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Yotpo Subscriptions: Now Is The Time To Double Down On A Recurring Revenue Channel With Judith Zhu Of Yotpo

Judith Zhu discusses how to double down on a recurring revenue channel with Yotpo Subscriptions.

In today’s episode, my guest is Judith Zhu, the Product Marketing Manager of Yotpo. Yotpo is an eCommerce marketing platform that helps brands win customers for life with reviews, SMS marketing, loyalty and referrals, subscriptions, and visual user-generated content. They are committed to leveraging social proof to increase trust and sales, cultivate loyal customer advocates, boost recurring revenue, engage shoppers on top engagement channels, and so much more.

Yotpo integrates with the tools online businesses use every day, including Google, Instagram, top eCommerce platforms, and the rest of the marketing technology stack. And while they are focused on empowering brands to grow their direct-to-consumer business through captivating experiences, especially for new customers, they also specialize in utilizing retention tools to sustain lasting customer loyalty. 

Stay tuned to know more about Yotpo Subscriptions

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What You Will Learn Today:

  • What are Yotpo Subscriptions?
  • How do retention and subscriptions help in growing your eCommerce business?
  • What makes Yotpo Subscriptions stand out among other subscription partners?

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Well, hey there. My name is Steve Hutt. I’m a Senior Merchant Success Manager here at Shopify, and welcome back to the fifth season of eCommerce Fastlane. Now, whether this is your first time listening or you’re a weekly subscriber, I really do appreciate the fact that you’re taking time and listening to the show today. I know there’s plenty, for sure, plenty of podcast choices that are out there in eCommerce and the direct-to-consumer, even the marketing space, and just the fact that you’re here today really does mean the world to me. And, I know it means a ton to my featured guest today. Now, if this is your first time listening, this is an eCommerce show where we have honest and transparent conversations about building and thriving with your store powered by Shopify or Shopify Plus.

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Now in today’s episode, my guess is Judith Zhu, who is the Product Marketing Manager for a company called Yotpo.

You probably heard of them. If you’re in the Shopify world, you’d likely have heard of Yotpo, they’re a plus technology partner. They have many parts of their platform starting, I think, originally from the review side of the business, got into loyalty, got into SMS, and they’re getting into a new part of their solution which we’re gonna dig into today.

I’ve had the pleasure, really, of interviewing Yotpo for many times on the show. It’s amazing the amount of Shopify brands that are winning with their platform. There’s absolutely no doubt about that. Today’s episode is definitely not gonna disappoint you. There’s an exclusive podcast today that’s going to share the next and exciting iteration of Yotpo.

So, hi, Judith. Welcome to eCommerce Fastlane. 

Thanks, Steve. I’m so excited to be here and I couldn’t have said it better myself.  

Okay. Well, this is lovely. I know you’re in New York and thank you so much. I know time zones are like really wacky because I’m here on the West Coast, but I really appreciate you jumping on this call today and getting this recorded.

This is an important milestone, I believe, for the Yotpo organization. And I appreciate the opportunity to be able to share what it is that you folks are now officially have launched out into the world. And now, I mentioned a bit about Yotpo at the top of the show, but can you summarize a bit for those listening today, who are maybe not familiar with what the Yotpo platform does, and how it helps Shopify brands to grow and scale.

Yeah, of course. So, Yotpo solutions are really built to strengthen the relationships between brands and their customers. We do that through a series, powerful engagement, community advocacy, and retention tools. We’ve learned that now more than ever, brands need to focus on retention and lifetime value, so our goal is really to make retention easy and affordable for our growing brands.

Definitely. Retention is growing on a lot of brands’ minds, ‘cause they know that, I mean this customer acquisition costs are quite high. I mean, iOS, you know, 14.5 upgrade and you know, quote unquote, “The Cookie Apocalypse,” and all the things that are happening right now, it really is scary. Return on that spend is going up because really hard to attribute a lot of things, and knowing that retention is the important thing, how do we maximize the value of our existing customers? How can we anticipate revenue long term? Knowing that there’s even like labels now. You can go to LinkedIn, you can, Retention Marketing Manager is actually a label and a job description of someone they know, it’s an important role in a direct-to-consumer brand.

