Orbit Baby’s Bold Live Commerce Move To Provide Personal Product Guidance

A woman showcasing a baby stroller through live commerce.
Orbit Baby’s Emplifi-Powered Live Commerce Demo

What do you get when you combine the reach of video live streaming, the convenience of online shopping, and the personal guidance of an in-store expert? Something like Orbit Baby's new, more immersive online shopping experience!

Getting ready for a new baby is tough. Expectant parents are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices they face in every category, from infant carriers and car seats, to strollers. Thanks to the latest in live commerce solutions, expectant parents perusing the products at Orbit Baby online can now get the expert help they need through a live video stream with an in-store expert. This expert guide can walk them through key features of each product, make recommendations based on their personal preferences and needs, and answer any questions they might have.  

This innovative shopping experience is courtesy of a new live commerce solution from Emplifi through Go Instore. By using this live commerce technology, Orbit Baby is enhancing their digital offerings and giving customers a more robust online experience. The technology provides a one-to-many live shopping experience that helps retailers and brands reach unlimited audiences through interactive live video streaming. And if shoppers need more personal guidance, they can be connected to a video livestream with a product expert at the mere click of a button. 

“As an e-commerce only business, we are always seeking to improve the online experience for our customers,” says Mike Krantz, Director of Marketing and eCommerce at Orbit Baby. “Our customers, whether they are just starting their parenting journey or looking to upgrade their current travel systems, are relying on us to provide best-in-class products that will keep their children safe and are easy to use. ShopStream allows us to better showcase the features and benefits of our products and engage with customers to create long-lasting relationships.”

Emplifi’s one-to-one video technology has already been adopted by more than 100 global retailers, such as Samsung, HP, DeBeers and Signet Jewelers. In 2021, the company served over 2.7 million unique users and generated over $240 million in sales for its customers. Data shows that the video chat and livestream offerings can increase conversion rates for retailer’s e-commerce operations. Typical online conversions range from 3% to 5%, whereas livestreaming offers a 10% conversion rate and one-to-one video chat can increase conversions up to 20% to 30% – the equivalent of in-store conversion rates.

For more information on Emplifi’s Live Commerce solutions, visit here

About the author 

André Hordagoda is the Co-GM of Social Commerce at Emplifi. Previously he was a Co-Founder of Go Instore, a solution technology connecting digital customers with in-store product experts using an AI augmented reality, live video platform, which was acquired by Emplifi in 2021. Over two decades, he has gained years of experience within e-commerce and has had a major focus on helping retailers improve conversion rates, AOVs as well as optimizing customer experience using a myriad of technologies ranging from digital personalization, AI, CRM, web analytics and now live, immersive video. Before launching Go Instore, Andre worked with large organizations including Experian and Smart Focus (formerly Email vision), as well as undertaking leading positions, growing early-stage businesses such as Peerius and SundaySky.

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