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Gain A Competitive Edge Through Personalized Experiences That Turn Browsers Into Shoppers Into Loyal Customers

The ecommerce fastlane podcast providing insights on personalized experiences and customer loyalty.

Your Business Is A Journey.  Invest In Yourself Today.

Being an entrepreneur is a life of learning, implementing, and iterating. All it would take is a new idea, a strategy, a Shopify app, or a marketing platform to be the next thing you need to improve efficiencies, drive more revenue, and build lifetime customer loyalty for your Shopify brand.

Dynamic Yield empowers Shopify brands with the technology they need to deliver personalized and consistent digital customer experiences with greater agility.

My guest in today’s episode is Yaniv Navot, the VP of Global Marketing from Dynamic Yield. They are an Experience Optimization Platform that helps Shopify brands to quickly build and test personalized, optimized, and synchronized digital customer experiences.

They offer a hassle-free deployment of its experience optimization solution through it's Shopify app. Every action on your Shopify store is instantly and automatically fed into Dynamic Yield’s engine, allowing you to achieve and execute your personalization and optimization goals at scale.

What You Will Learn Today

  • Why experience optimization is the secret to success for many Shopify brands.
  • How one platform is able to increase e-commerce revenue and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Why testing, optimization, and personalization should be part of your larger digital strategy.
  • Why the savviest marketers measure their personalization and A/B testing efforts based on average revenue per user (ARPU).

Links And Resources Mentioned

Unleash Your Full Potential With Dynamic Yield

Tweetable Gold Nugget

Dynamic Yield helps Shopify brands quickly build and test personalized, optimized, and synchronized digital customer experiences.

Accelerate execution of your customer experience vision by quickly activating your data from any source to create relevant and consistent interactions that drive more sales.

Boosting Your Shopify Stores Growth, Revenue, Profits, and Lasting Customer Value

Each week, join Steve Hutt and his knowledgeable guest as they share valuable insights designed to motivate founders and marketers in growing their Shopify stores. Together, we'll explore top-notch Shopify apps, marketing platforms, and vital growth tactics to enhance efficiency, boost profits, and strengthen customer loyalty. With every episode, you'll get closer to learning from the pros currently thriving in DTC, ecommerce, and retail!

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