So, it’s pretty interesting that this is kind of where Yotpo is kind of put their eggs in that basket, really helping from the retention side. I know that today is maybe not necessary to talk about some of the core, great features that are built into Yotpo, but it’s to talk about something new and exciting that’s being released for Shopify Power Brand. So I’m gonna pass the torch to you today and talk about some big news that you’d like to share. 

Yeah. Thank you so much, Steve. Today, we’re proud to announce the release of Yotpo Subscriptions on Shopify. This is a new solution that will stay true to our mission of helping brands create long-lasting relationships with their customers. So, Yotpo Subscriptions is an intuitive subscriptions management solution that makes it easy for eCommerce brands to add a recurring revenue channel to their business. You know, with the unpredictability of the current eCommerce climate, we built a tool that helps online brands double down on retention in an easy non-time intensive way.

And yeah, Yotpo Subscriptions is something that Shopify businesses can launch in under 10 minutes. 

Wow. I know that the- gosh, I’m trying to think of the date. I think it’s some, I think in 2020 is when Shopify released their subscription API. And, I think a couple of early partners got involved with building an app around that subscription API, because I just love the predictability. Exactly what you said and just, you can anticipate the future revenue opportunities that are available. And so that’s from the merchant side of it, but you know, we also think about the other side. We have to think about the customer and the subscription benefits to them. Like for example, I have a soap brand that I buy, like bar soap, and it’s like, I’m on a subscription. And, that’s one of the few things. I’m not really a big subscription person, but for me in this particular case, I have enough cadence now, and I know how long my soap lasts. I like this soap, and so I buy it on a subscription offering. So literally every two months, three bars show up. For me, I just, I don’t have to think about it. The price is right, there was a subscribe and save offer. It made sense, and I like the product. And it just, that’s one less thing that I have to worry about. And, I’m sure there’s so many offerings out there and subscriptions there, and I think that’s one thing I hope to unpack today. There’s gonna be some brands that are on the fence where I’m not sure if I can have a subscription offering, or if customers would even see value in it, or the other side is saying “I’m not sure that I’m ready to do it, ‘cause I think the technology might be hard to implement.” And so hopefully, we can talk about a couple of those different topics. 

But first, let’s talk a bit about maybe why, you know, you believe this. First of all, congratulations on Yotpo Subscriptions. I think it’s great to have another competitor in the space doing this, because I think, you know, where there’s competition there’s business. And, I think it’s a blue ocean right now of subscription opportunities for brands. I mean, it can’t necessarily be owned by one or two major players. And, it’s great that you’re kind of getting into that space and just offering value with your platform, which I really wanna talk about the overall benefits now of that.

But, I just would like to talk about why do you believe it’s necessary as a driver and growth lever, so to speak, for a Shopify store to get involved with subscriptions? 

Yeah. That’s such a great question. So, really for a couple of reasons. First, we can agree that acquiring new customers is actually getting harder and more expensive. There’s an abundance of data out there that shows that it can cost five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. And so that’s, you know, big it is for a small business, especially. Then, there’s the return to in-store shopping which has brands wondering what the impact will be on their DTC sales, right? Yeah. And of course, with the market uncertainty, brands have been looking for ways to engage recurring revenue and cash flow. And so, now, we’re seeing a trend of finding creative ways to retain customers, and it’s all pointing to activating subscriptions channel. And of course, to your point about your soap subscription, at the end of the day, consumers know what they want subscriptions. According to Bernstein’s research, nearly 80% of adults actually have access to at least one subscription service, and the average adult in the US has about three subscriptions per subscriber. 

It just seems to be nonstop growing. You always hear about it. So it’s just, it’s so interesting to me, and I bring it up a lot on my merchant calls, just saying it’s okay that you know that you’re selling leggings. I mean, leggings are great. I get it. But, have you ever thought about getting a subscription legging company or, I mean, I have one underwear brand that I manage and just same thing said, you know, have you ever thought about maybe getting your underwear into subscription offering?

It just seems to be more convenient. I mean, I can go through the longer list of like all the different benefits of getting involved in subscription. Both parties win. There’s the convenience factor on one side, and then on the other side, there’s this predictable revenue on the other side, they seem to kind of work in tandem. I think that’s one of the big benefits of getting involved with a direct-to-consumer brand by trying to get involved with a subscription offering. And now, with Yotpo Subscriptions, now you have that migration path and we’ll talk about that in a few minutes too. So one thing I wanna get into is just about the technology, in general.

