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Turn Your Shopify Store Into A Sales Magnet With Kausambi Manjita Of ModeMagic

Transform your Shopify store into a sales magnet with Kausambi Manjita of ModeMagic.

In today’s Shopify ecommerce podcast, my guest is Kausambi Manjita, the Co-Founder and President of Mason. They are the developers of the wildly popular Shopify App: ModeMagic!

ModeMagic is a no-code store engine that powers brands to convert new shoppers, increase AOV and get more repeat buys from their Shopify store by making it dynamic and personalized…all in real-time!

Today’s episode is made possible by our friends at LittleData, the Google Analytics app for Shopify stores, to fix your tracking and benchmark performance.

This is Kausambi Manjita story. 

Kausambi Manjita was formerly with IBM Commerce and Flipkart Grp, where she headed the launch and go-to-market team for merchant solutions. Currently focused on helping Shopify-powered brands with technology to help brands convert shoppers and increase AOV, repeat buying, and lifetime customer loyalty. Manjita shares that, on average, only 2% of shoppers who land in a store will convert, and the goal of ModeMagic is to increase that number. ModeMagic uses data and machine learning to dynamically personalize a shopper’s experience in real time, increasing the likelihood of conversion. Manjita shares that their Shopify app is especially beneficial during high-traffic seasons like Q4 when shoppers are bombarded with choices and deals from all directions. ModeMagic brings Amazon-grade site merchandising, personalization, and dynamic promos to Shopify. With their templated business playbooks, a Shopify brand converts up to 35% more visitors to shoppers. A DTC store can now run as Amazon does.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Kausambi Manjita and her team at Mason are motivated to solve the problem of direct-to-consumer brands not having the proper infrastructure and technology to convert shoppers at the same rate as Amazon.
  •  The unique elements of ModeMagic that help brands increase conversion rates and AOV include real-time personalization and badges that motivate shoppers.
  •  How data can be used to drive merchandising decisions around seasonality and availability.
  • How ModeMagic allows brands to make edits to what is being shown.

Listen to today’s Shopify ecommerce podcast

Here’s a breakdown of what is covered:

[00:04:52] – Direct-to-consumer challenges for brands.

[00:08:49] – Unique things about inside ModeMagic.

[00:12:14] – What is ModeMagic.

[00:13:09] – Understanding seasonality.

[00:17:39] – The cost of shipping.

[00:18:41] – Tracking and tracking shipping.

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Episode Sponsor

Little Data has been bringing server-side tracking to Shopify stores since 2017, and their focus has always been on helping brands get accurate data automatically. The first thing Shopify merchants notice after installing LittleData is their Google Analytics data is now accurate and 100% complete. LittleData is a no-code solution, and they now have a 30-day free trial on all of their plans. They also offer free data consultations with their analytics experts.