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Okendo is now unified with Foursixty! 🎉


Supercharge UGC marketing with Foursixty’s full suite of Shoppable Instagram features, now accessible within Okendo.

We are incredibly excited to announce our very special partnership with Foursixty!

From today, Foursixty’s full suite of Shoppable Instagram technology is accessible directly within and throughout the Okendo platform, allowing Okendo users to implement an enhanced UGC marketing strategy that unifies Instagram content with product reviews.

Trusted by direct-to-consumer (DTC) giants such as Fashion Nova, MVMT Watches, Pura Vida Bracelets, and Good American, Foursixty has long been considered the pioneer and leader in Shoppable Instagram technology.

Aggregate UGC from Instagram within Okendo

By using the Foursixty content aggregation engine embedded within Okendo, brands get instant access to a constantly updated stream of user-generated content posted on Instagram that @mentions or tags them. 


A full solution for digital rights management

Brands can then utilize Foursixty’s digital rights management system to request, acquire and store the rights to customer-generated photos and videos. Inventory sync enables marketers to tag specific products that appear in the UGC, too.


Blend UGC from Instagram and reviews

The unification of Okendo and Foursixty enables merchants to blend UGC sourced from Instagram with UGC from reviews, then showcase the content onsite in beautiful, highly customizable media galleries.


When deployed to a product page, media galleries dynamically update to show UGC that features the corresponding product, helping shoppers visualize products in natural consumer settings.


Enrich Instagram media with review data

Review data from Okendo is also integrated within Foursixty media galleries, giving shoppers a snapshot of customer feedback and a valuable new social proof point.


Give shoppers a new, convenient path to purchase

Foursixty’s unique Add To Cart functionality creates an immersive shopping experience. It enables shoppers to add specific products — including variants — to their cart from media galleries, without being redirected to a product page.


Ready to get started?

To take advantage of the Okendo x Foursixty partnership, you’ll need a subscription to both solutions. We’ve made this process super easy and you can now subscribe to Foursixty directly within Okendo. You can also contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more or get started on implementation.

Learn More

Okendo is the leading customer marketing platform for high-growth Shopify Plus and Shopify retailers. If you’re interested in learning more about Okendo, implementing customer reviews and building customer communities you can Book a Demo, understand Why Okendo? or read our Customer Stories.


This article originally appeared in the Okendo blog and has been published here with permission.

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