I don’t know if you have any stats around all these sorts of things, but with the technologies here, we can facilitate these transactions on Shopify. A lot of times it goes through Shopify payments, which are powered by Stripe. Sometimes, they can go through third-party gateways, depending on the industry you’re involved in. But the question is, you’ve alluded to it already a little bit, but why do you believe that brands really need to have a subscription offer? Is it just the growth of the market or? Just overall love to hear your feelings on this. 

Yeah. So, for a couple of reasons, really, the subscription economy will grow to about 1.5 trillion by 2025, which is actually growing much faster than originally predicted. And, there are a lot of implications to that. Consumers, particularly millennials and Gen Z shoppers, want subscriptions with the trend towards convenience. And if merchants aren’t going to offer them, they need to know that their competitors might and will. 

What’s interesting about this whole industry right now, subscriptions in general, is that you know, there are, you know, some notable competitors. And like I said, at the top of the show, I think where there’s competition, there’s business. I also believe that there is a blue ocean of opportunity, ‘cause I’d say most brands on Shopify do not have a subscription offering. More than 2 million brands on Shopify. The opportunity is massive. Hence, why Yotpo is getting involved with this kind of offering.

But, I just would like to understand a little bit about maybe the technology behind it and, you know, you’re a little bit later to market, but that does it necessarily detract from the fact that you’re Yotpo and you have a lot of engineering know-how behind you? So just would love to understand how you’ve differentiated yourself. API’s been out since 2020. Many beta partners and, you know, all the end of the day, what do you believe makes Yotpo Subscriptions kind of different from others in the Shopify ecosystem that do subscriptions? 

Yeah, totally. So, start in the base layer for Yotpo, we’ve made it our business to know your customers, and merchants who are already using the Yotpo platform can leverage the data to nurture their customers into lifelong subscribers.

So, in that sense, we know how we can help you, and what we can do to help you to reach out to and engage the right customers. So, to list some of the cool things that you can do within the Yotpo ecosystem alone, you can reach out to your high review customers with the opportunity to subscribe with their most beloved products, or you can reach out to your loyal customers, leverage your loyalty system to reward your subscribers for subscribing, sharing, and hitting subscriptions milestones. The possibilities are quite endless with just the Yotpo system alone. And, we built our product based on all the market research that we’ve done and truly listened to what merchants are asking for.

One nice thing too. I just, I love this about the platform. ‘Cause when you think about it, some of the challenges that come up is that, when I get a new brand and I onboard them and I’m their Merchant Success Manager, one of the first things they do is look at their tech stack.

And you know, I’d say a lot of brands, maybe they’re on the Shopify Plus side, have thought about, you know, what email service provider they’re using? What review platform are they using? What loyalty platform are they using? What SMS platform are they using? Or obviously, an app, if they’re in the subscription side of the business.

And so, when they have all these different pieces of technology, what’s interesting to me is it’s depth heavy from a tech side, as far as being able to manage these individual pieces. And then, from a marketer’s perspective, sometimes it’s challenging attribution-wise and being able to do campaigns, or exactly what you just said, doing campaigns around certain milestones of certain customers.

And so, it gets very complicated when individual pieces of technology, I’m not suggesting to duct tape, because there’s some great individual standalone pieces of tech. I mean, Yotpo, if you wanna do just SMS, you can, SMS bump is for you. Or if you wanna do reviews, you can. Or loyalty, you can. All separate and siloed, and that’s fantastic.

But, if you really were to expand out the Yotpo platform into all its parts, now adding on subscription offerings, it sounds like, you know, soup to nuts. You’re gonna get in this whole, the whole customer journey is now fully managed now from acquiring the customer, having the loyalty side of it, then having the reviews, getting all that organized post-purchase, and then you have a subscription offering. Like, it seems like the whole thing is just like a big flywheel now for you guys. That’s pretty cool. 

Yeah. Yeah. We’re quite well known for, you know, our reviews, visual UGCs, et cetera. So, bringing subscriptions to market is really like a way to close a loop and make sure that, you know, we can address all the needs of brands in one marketing technology platform. It’s really an all-in-one solution. 

This kind of reminds me of a story. I was talking to a brand, keep anonymous for now, but one of the challenges they had is they’re a Yotpo customer, which is great, but they’re using a different subscription solution to manage their subscription. But, the challenge is that the loyalty points were not being displayed from within the cart.

