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Advertising Is Dead: How Modern Shopify Brands Are Staying Alive Through Partnerships With Cristy Ebert Garcia Of impact.com

Ecommerce fastlane 27 - cristin garcia explores how modern Shopify brands stay alive through partnerships with Cristy Ebert Garcia Of impact.com.

In today’s Shopify ecommerce podcast, my guest is Cristy Ebert Garcia, the CMO from impact.com. They are a partnership management platform that helps businesses of all sizes grow revenue through the partnership channel.

Their Shopify integration allows merchants to seamlessly integrate with impact.com in just minutes to launch and automate their affiliate and influencer partnerships programs without developer involvement. By integrating with impact, merchants can discover and recruit new affiliate and influencer partners, automate contracts and payments based on the terms they set, and track performance all in one place. Ultimately, automating partnerships with the impact x Shopify integration allows merchants to unlock more revenue potential and acquire new customers as their partners promote their products and services.

On average, joint Shopify and impact.com customers see 16:1 ROAS.

Today's episode is made possible by our friends at LittleData, the Google Analytics app for Shopify stores, to fix your tracking and benchmark performance.

This is Cristy Ebert Garcia's story…

She's been in the industry for twelve years and has seen the myths and misconceptions about partnerships. Many businesses assume they're very time intensive, crazy expensive, and require a whole team to manage, which isn't true. The Shopify integration of impact.com makes it accessible to everyone. The platform connects Shopify brands with potential partners, helps with recruitment, contracting, payment details, and measures the partnership's success in one place. The partnership channel is a thriving economy where brands see just under 30% of their total revenue. The goal of Cristy and the impact.com team is to help Shopify brands transform their businesses into a sustainable and significant revenue stream.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How the impact.com platform provides a marketplace where businesses of all sizes can connect with potential partners, affiliates, and influencers.
  • The Partnership Channel is a thriving economy worth billions of dollars, growing in importance as traditional marketing channels become less effective.
  • impact.com offers a Shopify app that allows businesses to start with the platform and grow their revenue through partnerships.

Listen to today's Shopify ecommerce podcast

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The first thing Shopify merchants notice after installing LittleData is that their Google Analytics data is accurate and 100% complete. LittleData is a no-code solution, and they now have a 30-day free trial on all of their plans. They also offer free data consultations with their analytics experts.

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