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Amy Marks

by Amy Marks on Oct 15 2020

The supercharged commerce mission is to build world-class digital solutions and campaigns for respected brands around the globe. By constantly investing in talented individuals, advancing technology and our clients’ visions, supercharged commerce craft innovative and effective technology for all. We recently caught up with Tim Edwards,  Commercial Director at supercharged commerce for the latest. And how he sees current consumer trends affecting the future of e-commerce.

1. Hi Tim, welcome! Tell us about supercharged commerce?

We accelerate the growth of ambitious retailers.

Our designers, developers and disrupters ‘Create’ new commerce experiences, ‘Run’ your technical infrastructure, and ‘Grow’ you market position. 

In 2021, customers are buying from organisations that predict their needs. We combine user experience, data-led marketing, and best-in-class tech to develop these standout experiences and return an ROI by turning customers into advocates.

Ambitious businesses like yours need comprehensive, global-ready solutions. That’s why our developers are certified Magento, BigCommerce, Shopware, and Shopify experts. We’re also innovators in the PWA and headless world because normal is never good enough.

Formed in 2020 out of frustration for cut and paste commerce, we’re here to give ambitious retailers an unfair advantage. 

We’re ready, are you?

Logistics wise, in recent history ‘last mile’ has been the big focus. However with the increase in working from home, I believe retailers will be looking to technology improvements for pick, pack and dispatch, to get the goods on the way quicker, but with limited staff in the confines of the warehouse.

3. What sets you apart from other agencies? Any special areas of expertise?

Our retailers have the advantage of the breadth of experience, from development and hosting to CRO and UX, driving their ecommerce store and digital marketing.

4. What are some of the things you are most excited about for the future of ecommerce?

The concept of a fluid or integrated experience is long proven. I think in the wake of COVID, customers will expect a personalised in-store experience as they do online in a true ‘Omni-experience’.

5.Tell me about one of your biggest success stories?

Recently, it’s launching Wine and Something – a creative and community-focused take on the world of wine. Adding to our Magento and BigCommece teams, we’re also the first Shopware 6 certified team in the UK, so we were elated seeing a new company and new software come together so spectacularly.

6. Why did you choose to partner with Klevu?

Our first focus with all our partners is to ensure we create a seamless user experience with its easy integration and it also makes our developers happy too!. Klevu is always first choice because of its data enrichment capabilities and it’s merchandising features (both in terms of self learning and manual merchandising). Our clients also really like the reporting dashboard, which provides lots of details and allows it to be customised really easily.

7. How has the evolution of on-site search enabled your clients to increase conversions/overall revenue?

Online search solutions with greater relevance and context transform make customers feel understood. Customers want to use their own terminology, we can ensure products are tagged with alternative terms and are part of a network that presents the best options to all users, without the need for a messy key-word variant-stuffed title and description.

The intelligent tagging and related product information is hidden behind the scenes, offering users a clean interface that still delivers the best search results.

Modern site-search also provides more opportunities for merchandising, offering alternatives and upsells in the dropdown search and next to existing search results.

Search is now more than ‘seek and find’. On-site search is about understanding the users intent and delivering the results they actually want.

8. If your agency was an animal – what animal would it be and why?

We’d be a bee – dedicated, focused, fast, and well organised. Plus it’s the symbol of Manchester, our hometown!

9. Name 3 words that describe the future of ecommerce?

Connected, predictive, effortless.

Expecting the same level of service online as they do in store. Customers’ expectations are such that the norm is now for 360 views of their products, instant customer service, and omni-channel purchasing across devices.

11. What would you say to online retailers that have not used an agency like yours before?

In 2021, customers are buying from organisations that predict their needs. We combine user experience, data-led marketing, and best-in-class tech to develop these standout experiences and return an ROI by turning customers into advocates.

Our considered framework of people, technology and process underpin everything we do. But we’re ultimately driven by the success of our retailers, so when you’re working with us, we’ll pull in efficiency, creativity and innovation to help you create, run, and grow your business, the supercharged way.

Tim Edwards | Commercial Director at supercharged commerce

For more information about supercharged commerce, get in touch with them here

Thanks, Tim!

– Amy

To learn more about the features that Klevu are currently deploying, submit a demo request here.

Special thanks to our friends at Klevu for their insights on this topic.
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