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Overwhelmed With Too Many Shopify Apps? Here Are 5 Reasons To Consolidate With Privy.


stressed out woman with hands on her headYou’ve heard of Zoom fatigue this year.

But for small brands selling on Shopify, the issue isn’t Zoom.

The real issue is the app fatigue.

You have one app for your product pages, another to capture emails, another to send text messages…you get the picture.

In fact, the average Shopify store owner has 6 different apps.

And merchants are looking for ways to consolidate their apps and make running their business less complex.

So, here are 5 reasons you should consolidate by using 1 app to build your list and send your emails.

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1. Saving Time By Managing Less

As a small business owner, the saying “time is money” has never been more true.

You are so busy fulfilling orders, finding new customers and managing 100 other things, that you need every second in the day.

And while spending time switching between apps may seem minor, psychologists have shown that task switching can actually drain energy much faster.

Not to mention having to remember which app does what.

That’s why capturing emails and sending them with one app can save you more time than you think. No need to set up 3rd party integrations, or search several apps for that one customer email when they call in.

Now all of your tools live in one spot, which takes one more thing off your plate. So you have more time to focus on operating and growing your business.

2. More Sales With More Customization

Customers care about personalization.

Tailoring your message to your customer can keep your brand relevant, and helps you sell more online.

One way to customize your messaging is by using cookies (not the kind you eat).

Cookies are small pieces of data that track a customers’ website activity.

So if your customer gives you their email and then views a specific product page, the cookies tell you which page they visited.

And what’s cool is that you can actually send emails based on what they looked at on your site.

So if you want to send an email to customers who viewed a specific product but didn’t buy, now you can.

This customization leads to more sales and better results.

But, when you use two different apps for your popups and emails, those cookies don’t always transfer.

Which means that you lose valuable data that can help you target those customers.

However, having Privy Convert and Privy Email in one app lets you use that data to send more high-intent emails around things like which product they viewed and how often they visited your website.

And using these tools not only lets you send better emails, but it lets you sell more on your Shopify store.

3. Every Dollar Counts

The best part about selling online is that all of the money comes into one bank account.

But what about the money going out?

When you have multiple apps, that means multiple bills. It becomes difficult to track exactly where your money is going. And how much you actually spent.

One secret that some merchants have learned is that by consolidating apps, you also save money.

There are so many apps out there that only have a single feature.

So rather than paying $10 a month for a Free Shipping Bar, now you can use a tool like Privy Convert which includes a Free Shipping Bar, Popups, Cross-sells and more.

Same goes for popups and email providers.

When you sign up for a tool like Privy, we actually offer customers a discounted price on our starter plan. And it all lives in one app, with one bill.

4. Getting Reliable And Fast Support

With any new tool comes a learning curve.

And when it comes to selling online, you need to build popups, workflows, email list segments and so on.

So it’s normal to have a question or two.

Instead of juggling multiple support tickets with dozens of support agents, having your tools all in one app allows a support team to easily answer any questions and help you build your business.

And you have access to help docs all in one place, so no need to bounce from site to site.

5. Protecting Your Customer Data

We have seen firsthand from large companies just how important protecting your customer information is.

One way you can reduce the risk of compromising your customer data is by storing their emails in one app instead of several.

So rather than trusting a 3rd party integration or separating where the customer email lives, consolidating your email capture forms and email service provider into one app can do the trick.

This is a simple and effective step to keeping your customers’ data safe, and building trust in your brand.

Getting Started

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with how many apps you have today, give Privy a shot.

We have a 15-day free trial and you can try out our starter plan to capture and send emails with up to 2,000 contacts for only $30/month.

This article originally appeared by our friends at Privy.

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