Omnisend Vs Listrak: A Feature-By-Feature Comparison



Whitney Blankenship

Content Marketing Manager

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Shopping around for your ideal ecommerce marketing platform can be a daunting experience—there are just so many to choose from! 

To make sure you come to the right decision, you need to consider your options carefully.

Outline the unique requirements and preferences of your own business, and narrow down your list accordingly. Then, make careful comparisons between those which are most suitable.

Omnisend vs Listrak makes for an interesting comparison. Both platforms offer a wide range of ecommerce-focused features. These features are specifically designed for driving revenue and boosting efficiency. 

But which one comes out on top? 

In this article, we’re going to look at the various features of both automated marketing platforms. With these in mind, you can decide which one is best for your ecommerce business. 

But first, let’s do a quick side-by-side feature comparison. 

Feature Omnisend Listrak
AB Testing Yes Yes
Analytics/ROI Tracking Yes Yes
Customizable CTAs Yes Yes
Drip Campaigns Yes Yes
Dynamic Content Yes Yes
Landing Pages/Web Forms Yes Yes
Sales Analytics Yes No
Segmentation Yes Yes
Social Marketing Yes Yes
Website Visitor Tracking Yes Yes

You can also take advantage of Omnisend’s free trial to get a better idea if it might be the platform for you.

Omnisend’s trial is a 14-day period and grants 15,000 email credits to play with. This will grant you have ample time to start driving revenue on autopilot—with no commitment or credit card required.

Omnisend vs Listrak: Who Is Each Tool Built For?

The first thing to take into consideration when checking out a new platform is its intended user base. Who is it built for? What does the company’s ideal client look like?

Knowing this can give you a good understanding of the kind of features, functionality, and customer service to expect.

Listrak caters to ecommerce retailers of all sizes but has a size and scope that makes it more attractive to larger teams.

With ample features, this platform is ideal for medium-to-large businesses. Those that have the manpower and capital to make the most of its vast potential and come to grips with its more complex interface.

Pricing is also not clearly stated—you should contact them for custom pricing options, a sure sign of bigger business bias.  

Omnisend, on the other hand, works best with small-to-medium businesses. Everything about the platform has been consciously designed to be as easy to set up as possible.

Omnisend also goes toe-to-toe in terms of an expansive range of features, including marketing essentials like customer intelligence analytics.

Above all else, Omnisend focuses on saving maximum time and earning maximum revenue. 

This includes the migration process, so you can easily import your information into Omnisend and be up and running in a matter of hours. Omnisend’s powerful but user-friendly experience is best for small, nimble teams.

Thanks to the free version that’s available, Omnisend works great for those new to their ecommerce journey.

Marketing Automation

Both platforms offer state-of-the-art, highly personalized marketing automation.

They both make it easy to create and send customer lifecycle messages. For example, cart, browse, and product abandonment messages. They also offer other effective workflows, like a welcome series and birthday messages.

Both platforms also segment and leverage historical data from individual shoppers. This creates intuitive customer profiles, allowing for predictive personalization and behavioral-based triggers.

They both also offer a range of channels for omnichannel marketing, with a focus on email, SMS, social, and push messages.

In general, both platforms offer excellent marketing automation features and functionality. Both Omnisend and Listrak offer advanced options that are suitable for businesses of all sizes.  

However, Listrak may charge extra to access certain automation. This means that extra costs that can quickly add up for smaller businesses.    

Automated messages generate a staggering 29.4% of all email orders from only 1.8% of total emails sent. This makes it essential to make full use of this highly lucrative source of revenue.

Take this into consideration if you are operating on a small budget and are looking to maximize your ROI—Omnisend would be the better choice here. 

Omnisend’s marketing automation also holds an edge in its low learning curve and sheer ease of use. Its no-code automation editor is a joy to work with. It allows you to build complex workflows with simple drag-and-drop functionality.  

You can easily drop in different channels such as email, SMS, and web push notifications. You can trigger specific paths according to individual customer behavior. You can even A/B test each workflow to optimize them for the best results. 

The entire process is so intuitive and simple that any store can have an automated workflow up and running within minutes. 

Email Campaigns

Email marketing is a core function of both platforms. You can expect to find plenty of features with both Omnisend and Listrak.