And, I think part of it is just the communication is sometimes can be poor between a subscription app and a loyalty solution, and understanding either the logged-in, or the unknown customer and trying to figure the whole checkout flow is a little bit disjointed. And, you know, that’s some of his kind of frustrations.

And so, I’m trying to come up with a solution for him. And it sounds like, you know, for those that potentially that are Yotpo customers in, you know, in parts or all of your platform, and you want to get involved in subscription, this is almost like an easy win now because you’re already successfully implementing some or all of the Yotpo platform.

Now, you get access to subscription offerings or you’re, you know, migrating over from an existing partner because of a technology gap that’s happening or customer experience gap that’s happening. So, kudos. I’m gonna make sure I put some notes in the show notes about that ‘cause I think that in itself, the technology, and how everybody talks to each other and how Yotpo works well, I’m sure there’s gonna be some more blog posts and things coming out about best practices, about how all of the pieces of the Yotpo puzzle all work together.

I do wanna pivot to a story though, ‘cause I know that your app has been out for a while in beta. It’s officially out now in public, but there were quite a few customers that I guess, made the choice to kind of be a beta tester. And, I understand that you would like to maybe talk a little bit about their story, who they are and, you know, they implemented your solution. And then, kind of what happened on the other side, what were the business outcomes, the KPIs that are notable, you can discuss kind of publicly. 

Yeah, totally. So, one story I love telling because I’m a huge fan of athleisure, it’s the story of Til You Collapse, who is a family-owned fitness apparel brand focused on delivering high-quality exercise apparel.

So, they’re convening obviously in a very competitive and saturated retail industry, but Til You Collapse had to double down on retention efforts since they were confident that they were delivering a good product. So, you know, when they first started using subscriptions a while back, they started seeing an increase in customer lifetime value and were happy with the consistent stream of business it was bringing in.

However, they were facing major concerns with the flexibility of their subscription offering, and that was with another subscription provider at the time, but it was directly impacting their retention of subscribers. And, they were also really worried about, you know, migrating and onboarding new subscription programs since their previous program took a while to implement.

So, what our team was able to do was to onboard them quite seamlessly with virtually zero interruption to their business and customer experience. Anthony, the head of marketing over at Til You Collapse, was just super happy and surprised with how easy it was to migrate over, and then how easy it was to add that layer of flexibility for their customers.

That’s great. Is there any other KPIs that are kind of notable about them? So, they were an existing plan and they migrated over and then like, so how are things better being with the Yotpo Subscription side versus maybe another partner? 

Yeah. So, this is a truly amazing story because in just one quarter, Til You Collapse was able to increase the overall number of recurring orders by 20%. Mind you, this is from the busiest holiday shopping quarter to this lowest quarter.

So yeah, on top of that, by leveraging the SMS and subscriptions integration within Yotpo, they gathered 65 new subscriptions in signups from just one tax. So, not only did the teams see an increase in overall retention, they also increased subscriber count by 20% in just a few days. 

That’s awesome. Thank you so much for sharing that. I’m thinking about, there’s gonna be some existing subscription companies that are on the fence about, you know, is their program effective? And, is it working well for them? There’s also gonna be those listening today that are like, yeah, I see the value, lifetime value. And just the predictability that comes with having a subscription, offering both for the customer, like me looking for soap every quarter, and then on the flip side, it’s the brand, knowing that there’s this recurring revenue coming in consistently, and that really helps with the growth driver of the brand. But, you know, so there are two different types of people listening today. And so, one side is what about customers that are on Shopify’s legacy checkout?

‘Cause I think prior, you know, maybe about a year or so ago, you know, once this app came out or getting access to the subscription API, the idea was to migrate people over instead of being on a subdomain, like usually it was checkout dot or some kind of like subdomain, and that’s so pretty much you are working with the third party.

And, subscription offerings were happening on a third party’s checkout. And then, at the end of that transaction, it was a webhook, and it would come back, and order completed. And then, you know, it would just continue on. The challenge with that was that there were a lot of cross-domain challenges of attribution. There were a lot of problems. I know on the plus side, there were a lot of challenges with using Shopify scripts, because scripts run natively in Shopify’s checkout. We have line item scripts, like actual line items in the cart or shipping scripts or payment scripts, and certain, I think niceties, BOGOs, and discount codes, all these fun things that you can do on the plus side of the business didn’t work when someone shows a subscription offering, hence, why Shopify made a decision saying, “Hey, if you’re gonna build an app or a subscription API it needs to be instead of legacy on the subdomain, let’s have it integrated.” So, am I right to assume that Yotpo Subscriptions is on the integrated checkout? So, that’s number one question, and number two is that, what’s the migration path look like for those that are on either they’re on legacy or they’re on the integrated currently, but they want to migrate over to Yotpo? Maybe walk us through that. 

