experience modules that Nosto provides to engage these segments through, there is no stone left unturned! 

The future of ecommerce relies on powerful and holistic data tools to enrich the shoppers’ onsite journey—which increases conversion rate, customer lifetime value, and more.

To learn more about how Nosto’s CXP can personalize every part of the on-site journey, talk to us today.

And, if you want to learn how pairing our CXP with Simon Data’s CDP can enable a specific use case, Simon Data is ready to help.

Special thanks to our friends at Nosto for their insights on this topic.
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