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Harness The Power Of User Generated Video Content And Grow Revenue With Ajay Bam Of Vyrill

Ayy bam's e-commerce fastlane ep 230 harnesses the power of user generated video content and grow revenue.

In today’s Shopify ecommerce podcast, my guest is Ajay Bam the CEO and Co-Founder from Vyrill.

The Vyrill video commerce platform helps Shopify brands and retailers increase revenue and find new customers by leveraging authentic video reviews, how-to, unboxing UGC videos and branded video for insights and commerce, all powered by in-video search.

Video reviews have now become the number one way to drive conversation for a brand. Over 85% of shoppers say that they watch videos before they shop and it improves their brand trust by 20X, because shoppers can see the product, person and emotions in the video. Shoppers trust other customers when it comes to opinions during the purchase experience than branded videos.

Billions of consumers consume and create videos on 30+ platforms in 89 languages. A brand like Nike, L’oreal, or BMW have 15M+ videos posted on one social media platform like Youtube, 90% of which are fan videos. However, brands and retailers don’t have the backend capacity to parse through millions of user-generated video content (UGVC) or fan videos to showcase the best videos to serve their shoppers.

Vyrill recently launched its Shopify app that helps Shopify store owners deliver on their 3 most important KPIs – customer acquisition, page engagement, and revenue.

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What You Will Learn Today

  • Considering authentic user-generated commerce videos part of an overall marketing strategy.
  • Maximizing the value of Shopify brands today through User Generated Video Content, including reviews.
  • Power of video in influencing undecided shoppers and increasing brand trust.
  • Understanding the demographic and diversity of Shopify users in video content to improve personalization.
  • The future of Video Commerce.

Links And Resources Mentioned

Connect With Ajay Bam

About Our Ecommerce Podcast Guest: Ajay Bam

Co-Founder & CEO at Vyrill. Proven and accomplished product management professional, entrepreneurial thinker, and innovator with 13+ years of experience with startups and world class brands in web/mobile product development including native IOS/Android apps, SAAS tools/technologies, digital commerce, payments and enterprise/consumer products. Built and led products teams, have strong cross-functional and international product development experience in Scandinavia, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Experience with Agile/Lean product development. Solid track record of launching new products in new/emerging markets, product innovation (issued patents), strategy and revenue growth. Fluent in German, French, and Hindi.

Co-founded, led and directed “Modiv Media”, an award winning venture capital funded company providing time-tested and customer-embraced mobile shopper marketing solutions integrating personalized promotions, mobile self-scan, and instant checkout on shoppers smartphones. Modiv Media was acquired by Catalina Marketing, a global leader in in-store retail Point of Sale marketing solutions. Issued Patent us 9,064,359 for queue management.

Pioneered adoption of mobile devices for personalized loyalty, Rewards, offers and payments management. Received a patent on how to use NFC tags in phones for shopping and other services. Issued US Patent 8,346,210 – Method and apparatus for managing services using bearer tags.

Developed and launched a scalable global card and operator billing solution (124 operators in 43 countries) with localization for Nokia mobile app store increasing registered users to 70 million with 6 million downloads per day.

Delivered $20 million of additional new ecosystem revenue and $2.5 million in new partner revenue worldwide for Nokia smart devices.

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