Yeah. So to answer your first question, a lot of listeners actually probably are using subscriptions and have probably felt the pain point of the duplicate efforts with the checkout. It’s great to say for us that we have one of the deepest integrations with Shopify. So, we built our subscription product with this concern in mind and ensure that, you know, everything is like seamless and there’s no need to duplicate efforts, even, you know, we’ve had merchants tell us that off of loyalty.

They had to create codes for the loyalty product for Shopify, for Stripe, and then, through whatever legacy product subscription product they’re using as well. And so, that just takes up a lot of time that, you know, most brands don’t have just readily available and we just completely eliminated that for our users.

And to answer your second question, I’m proud to say that traditionally, it’s been a big blocker to migrate from different subscriptions platforms, but we actually have a team of migration specialists that essentially are able to do the migration for you in under 48 hours with the lowest lift possible for our brands, and we promise zero business interruptions. 

That’s lovely. ‘Cause I know that, you know, usually that legacy to integrated to migration path has been more arduous than seamless. I’ll be quite honest with you. There is benefits for the brand and I think it also adds a better customer experience over all of people, you know, just smart people that see it’s going to a subdomain. It’s just a little bit kind of shifty a little bit, and that’s just kind of how the way it was and now being integrated, meaning on your domain, your Shopify URL, all the things happen in the background. It’s nice to see that you’ve completely thought about, and are executing on, and have a dedicated team just for the migration path.

Regardless if you are a current subscriber on a competing app, there is a migration path that quite quickly, either legacy or integrated, boom, that could be on Yotpo, and that’s fine. And then, obviously, with the app being publicly available now, there’s an opportunity to get involved with subscriptions right now, literally downloading the app. We’ll give that link in a minute, and adding onto your store. And then, from there going through the onboarding process, maybe let’s walk that through, ‘cause what happens when someone goes to the app store right now, you know, they look up Yotpo Subscriptions, they get the app, they download it into their admin ‘cause they wanna start with subscriptions for like, as a new channel for them. What’s the process for this to be approved and connected to their payment gateway, and then the offers that they want to have and subscribe and save? And, just wanna make sure people are clear about what the expectations are on their side, and then how the technology can kind of work together. 

Yeah. So, we made Yotpo Subscriptions extremely easy to launch. Most of our merchants are able to do it in an average of eight minutes, which is awesome. We have an automated flow that it takes you through, where you can build whatever subscriptions plan works for you and your product, and add whatever products you want to for subscriptions. And then, also customize your onsite widget, and your customer portals, and automated emails directly through the subscriptions app, and essentially hit “go live” and offer subscriptions, and let it run in the background. So it’s a really fun and easy process. And, a lot of customers have told us that it’s been extremely flexible and caters to their brand a lot more than other providers have.

Yeah. It’s interesting about the customer portal, ‘cause I find that one of the big KPIs that subscription companies think about a lot is churn. They’re trying to figure out how do I mitigate that. And is it churn? Meaning, I don’t like the product anymore. And, if something that’s consumable, you know, words like flavor, fatigue, there are other different types of industry words that come up, you know, and it turns out that, you know, or I have too much product and there are different tools and things that try to help avoid churn as much as possible. But part of it, I think, is maybe the customer experience around the customer portal, like meaning, like this were, and I know of one soap brand that I go to, you know, they have a really great portal in there where I can anticipate when my next subscription is coming up. And then, you know, I can change, I can pause or I can ship now if I find out that I’m running, that I’ve used more than I anticipated. 

So, more of a final question around the product itself, ‘cause it’s so new and exciting right now is that, you know, is there flexibility in the customer portal? Like, is the UI, the customer experience, does it blend nicely kind of out of the box for most brands? That’s number one, and then number two, is there the ability to reskin it a bit like CSS or other types of HTML or something in the, I guess widget, that allows for managing a customer subscription? I’m just thinking from an experience perspective, ‘cause a lot of plus brands have spent a lot of time and energy and brainpower to build a custom theme or a custom customer experience. And, we wanna make sure that maybe there’s, you know, maybe the UI that comes out of this subscription systems right now out of Yotpo is perfect. But, could you add some extra nuances or could you add to the current flavor of the brand? So, just was curious about how each of those work with each other. 

