From TV To Tech: Exploring The Digital Shift In Advertising With Tatari’s Philip Inghelbrecht

In the latest episode of the eCommerceFastlane Podcast, I had the pleasure of hosting a great discussion with Philip Inghelbrecht, the CEO and Co-Founder of Tatari. Philip brings unparalleled knowledge of TV advertising and its potential impact on Shopify brands. We dig into ecommerce brands' unique challenges when venturing into TV advertising and discuss how Tatari solves those challenges.

We also unpacked the nuances of TV advertising, such as the differences between linear and streaming TV. We examined how Tatari's platform empowers Shopify merchants to accurately measure their advertising campaign's effectiveness. This episode is packed with enlightening insights on TV advertising, demonstrating Tatari's formidable potential to boost Shopify merchants' growth and enhance their business performance.

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This is Phillip's story…

When Philip Inghelbrecht started working in the TV advertising industry, he noticed that smaller businesses often struggled to gain traction in a world dominated by behemoth brands. But as technology evolved, he realized that even the most minor players could compete on the same level. Determined to level the playing field, Philip co-founded Tatari, a company that empowers small businesses to harness the power of TV advertising. Tatari enables brands to create and execute targeted campaigns efficiently through their self-serve platform, often starting with videos already used for digital platforms like TikTok. By making TV advertising more accessible, Philip has sparked growth and success for countless small businesses, proving that TV is still a powerful marketing channel for companies of all sizes.

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. Discover the power of Tatari's platform in leveling the playing field for TV advertising.
  2. Uncover the value of TV ads for small businesses seeking growth and visibility.
  3. Learn the key distinctions between linear and streaming TV and their implications for advertisers.
  4. Explore the advantages of using Tatari's self-serve platform to manage TV ads efficiently.
  5. Understand the long-term impact of TV advertising on brand growth and its untapped potential.

Shopify Ecommerce Podcast

Here’s a breakdown of what is covered:

  • [00:00] TV Advertising for Shopify Brands
    Philip discusses how Tarari can help Shopify merchants with limited budgets to start TV advertising and how their platform can help measure the effectiveness of TV advertising campaigns.
  • [03:00] Tatari's Platform
    Steve introduces Tatari's platform, which simplifies TV advertising for marketers and allows them to control any TV advertising buying and measuring under ads across both streaming and traditional television.
  • [06:31] Linear vs Streaming TV
    Philip and Steve discuss the difference between linear and streaming TV, with linear referring to television experiences via cable and streaming referring to OTT and CTV experiences.
  • [07:38] Linear vs Streaming TV
    The speakers discuss the difference between linear and streaming TV and how the definition of streaming TV has changed over the years.
  • [08:27] Self-Serve TV Advertising
    Philip talks about Tatari's self-serve platform that allows brands to run their TV campaigns without the need for an agency.
  • [12:16] Benefits of TV Advertising
    Philip explains why TV advertising is still a valuable marketing channel and why brands should consider testing it, especially in the current economic climate.
  • [14:35] Cost of TV Advertising
    Discussion on the cost of TV advertising, including the cost of production and media commitment, and how Tatari's platform can help Shopify merchants measure the effectiveness of their TV advertising campaigns.
  • [18:05] Shopify Plus Certified App Partner
    Explanation of how Tatari's app works with Shopify, including how it collects data from brands and how it became a Shopify Plus certified app partner.
  • [21:26] Tatari Success Stories
    Discussion on potential success stories and case studies of brands that have used Tatari's technology to dip their toes into TV advertising and the resulting success metrics.
  • [22:12] TV Advertising Challenges
    Philip explains why brands turn to Tatari after maxing out on digital customer acquisition channels.
  • [23:14] Outcome Measurement and Success
    Philip discusses how Tatari measures the effectiveness of TV advertising campaigns and shares a client's success story.
  • [27:37] Retargeting on TV
    Philip explains how Tatari can retarget TV viewers with ads and how this can be a cost-effective way for small Shopify merchants to start advertising on TV.
  • [29:57] Challenges of mature brands
    Discussion on mature brands and their advertising strategies, including the role of agencies and Tatari.
  • [30:55] Role of agencies in TV advertising
    Explanation of the important role that agencies play in the overall strategy and planning of a marketing campaign.
  • [35:24] TV advertising as a digital channel
    Perspective on TV advertising as another digital channel with sophistication and opportunities, and the excitement of new developments in the industry.

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