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Tips and Tricks to Persuade Influencers to Link You


No matter how great your blog or website may be, no matter how much time was put in, and no matter how relevant and helpful the content may be, it will not be seen unless a number of promotional techniques are followed in order to give it more exposure.

One of the best ways to bring an audience to a blog or website is through links made by influencers. For example a cosmetics company may send a free sample to an influential beauty guru, if in return she creates a review video or blog post that links back to the products page.

This is just one way many blogs and companies have gotten exposure through influencers, however there are a number of other ways you can reach out to influencers in your field in order to establish many links back to your website.

Convincing influencers to link back to your website may sound like a difficult process, but there are several ways that can make it less frustrating and far more effective:

  1. Create a positive and interesting case story that includes the blogger whose attention you are trying to receive. If they are interested in the article, they will very likely share its link.
  1. Feature the blogger in one of your articles. pick an influencer in your field, and write an article that is relevant to them. You may include something as small as a quote, or a simple mention of their site, but as long as it's done in a positive light, the bloggers will very likely be willing to link to the article on their own page.
  1. If you are a member of similar online communities and forums, you may be able to get the attention of influencers through popular content posted on those sites. They will very likely see your content if it is popular, and will therefore be more likely to mention it in their own posts.
  1. If you can create something that is valuable to influencers in your community, they will be far more likely to return the favor with something positive and valuable of their own. For example, doing a positive video review of a blogger's product benefits them in a good way.  This will make influencers far more likely to link to your page in the future, as you have already done something valuable for them.
  1. Work with bloggers who are also looking to link to others on their page. Some bloggers prefer not to mention others on their blog, which can make it difficult to work with them on link building. However, there are thousands upon thousands of bloggers who are interested in linking out to others, making it important to reach out to these individuals instead. By doing a link roundup and determining which bloggers may be most interested in working together, you can begin to spend more time on profitable contact rather than on emails that may never be read.
  1. Contact bloggers and convince them to take a look at some of your content. During your initial contact, include samples of some of your best work, with links to where they can find it on your website. Offer this content as a guest post, as long as there is a link back to your page.

While working with influencers can be one of the most effective ways to build an audience for a blog, it can also be one of the most difficult and time-consuming steps of the process. By following the tips and tricks above, any blogger can find themselves working with an influencer in their field within just a few short weeks, and will begin to see how your traffic numbers grow as a result.


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