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Partner Spotlight: Klaviyo


Klaviyo is a unified customer platform that gives brands direct ownership of their data and interactions. With Klaviyo, merchants can turn single transactions with customers into long-term relationships at scale.

Because Klaviyo integrates seamlessly with over 200+ apps, brands can get the full story on every customer in one place. They can use those insights to send personalized email and SMS communications that make people feel seen. Their platform makes it easy to talk to every customer like you know them and grow on your own terms.

Reach Exactly the Right People at the Right Time

More than 82% of marketers rely on email marketing, and the average open rate for all those emails is around 31%. While 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that send personalized offers and recommendations.

However, average SMS open and click-through rates stand at 98% and 54%. It’s safe to say, consumers are clearly responsive to SMS. But, campaign success is measured by what happens when a link is clicked.

Turn One-Time Visitors Into Customers for Life

Klaviyo’s segmentation tool enables brands to send emails that deliver the most relevant content to a customer at the right time. 

Additionally, behavior-based automation lets marketers easily engage with customers based on how they interact with the brand. Merchants can automatically send recommendations based on past purchases, and abandoned cart and browse reminders.

Reach customers at the moment with SMS messages that clue shoppers into price drop alerts, shipping updates, and cart reminders. 

And, with multiple ways to sign people up for texts and emails, Klaviyo enables brands to easily grow their subscriber lists from day one. 

Klaviyo and Searchspring

The Searchspring and Klaviyo integration enables merchants to reach shoppers at multiple parts of the journey. After shoppers visit a merchant’s site and browse pages and products, Searchspring’s personalization algorithm makes recommendations based on shopper intent. Klaviyo provides a flow and email template so that brands can generate recommendations and display personalized products in their email campaigns.

“A customer’s purchase journey is not one size fits all,” said Chathri Ali, Director, Technology Partnerships at Klaviyo. “With this integration, brands can enable a more engaging shopping experience, providing recommendations to increase conversion, customer loyalty, and ultimately, drive revenue.”

Klaviyo and Searchspring have teamed up to empower brands like P.E Nation, Natori, St. Frock, and many more, to personalize the online shopping journey from their site to their marketing efforts.

Learn more about personalized email recommendations from Searchspring and Klaviyo in the video below.

Special thanks to our friends at Searchspring for their insights on this topic.
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