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Octane AI And Recharge Come Together To Enable Quizzes And Conversational Pop-Ups To Supercharge The Customer Experience


Recharge and Octane AI’s powerful new and improved integration allows brands to utilize zero-party data collected by Conversational Pop-ups and Shop Quizzes to help guide customers to subscription products that best fits their needs.

From creating a seamless shopping experience, to collecting zero-party data and owning the relationship with customers, Recharge merchants can now drive even more sustainable growth and improve subscriber loyalty by leveraging an integration with one of our long term tech partners.

As industry trends continue to shift towards more protections around consumer privacy, many of the acquisition channels that leverage third-party data and have historically fueled growth are becoming less reliable for brands to confidently determine how well their investments in ad spend are performing. It is now more important than ever for brands to acknowledge the growing trends around data privacy and consider new ways to deliver the personalized experiences that their customers love.

With that, we’re excited to share the newly expanded integration with Octane AI that allows merchants to combine their marketing acquisition and retention strategies in an innovative way that connects subscriptions to the power behind Octane AI’s Shop Quiz and Conversational Pop-ups. Brands using both Octane AI and Recharge can now build a highly engaged customer base through a frictionless purchasing experience that delights customers end to end. Together, the Recharge and Octane AI integration empower brands to own their zero-party data to increase conversion rate, average order value and lifetime value for long term business growth.

Shop Quiz from Octane AI and Recharge, as shown by Almond Cow's website questionnaire for what diet a customer follows.
Almond Cow, a plant-based milk company, uses Octane AI’s Shop Quiz.

“We are thrilled to support Recharge to make zero-party data collection more accessible to subscription brands with third-party data going away. It’s more critical than ever that ecommerce brands collect and leverage zero-party data to build deeper relationships with their customers. Octane AI’s quiz and zero-party data technology, along with Recharge’s world-class subscription solution, is the must-have combo that makes this possible for subscription brands.” – Ben Parr, Octane AI President and Co-Founder

From the questions that are presented to customers via Shop Quiz and Conversational Pop-ups, merchants will not only be able to guide their customers to the desired subscription product, but will also be able to use those answers as valuable zero-party data to personalize messaging via the integrated platforms used to segment and communicate with customers. Making the customer experience even more meaningful as more zero-party data is collected to develop deeper connections with customers, which leads to higher lifetime value. 

A-OK9's Shop Quiz asking customers to identify how old their dog is.
A-OK9 uses a questionnaire to help customers curate a personalized product recommendation.

Utilizing Recharge subscriptions along with the power of Octane AI’s integration enables merchants to combine and gain accurate, valuable insights about the performance of interactions with their brand. The new Octane AI integration will open up many new opportunities for brands to better understand their customers and increase brand loyalty for future purchases. Subscribers are your most engaged loyal customers, gathering “direct from the consumer” zero-party data to better connect and understand them, will ultimately be an invaluable strategy to optimize your recurring revenue stream.

All merchants already using Recharge and Octane AI now have access to the new integration and can start building their quiz flows today by simply heading over to the “Integrations” section within their Octane AI admin. It’s available on both the Recharge Checkout on Shopify, as well as the Shopify Checkout Integration* that supports Recharge subscription products.

To start using Octane AI with Recharge, visit Octane AI’s support documentation here. If you aren’t currently using Octane AI, create an Octane AI account for free today or request a demo here.

*For merchants using Recharge with Shopify Checkout Integration, the ‘Started Checkout’ metric will be sent from Shopify instead of Recharge.

Special thanks to our friends at ReCharge Payments for their insights on this topic.
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