You’ll find everything from intuitive, drag-and-drop email editors to a range of pre-built templates. Naturally, you’ll also find ample personalization tools. These include advanced audience segmentation, customer lifecycle stages, and more. 

Both platforms are highly evolved in terms of customer intelligence. Both make use of smart predictive analytics to ensure that the right emails are getting to the right customers at the right time. 

Listrak’s email editor even allows you to insert AI-driven predictive content and products into your emails. Thanks to this, you can reach out to individual subscribers—all with dynamically personalized messaging based on their historical data. 

Omnisend also has a strong focus on personalization. It has an excellent product recommender, backed by each individual shopper’s purchase and browsing history. This makes the addition of personalized recommendations into your emails a breeze.

For new subscribers, Omnisend will dynamically select some of your newest or best-selling products. These intuitive features showcase Omnisend’s commitment to efficiency and time-saving—especially for small but busy teams.

This enables them to maximize their email marketing resources for the best possible ROI.

Other Features

With a focus on email marketing, both of these platforms excel in helping you to grow your audience and collect subscribers. 

Omnisend in particular offers a range of dynamic sign-up forms. For example, gamification and interactive options. These aim to increase your chances of attracting the right kind of subscribers. They also offer list cleaning services to maintain your list in its most engaged and active form.

Listrak is also strong in the lead management game. It offers handy features like Popup Pro email acquisition, SMS email subscription, and a range of social acquisition tools.

They’ll also help you to keep a close eye on your subscriber list. You can make use of user-friendly dashboards, dedicated to list activity and overall list health.

Listrak may offer a more comprehensive feature list, with more specialized tools at an extra cost. However, these work better for businesses with bigger and more complex operations. 

Even so, Omnisend competes more than well on the fundamentals. It also provides everything a small-to-medium ecommerce business needs, and more. 

Customer Support

Omnisend excels in this regard, providing 24/7 support for all paid users via live chat, email, and Facebook Messenger.

If you’re just starting out and are on a free plan, you’ll have access to email support and a vast knowledge base. This includes FAQs, onboarding videos, educational webinars, and step-by-step instructional articles.

Listrak also has a comprehensive help center. One that offers useful instructional articles arranged by category. They also have 24/7 technical support, ensuring there is help available to navigate the sometimes complex interface. 

However, Listrak reviews are mixed when it comes to customer support, so take the time to test it yourself if you happen to opt for the free trial.  


Comparing prices is difficult in this case, as Listrak pricing is customized depending on the needs of the user. They do have a free trial, which allows you to check out the platform and decide if it’s a comfortable fit for you. 

However, there’s no free version, which can be a limiting factor for those just starting out. 

Omnisend is more open and consistent with its pricing. There are several different plans, designed to suit different budgets and business sizes:  

  • Free Plan: Includes sign-up forms, sales reporting, and 15,000 emails per month
  • Standard Plan: Includes audience segmentation and email marketing automation features for only $16/mo.
  • Pro Plan: Includes free SMS/MMS credits based on the value of your plan. Features marketing automation with multiple channels integrated, Google Ads, and much more for $99/mo.

Omnisend is the best choice in terms of pricing if you’re comfortable paying upfront for your marketing software. This is especially true if you know exactly how to budget for it. 

However, Listrak’s custom model may offer more in terms of flexibility, depending on the type and amount of features that you need. 

Ultimately, the best way to know for sure is to get a free trial and check it out for yourself.  

Wrap up

Both of these platforms are high-quality choices. They both offer fantastic email marketing automation, omnichannel marketing, and personalization. 

However, as you can see, there are differences in terms of scale, pricing, and user-friendliness that you should take into account. 

Omnisend is easier and quicker to start using and more suitable for small, nimble businesses. It offers a clear focus on efficiency and maximizing revenue. 

Listrak is an excellent platform in its own right but is best used for larger, more established businesses. This is especially true for those with more flexible budgets, larger customer bases, and bigger marketing teams.

Your own business needs will ultimately decide who comes out on top with Omnisend vs Listrak. However, in today’s more competitive and fast-moving ecommerce market, most will consider Omnisend’s combination of powerful features and ease-of-use the superior choice overall.  

Ready to see how Omnisend can transform your email marketing? Try it free for 14 days!

Special thanks to our friends at Omnisend for their insights on this topic.
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