Gain A Competitive Edge With Conversational AI Shopping Experiences With Yoav Oz Of Rep

In today’s Shopify Ecommerce Podcast, my guest is Yoav Oz, the Co-founder and CEO of Rep.

Rep has revolutionized ecommerce with an AI-powered, fully conversational shopping experience to solve this massive challenge of replicating brick-mortar salesperson guidance virtually. They have developed Rep AI – providing customers with intent-driven assistance throughout their purchase journey.

Rep's mission is to make online purchasing a conversation powered by AI. They understood that what the ecommerce world was missing was a salesperson. This vision can become a reality with the conversational, AI-assisted buying experience Rep provides.

Today's episode is made possible by Loop Returns, a return management app that grows with Shopify brands. And makes returns stress-free for you and your shoppers.

This is Yoav Oz's story…

After years of successful strategic planning for Fortune 500 brands, Yoav took an entrepreneurial leap. With his friend and co-founder, they pursued business aspirations and made a name in marketing!

With over ten years of experience in Business Development, Marketing Strategy, Yoav established a guided retail chat solution driven by AI that helps boost online sales by intervening in the consumer experience. He also looks at the potential future of artificial intelligence in ecommerce and how it will continue to impact the business.

His goal is to make purchasing online completely conversational and powered by artificial intelligence. They came to the realization that they needed to create the ecommerce was lacking: a salesperson. And this is precisely what the conversational, AI-guided shopping experience offered by Rep looks like.

By implementing Rep, they essentially aid with more sales and a higher conversion rate while also enhancing the client experience by responding to inquiries around-the-clock. In addition to Gorgias, Intelcom, and Zendesk. Through Rep AI, you have a complete solution available around-the-clock for everything connected to the purchasing experience.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What is an AI-powered guided shopping chat solution, and how does it help maximize online sales for a Shopify store?
  • Why is the modern ecommerce funnel broken, and how can it be fixed?
  • How does a customer service chat solution like Rep work with an existing CRM like Gorgias?

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