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How Young D2C Brands Are Using AI To Transform Customer Growth And Retention

A Shopify Podcast To Grow Revenue And Loyalty

In this episode of the eCommerce Fastlane Podcast, I chatted with Kiyan Foroughi, the Co-Founder & CEO of Needle.

Needle is a platform that combines the power of AI with human expertise to provide personalized marketing advice and assistance to Shopify brands.

It acts as a marketing advisor, analyzing data from various channels and platforms to identify focus areas and provide data-backed recommendations.

This is Kiyan’s Story:

Kiyan's journey began with Boticca, an e-commerce marketplace for fashion accessories brands based in London. After selling Boticca in 2015, Kian co-founded a growth agency called Electric8 in Singapore. During their time at Electric8, Kiyan and his co-founders realized the power of data and the potential it held for helping brands succeed. They began building a tactics database and formulas to analyze and leverage data from various platforms and marketplaces. This led to the inspiration to create a product that could benefit millions of brands, and thus Needle was born. Needle is a platform that combines the power of AI with human expertise to provide personalized marketing advice and assistance to Shopify brands. It acts as a marketing advisor, analyzing data from various channels and platforms to identify areas of focus and provide data-backed recommendations.

Here are 3 Key Takeaways From Our Conversation:

We discussed how generative AI is revolutionizing the eCommerce industry and how Needle empowers small teams to achieve big results.

1️⃣ Generative AI is a powerful tool, but it still needs human input. While generative AI can get you 80% there in creating campaigns, ads, and emails, the human touch and context add the remaining 20%. The AI can't see the outside world like we do, and that makes a huge difference in understanding customer behavior and preferences.

2️⃣ Needle is a fantastic AI marketing assistant. The platform analyzes data from various sources, identifies focus areas, and provides pre-vetted ideas backed by data. Not only that, but Needle can also generate assets like emails and campaigns, saving small teams countless hours of work. With Needle by their side, small teams can achieve the same output as much larger teams.

3️⃣ Needle's mission is to liberate founders and marketing teams from the constraints they face in scaling their eCommerce businesses. With rising costs, customer sophistication, and juggling multiple marketing channels, it's a chaotic reality out there. Needle aims to equip entrepreneurs with their very own AI marketer, enabling them to punch above their weight and navigate the complex challenges of today's business landscape.

Here are some of the topics we explore:

  • How does generative AI assist in the marketing process, and why is human intervention still necessary?
  • What are some of the challenges that young e-commerce brands face in today's business landscape?
  • How does Needle's platform empower small teams to compete with larger ones?
  • What are the benefits of having an AI marketing adviser and assistant?
  • How does Needle leverage data from various sources to provide insights and recommendations?
  • How Needle saves time for e-commerce entrepreneurs and marketers?
  • Specific tactics and assets that Needle can generate for brands
  • How Needle help brands focus on the right areas for success

Boosting Your Shopify Stores Growth, Revenue, Profits, and Lasting Customer Value

Every week, Steve Hutt and his expert guests share valuable insights by focusing on helping founders and marketers to enhance their Shopify stores. They highlight the most effective Shopify apps, explore cutting-edge marketing platforms, and discuss essential growth strategies to improve operational efficiency, increase profits, and strengthen customer loyalty. The podcast is a valuable resource for those seeking to learn from the experiences and successes of others in the direct-to-consumer (DTC), e-commerce, and retail industries.

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