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Partner Spotlight | Blubolt


Amy Marks

by Amy Marks on Dec 09 2020

Since 2006, blubolt have been trailblazers for beautiful, bold and technically brilliant e-commerce stores powered by our own platform, bluCommerce. Having helped some of the UK’s best-loved brands grow exponentially, we now channel this expertise into Shopify Plus.

1) Hi Leigh, really excited to chat with you today! Please tell us more about blubolt?

As an accredited Shopify Plus Partner, we deliver stunning new websites, data-driven optimisation, innovative app development and a clear path for growth with our bluprint for success programme.

2) If your e-commerce agency was an animal, what would it be?

A Rainbow Lorikeet!

As the name suggests, the Rainbow Lorikeet has a vibrant and colourful plumage. Take a quick look at blubolt’s eye-catching logo and vividly-coloured website and you’ll see the similarities – we certainly know how to stand out from the crowd! 

Like the Rainbow Lorikeet, our colours reflect our engaging personality: friendly, curious, and super-smart. What more could you want in an eCommerce agency?!

3) How has your team stayed on the pulse in 2020? 

It’s been a busy year! We were chuffed to deliver the new Alex Chung website recently and in record time. We migrated the brand from Magento 2 to Shopify Plus in just over two months – without compromising on style and functionality, of course. More on that here. The new website is performing brilliantly and looks great!

4) Why did you choose to partner with Klevu?

As an accredited Shopify Plus Partner, having reliable tech partners is essential to us. We offer our clients a high level of technical expertise paired with friendly, approachable service. We know that we can maintain our impeccable level of service when partnering with Klevu.

5) How important is product discovery in the buying journey?

This year, shoppers have had far less opportunity to browse in physical stores, engage with staff and experience the joy of randomly stumbling upon new products. As a result, being able to effectively facilitate online product discovery in a natural, instinctive, and personalised way is more important than ever. With shopping habits changing so much due to the lockdowns, I think it will continue to be crucial in 2021.

6) What consumer trends are you beginning to pick up on, that you see affecting the future of ecommerce?

With a higher percentage of shoppers having to browse and buy online, we’re seeing brands taking stock of their existing platforms and questioning whether they’re up to scratch. As a result, we’re getting lots of enquiries from brands seeking a more robust and reliable platform like Shopify Plus. It’s an attractive proposition – a platform with little downtime and lower overheads but still constantly evolves and innovates.

7) What would you say to online retailers that have not used an agency like yours before?

We say, try-before-you-buy! We offer our blubolt Design and UX Audit for free to Shopify Plus retailers, or those actively looking to migrate (no commitment needed). Within 7 days, we share the audit findings via video call and email you a beautiful, tailored report showing missed conversion opportunities. 

Lots of clients are surprised at the quality and detail of the report and enjoy test-driving our capabilities so it’s worth taking us for a spin!

Contact Us!

Leigh Mardon blubolt

Leigh Mardon

Chief Operating Officer, blubolt



Thanks, Leigh!

– Amy

We love working with Blubolt and look forward to working together in the future!

To learn more about the features that Klevu are currently deploying, submit a demo request here.

Special thanks to our friends at Klevu for their insights on this topic.
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