Shopify Stores Can Now Say Goodbye To Affiliate Links And Discount Codes With Superfiliate

In today’s Shopify Ecommerce Podcast, my guest is Anders Bill and Andy Cloyd the Co-Founder of Superfiliate.

Today’s episode is made possible by our friends at Loop Returns, the exchange-first returns platform for scaling Shopify brands.

Anders Bill and Andy Cloyd Story…

While many businesses utilize several applications, which cost them thousands of dollars every month and create lost chances, Superfiliate co-founders Anders Bill and Andy Cloyd solved the problem by leveraging links and codes and allowing these retailers to include their consumers and creators in the purchasing decision and expand their usage of marketplaces. Superfiliate drives word-of-mouth growth by providing specialized storefronts for a brand's most significant consumers, influencers, ambassadors, and affiliates.

Superfiliate's story…

Superfiliate is a platform that automates the creation of personalized storefronts for a brand's best customers and creators to get the most out of their word-of-mouth programs. These personalized storefronts give Superfiliates access to a brand's best media content while allowing them to customize their storefronts with user-generated content, reviews, and favorite products. Most referral and influencer programs drive shoppers to a homepage or product page that cuts the customer or creator out of the commerce experience. With Superfiliate, merchants can automate the creation of thousands of personalized storefronts and drive a higher activation and conversion rate. Merchants can leverage Superfiliate to run all their word-of-mouth programs in one place across referral/loyalty, ambassador, affiliate, and influencer.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How can retailers build a personalized purchasing experience that includes consumers and creators in the decision-making process
  • The social commerce difference between US and China
  • How can influencers be viewed as partners of a brand rather than simply promoting products

Shopify Ecommerce Podcast

Merchants can leverage Superfiliate to run all their word of mouth programs in one place across referral/loyalty, ambassador, affiliate and influencer.

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Today's episode is sponsored by Loop Returns, the exchange-first returns platform for scaling Shopify brands.

Loop makes it easy for Shopify brands to encourage exchanges rather than refunds. We all know that returns don’t equal goodbyes, they equal new hellos. Loop has a slick process to make it easy for your customer to have a fast return or exchange. See why thousands of Shopify brands like Pit Viper, Summersalt, and Princess Polly, all choose Loop as their return partner.

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