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Unpacking The Power Of Post-Purchase Automation With Mario Peshev Of Rush.App

Man with beard looking to the side, next to a podcast graphic for "ecommerce fastlane ep 299" featuring Mario Peshev discussing post-purchase automation.

In this episode of the Shopify Ecommerce Podcast, I have a great chat with Mario Peshev the CEO from Rush joining us to unpack the power of post-purchase automation.

Rush is a company that helps Shopify stores turn one-time buyers into repeat customers by creating a seamless tracking experience and integrating with carriers and other Shopify apps.

Mario shares insights on the challenges faced by ecommerce brands in retaining customers, the importance of the post-purchase process, and the incredible results Rush has achieved in increasing revenue for their clients.

So stay tuned as we uncover the secrets to maximizing customer retention and driving continuous growth with post-purchase automation.

This episode is made possible by Tidio. A top-rated customer success platform that helps small and medium businesses grow their sales through live chat, chatbots, and ticketing, Tidio is the go-to solution for over 300,000 companies worldwide!

This is Mario’s story…

Mario Peshev is a highly regarded business advisor with a global reach. He has been recognized as a top strategist and has earned the reputation of being the “next Tony Robbins” and “one of the best tactical strategists in the industry, alongside Neil Patel.” Mario serves as the CEO of DevriX, Rush.app, and Growth Shuttle. He specializes in SME business strategy, digital transformation, operational assessment and efficiency, scaling eCommerce brands, angel investing, and growing publishers.

Peshev, a native of Bulgaria, has acquired extensive management experience through his work in various regions including Europe, North America, and the Arab world. With over 10,000 hours of consulting and training experience, he has worked with organizations such as SAP, VMware, and CERN, assisting numerous SMEs in different stages of their business growth.

As an angel investor and current CEO, Mario Peshev has a proven track record of creating valuable offerings by leveraging internal solutions and strategic partnerships. He has successfully grown his technical consultancy, DevriX, to over 50 employees, establishing it as one of the top 20 WordPress agencies globally.

Here are 3 key takeaways from our discussion that you’ll find valuable:

1️⃣ Post-purchase automation is critical for eCommerce success: Many store owners overlook the post-purchase process, which can lead to difficulty retaining customers. Rush.App helps businesses address this challenge by providing a seamless tracking experience, integrating with carriers and other Shopify apps, and offering recurring products and bundles recommendations.

2️⃣ The importance of delivery in the overall shipping experience: According to recent studies, 74% of consumers believe delivery is the most important factor in their shipping experience. Acquiring new customers is expensive, so brand retention should be a priority. Rush.App helps businesses optimize their shipping process and increase customer loyalty.

3️⃣ Real success stories: Rush.App has already generated significant results for numerous brands and agencies. For example, integration with Primal Harvest resulted in an extra $166,000 annual revenue with over a 2000% ROI, while Roma Designer Jewelry added an extra $50,000 in GMV. These success stories demonstrate the tangible impact that Rush.App can have on your eCommerce business.

Shopify Ecommerce Podcast

Here’s a breakdown of what is covered:

02:06 – Introduction to Rush

03:16 – Compatibility and app integration

04:30 – Problems Shopify is not solving

08:00 – The importance of delivery

11:26 – Successful e-commerce store optimization

15:31 – Seamless integration with Shopify

18:30 – Intentionally playing nicely with others

21:02 – SMS integration and engagement

25:30 – Significant revenue growth with integration

27:45 – Affordable pricing and scalability

32:35 – Internationalization and merchant of record

37:03 – Post-order customer experience

37:29 – Adding value to customer experience

41:00 – Genuine care for customers

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