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Nosto Named Elite Partner By Klaviyo As Part Of Their Newly-Announced Technology Partner Program 


Nosto, already a best-in-class personalization provider in the Klaviyo ecosystem, achieves Elite Partner status as the two companies continue to grow their relationship and help brands build powerful, personalized online experiences 

New York, October 13, 2022Nosto, the leading Commerce Experience Platform (CXP), has been named an Elite Partner by unified customer platform, Klaviyo

The recently launched technology partner program by Klaviyo differentiates partner status between ‘Verified’ and ‘Elite’, and aims to recognize close partner collaboration and further elevate the shared work achieved within their ecosystem. 

Elite Partner status is awarded to technology vendors who provide best-in-class service and experience and can provide shared value back to mutual customers, helping them achieve revenue growth. Elite partners are those who embody what it means to be a Klaviyo technology partner, have the expertise to help customers win using the Klaviyo platform, and adopt new product and feature releases before the wider market.

“Email marketing is one of ecommerce’s tried and true lifecycle channels. It’s extremely important to be well-positioned and well-versed in email to have a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Klaviyo is a clear leader in this space, and we’re thrilled to be amongst its Elite partners,” says Frank Zimmermann, Global Head of Partnerships, Nosto.

“Klaviyo and Nosto have a strong history of working together. Our customers can leverage Nosto’s CXP and Klaviyo’s platform to create tailored and seamless experiences across several touch points—from the messaging itself to impressions through the shopper’s journey.”

The Elite Partner status means Nosto customers that are also using Klaviyo can expect a strengthened relationship with both technologies, providing a superlative level of product knowledge and service. With increased product support and early awareness of new feature developments, this partnership means that Nosto customers can expect to be at the forefront of developments within the Klaviyo ecosystem, which helps them ensure they deliver the most relevant online experiences to every single customer. 

The long-standing partnership between Nosto and Klaviyo allows brands using both platforms to intelligently segment their audiences based on Nosto’s wide-ranging analytics from key modules within their CXP such as Product Recommendations, Category Merchandising, Search, Content Personalization, A/B Testing and more. It gives brands the power to put that data to work in order to deliver hyper-personalized emails and SMS, driving increases in click-through rates, customer engagement, and, ultimately, conversion rates and online revenue. 

“Klaviyo is built on a set of values, with our goal being to enable creators to own their destiny. We continue to build upon that goal by helping businesses convert their customer data into personalized messaging and experiences, says Chathi Ali, Director of Technology Partnerships. 

“Nosto is championing this by delivering seamlessly personalized experiences on-site and through lifecycle channels like email, to help innovative brands meet their customers where they are. We are excited to have them join our program as an Elite Klaviyo Tech Partner.”

The partnership brings Nosto-powered Product Recommendations directly into Klaviyo email campaigns, personalizing the commerce experience for customers and meeting them where they are in that moment. It also means campaigns become much more powerful and performant through a wealth of onsite behavioral data that further segments and personalizes based on shopper affinities.

No two shoppers are the same. This Elite Partner status enhances the powerful integration between Nosto and Klaviyo and ensures brands are delivering personalized email experiences, with every single send. 

Special thanks to our friends at Nosto for their insights on this topic.
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