Yeah. So, to answer your last question, we have the most, like, customizable customer experience portal for our brand, because we know that our brands understand the experience that the customers need to see to remain happy. We make the customer portal for seamless subscription experiences.

We found that the more flexibility that you’re offering your customers, the more likely they’re actually likely to retain and stay with your product long-term. So, you can go into that customer portal where you can make it suited to your brand. You can enable your customers to add products, swap products, cancel products at will, and that make happy customers.

And, another thing we’ve added on is an automated email with a secure pass (inaudible) sign-in process, so that your customers aren’t confused about where to go find their customer portal, how to manage it themselves, and it saves you time with customer service hours as well. So, we’ve really thought through this frictionless experience for your customers and we’ve made it possible for you to own it without using any code at all. 

Yeah, I think that’s the key though. You know, I guess one final question, I’m really getting outta the hood now, and I’m not sure if this is in your wheelhouse or more engineering, but I find that a lot of times, some brands complain that there are hard declines and there are soft declines on a subscription side.

This is kind of more the retention manager’s responsibility, but it’s interesting to me that this comes up a lot where soft decline would be just, could be a network error. It could be things like, maybe, the credit card has an expiry date. So the card is correct, just expiry date has changed since the prior time that they made their transaction a month prior.

So, there are hard or soft types of authorizations that can be declined. And then, I don’t know what the word is, dunning? Or what the word is, but there’s some kind of word that associates kind of how technically you manage a subscription, and then have automation to help delicately nudge the customer along or retry to make sure we get a proper authorization. So, is this something in your wheelhouse or is this more of an engineering question? 

No, absolutely not. So, we have automated emails that you can send out if the payment declines or something happens, to quietly, like, nudge your customer. And, that’s something that we know is a huge concern for merchants. So, that email is something that you can turn on, turn off, and have it sent in the background so that you don’t have to worry about it. A lot of our merchants really say that the best thing that they could have with a subscription service is like a set and forget. And so, that’s really what we’re aiming for as well.

All right. That’s awesome. So how can people learn more about Yotpo Subscriptions? Where do you wanna send people today? 

Yeah, so you can check out our website at www.yotpo.com/platform/subscriptions or you can download our app. 

It’s probably a long, it’s a long URL, but yeah, maybe search for probably what Yotpo Subscriptions. Would that be a good thing? 

Correct. Yeah.

Okay, cool. Okay. Well, I’ll add all this stuff to the show notes then. So, it’d be the main navigation. So, I’m just looking at it right now. So, yotpo.com, under the platform high level, and then it goes, it shows down subscriptions along with the other parts of Yotpo.

So, just to be clear, so Yotpo has a full range of products as part of an overall integrated platform. You know, they are available individually for those, and I’ve had individual parts of that platforms on my show, the SMS side, I’ve had the loyalty side on, I’ve had the review side on. I’m so glad.

Now, I finally have someone on this brand new release of the subscription side. So, individually, these pieces are all available to brands and as you mature or you get some complexity, and it just kind of makes sense for you, you can easily add on each part of Yotpo as you go. And, I think that’s great. And so, hopefully today, I just wanted to thank you, number one, for coming on the show, and kind of giving me, I guess, the podcast kind of worldwide release. So, to speak of Yotpo Subscriptions, I think this is a really, it’s necessary in a needed piece of your technology, your tech stack. I think, it’s great. Those brands listening today, if you are not on subscription, it’s very clear. Just to share that the migration path is very easy to kind of get the app. Download it, install it, and come up with your marketing plan around or subscribe and save offers are going to be for your merchants, certainly worth the test. And, it sounds like you have this 48-hour kind of migration path of existing customers on other platforms, other subscription apps, so I think that’s incredible.

And once again, I wanted to thank you for, you know, coming on the show and, yeah, sharing this opportunity. I think, this is a really exciting iteration in Yotpo’s never-ending iteration. So, this is fantastic. 

Thank you again, Steve, for having me on eCommerce Fastlane. 

All right. My pleasure. Have yourself a great evening.

You as well.

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