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Nosto Named A Leading Personalization Vendor To The Top 1,000 North American Retailers


Nosto, the Commerce Experience Platform (CXP), has been named a top three personalization vendor to the top 1,0000 North American retailers, placed ahead of Adobe, Algonomy, Sitecore, and Deloitte in Digital Commerce’s 2023 report which provides ranking, data, and analysis of the top ecommerce technology providers.

New York, December 5, 2022Nosto, the leading Commerce Experience Platform (CXP), has been named a ‘leading personalization vendor’ to the top 1000 North American retailers in Digital Commerce 360’s Leading Vendors to the Top 1000 Retailers 2023 report.

Placed third, ahead of Adobe, Algonomy, Sitecore, Deloitte, AtData, GroupBy, and Bluecore, Nosto’s Commerce Experience Platform (CXP), with its best-of-breed personalization and merchandising capabilities, allows online retailers to deliver relevant and authentic shopping experiences at every touchpoint, on every device, for every customer.

Digital Commerce 360’s report shows that the ecommerce industry isn’t cutting back on investments, even in the face of inflation and a possible recession. In fact, 76% of retailers plan to increase spending on technology and services over the next year.

The 2023 Leading Vendors to the Top 1000 Retailers Report is a powerful tool for anyone looking to understand—and profit from—the ecommerce technology landscape.

The annual report is packed with insights on the latest trends in ecommerce investments and reveals the Top 10 leading vendors across 24 ecommerce categories, including: Affiliate Marketing, Ecommerce Platforms, Fulfillment Services, Marketing Automation, Order Management, Personalization, Site Search, Channel Management, International Services and more.

“Today’s ecommerce landscape is highly competitive, and retailers must create a commerce experience that resonates with customers. Delivering personalized and authentic experiences means increasing product discovery, engagement and loyalty. A retailer’s commerce experience is vital to driving up conversion rates, average order value and customer lifetime value,” said Jan Soerensen, General Manager, North America, Nosto. 

“With a platform like Nosto, a vast data engine aggregates multiple data points. Those include visual recognition, search, behavioral, product, customer affinity, transactional, third-party import and integrations. The platform does so in real-time for immediate action across modules such as product recommendations, content personalization, and merchandising. This functionality means you can nail 360-degree personalization—as opposed to just one area of the customer experience, as a point solution would. Wrapped around the data engine is a predictive intelligence layer that ingests data from all your campaigns and modules and algorithmically recommends new ways to improve efficiency and scalability. Also, as global privacy regulations proliferate, point solutions are riskier. Do you want 10 compliance audits or one? Besides that, the more tools, the slower the site—making site speed another critical factor. Brands are entering a hotly contested ecommerce environment in 2023. Choosing the right vendor—and ecosystem—for commerce experience has never been more important,” Jan said. 

You can access your complimentary copy of Digital Commerce 360’s ‘The 2023 Leading Vendors to the Top 1000 Retailers Report’ here

About Nosto

Nosto enables online brands to deliver authentic, relevant, and personalized experiences at every touchpoint, across every device. An AI-Powered Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) designed for ease of use, Nosto empowers brands to build, launch, and optimize compelling digital experiences without the need for dedicated IT resources or a lengthy implementation process. Leading brands in over 100 countries use Nosto to grow their business and delight their customers. Nosto supports its clients from its offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Sydney, and Helsinki.

About Digital Commerce 360

Digital Commerce 360 is a leading research and media organization that delivers objective news and competitive data across retail and B2B ecommerce. With over 20 years of experience in ecommerce reporting, our experienced editorial and research staff deliver their expertise in a wide range of products and services, including analysis reports, newsletters, webinars, in-depth articles and much more.

Special thanks to our friends at Nosto for their insights on this topic.
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