Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) Helps You Contextualize The ABC’s Of Data


Justin Annovick, Chief Product Officer of Optimizely, shares details about how Optimizely and Zaius solves the pain marketers have of leveraging the data they have available to them.

The most common pain point I hear from marketers across the spectrum is that even with all the data they have available to them, they’re still not clear on how to leverage it to make confident decisions.

The reality is that many of today’s digital (and physical) channels were designed for individual moments, not entire customer journeys. Ad campaigns, in-person experiences, email blasts and other touchpoints across the customer journey come and go like a goldfish blinking its eye, with very little customer context retained from one moment to the next let alone from one channel to another.

So to further democratize insights for today’s marketers, Optimizely took another leap forward today and brought one of the most sophisticated Customer Data Platforms (CDP) into our family, Zaius.

The value that a platform like Zaius brings to Optimizely customers is significant. For one, it will allow customers to capitalize on the essential ABC’s of data: data on asset, data on behaviors, and data on customers. As importantly, instead of wasting hours on data pulls and custom data integrations, we’ve completely elevated our ability to further integrate our DXP, helping our customers by adding layers of context and insight to the data they’re swimming in every day.

Combining Optimizely’s existing capabilities with Zaius’s platform enables our customers to:

  • Harmonize: Bring Optimizely and external data together against a common data model for objects, events, and customers — serving as the new foundation for analytics and segmentation.
  • Understand: Maintain a holistic view of their business through the lens of their customers,  helping you better understand your business and more easily uncover opportunities for growth.
  • Act: Move fast to capitalize on the opportunities presented by taking action within Optimizely or passing the information for execution in another system, connecting impact and ROI directly to actions taken.

With Zaius, we’re making significant investments in each of these areas and delivering a level of awareness that’s unmatched in our industry, delivering valuable outcomes for both our customers as well as our customer’s customer. Now, marketers can more comprehensively drill into any segment of their customers and better understand the journey. As importantly, the sequencing, messaging, and delivery of channels can become more synchronized. At Optimizely, we’re constantly striving to make decision-making more predictive, rather than reactive, and Zaius will further unlock that capability. 

Our customers can make more confident decisions when they have more information at their fingertips. Coordination between channels has been historically challenging, as sequencing, messaging, and delivery all must be perfectly synchronized like a symphony masterpiece. With this next step, we’re bringing the power to harmonize, understand, and act to our customers, allowing them to truly unlock their digital potential.

Special thanks to our friends at Zaius for their insights on this topic.
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