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Partner Spotlight: Codal


Codal is an award-winning UX design and development agency that specializes in enterprise ecommerce solutions for B2C and B2B brands. With a data-driven approach, they design, develop, and manage online storefronts that improve customer engagement and increase revenue.

Regardless of the industry, Codal’s mission remains the same: empower brand visibility, enhance customer experiences, and streamline operations by delivering the most elegant ecommerce solutions possible.

A Data-Driven Approach

Codal has over 13 years of experience building and optimizing online stores, with a global staff of 200+ designers and engineers. Throughout the years, their team has formed longstanding partnerships with industry-leading technology providers such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and Searchspring.

Whether they are building an online retail store, mobile app, or B2B sales portal, Codal is confident they have the resources and expertise needed to deliver the best for their clients.

Codal’s services include:

Enhancing the Online Experience

In addition to past experience and insights from experts, Codal relies on data to guide their UX and UI design strategies. And, when it comes to the importance of optimizing site search, the data is clear. A recent study shows that 15% of eCommerce site visitors will use the search bar to find products. Those visitors end up accounting for 45% of the site’s total revenue. 

Additionally, personalized online experiences also play an important role in Codal’s approach. In fact, 74% of today’s consumers get frustrated when a site’s content is not personalized.

With this in mind, it’s a no-brainer for Codal to partner with Searchspring to meet the needs of their clients’ shoppers. Together, Codal and Searchspring have helped merchants achieve higher customer engagement, conversions, and revenue.

“One thing that sets the Searchspring partnership apart from others in the ecosystem, is that we have worked with the same team for 5+ years! Which I think really says something about the culture and team over there. It’s  unique and special (much like their product). And in that time we have not only built personal relationships, but have also intimately gotten to know their product. Pair those two together and it is a solution that we recommend time and time again. Searchspring has proven they will deliver and collaborate with us and our merchants to ensure successful launches.”

– Ryan Bloms, Director of Partnerships, Codal

Codal and Searchspring have teamed up to work with several clients including GOREWEAR, Wilton Brands, Automotive Keys Group, Stryker Emergency Care, and many more.

Special thanks to our friends at Searchspring for their insights on this topic.
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