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Nosto And VTEX Launch Commerce Experience App, Powering Intelligent, Personalized Product Discovery For Online Brands

Nosto And VTEX Launch Commerce Experience App, Powering Intelligent, Personalized Product Discovery For Online Brands

Nosto brings its Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) to the VTEX App Store, helping online retailers scale with search, merchandising, and personalization

New York, March 6, 2024Nosto, the leading Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) for global retail brands has launched its application on the VTEX App Store so merchants can benefit from a wealth of commerce experience modules in one click, helping them scale and grow their online stores. 

Global availability for VTEX brands 

The Nosto CXP app is available to download from the VTEX App Store now and gives merchants access to enterprise-ready search, merchandising, and personalization tooling that build more relevant and authentic online shopping experiences to increase customer loyalty, engagement, and revenue—and can be implemented in an instant. 

“Having Nosto in our ecosystem confirms our strong belief in the future of ‘Pragmatic Composability’. Our clients need to be free to complete our commerce offer with tools and partners that will positively impact their operations in terms of conversation rate, loyalty, customer experience, and profitability,” says Daniela Jurado, EVP of Sales & Marketing, North America at VTEX.

experience.AI™ is at the heart of intelligent commerce 

experience.AI™ is the neural AI core powering our CXP. It captures intent-rich commerce data everywhere and unifies it in a single engine so you can action it anywhere in the commerce experience. experience.AI™ is made up of four distinct capabilities. 

Our real-time Data Engine brings together your owned and third-party commerce data for complete understanding and actionability of large datasets. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine comprises Predictive AI, Semantic AI, Visual AI, and Generative AI. This powers every feature of our platform, helping automate repetitive tasks, streamline tedious workflows, and deliver intelligent commerce experiences that drive growth.

Our Business Intelligence (BI) tooling enables you to monitor key website and campaign metrics with Business Analytics, your catalog performance with Product Intelligence, your traffic’s on-site behavior with Audience Insights, as well as any user-generated content your customers are sharing about your brand on social media with our UGC Monitoring.

Dynamic Targeting enables you to build hyper-targeted segments for specific campaigns. You can create high-performing audience segments with Audience Builder, apply tactful merchandising across your store with our Global Merchandising Rules, optimize and test all on-site campaigns with A/B Testing and Optimization, and implement them ahead of time with Adaptive Scheduling.

“In today’s dynamic ecommerce landscape, the relationship between Nosto and VTEX represents more than just an integration—it’s a strategic alliance that empowers global online retailers to craft intelligent, personalized shopping experiences that resonate with customers,” says Frank Zimmermann, Global Head of Partnerships at Nosto.

“At Nosto, we’re on a mission to make every impression relevant. We’re constantly looking at tactical partnerships, such as this one with VTEX, to help us achieve that mission.” 

From intelligence to actionability with Experience Clouds

While experience.AI™ brings together your data and gives you the tools to understand it, your commerce experiences come to life by taking that data and actioning it via the Experience Clouds. 

The Nosto Product Experience Cloud includes Product Recommendations, Personalized Search, Category Merchandising, Dynamic Bundles and Personalized Emails. The Content Experience Cloud includes Content Personalization, Behavioral Pop-Ups, UGC Publisher Center, and Ambassador Builder. 

An intuitive platform built for commerce 

Speed and ease of implementation make Nosto’s CXP application the clear choice for merchants on VTEX looking to quickly deploy fully personalized, integrated commerce experiences at scale. A unified experience means more engagement, conversions, and revenue from every new and returning visitor. 
You can read more about Nosto’s VTEX application here. It’s available to download in the VTEX app store now.

This article originally appeared on Nosto and is available here for further discovery.
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