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Episode 27: Crush Your Revenue Goals With An App That Can Predict And Merchandise Your Store With What Shoppers Are Likely To Buy

EP27 LimeSpot

On today’s episode, I’m chatting with Aidin Tavakkol, the Co-founder, CEO of LimeSpot, an e-commerce Conversion Optimization AI Solution for Shopify brands.

What You Will Learn Today…

He is going to talk about important strategies and tactics to turn more shoppers into buyers. It’s an important show with being so close now to BFCM (Black Friday / Cyber Monday) and the remaining Q4 holiday season.

Traffic across all e-commerce stores will increase, the question is, do you have an effective merchandising and personalized recommendations engine in place to help maximize the value of the emanate traffic spikes?

Links And Resources Mentioned In This Episode

  • LimeSpot is the leading personalization technology with highest (15.07%) market share according to Datanyze
  • LimeSpot is ranked #4 in terms of Personalization Usage Distribution (only after huge brands like Optimizely and Adobe) by BuiltWith
  • LimeSpot is the highest ranked personalization offering on Shopify with a 4.9 star rating from 1100+ reviews
  • A statistic analysis and benchmark of the performance of our clients by Compass has measured an average 28% revenue increase through LimeSpot
  • Our AI engine is training by 18+ million products, $2+ billion annual GMV, and shopping behaviors from 120+ million unique monthly shoppers across the globe
  • Our 2017 Shopping Season Stats:
    • Processed US$269M transactions
    • Served 282M Unique Shoppers
    • Generated $30M additional Driven Revenue for our stores

The Golden Nuggets

Deliver the personalized experience and recommendations your customers crave by utilizing various machine intelligence principles like machine learning, language processing, and trend analysis.Click To Tweet

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