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How iPaas And A Managed Integration Service Can Help Shopify Brands To Scale with Robin Smith of VL OMNI


Your Shopify Ecommerce Business Is On A Journey.  Today’s Shopify Podcast Will Help Accelerate DTC Growth And Scale.

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In today’s episode, my guest is Robin Smith, the CEO, and Co-Founder of VL OMNI. They are an Integration platform for managed iPaaS data integration, that helps empower Shopify businesses to accelerate growth by integrating their systems, channels, partners, and applications together based on their needs.

These integrations are point-to-multipoint, meaning data from a single application can be sent to multiple targets in a single workflow, giving your Shopify online business the flexibility to grow without any interruptions or the need to manipulate data at either end of the integration.

VL OMNI handles integration projects from initial design and implementation of a solution to maintenance and new partner onboarding.

This is a great conversation with timely learnings as Shopify brands look to make investments to accelerate growth through scalable managed iPaaS data integrations.

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What You Will Learn Today

  • Why your Shopify brand needs a robust integration strategy to fully integrate and automate the flow of data across the entire business.
  • How to improve your customer experience through data integration.
  • How to gain business intelligence and visibility into real-time data of your sales channels across all touchpoints.

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