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Shopify’s Silent Salesperson: How Alia Educates And Converts With Cory Gill Of Alia

A Shopify Podcast To Grow Revenue And Loyalty

Welcome to the latest episode of eCommerce Fastlane! In this episode, host Steve Hutt is joined by Cory Gill, co-founder of Alia, to explore the world of gamification, customer education, and brand storytelling in the Shopify ecosystem.

They discuss the significance of leveraging first-party data, marketing strategies for upcoming events like BFCM and Q4, and the impact of customer retention and brand affiliation on the success of direct-to-consumer businesses. Cory shares valuable insights into the power of educational incentivization, integration with email marketing apps, and the unique value proposition of Alia. If you’re a Shopify-powered business looking to enhance customer engagement and drive conversions, this episode is packed with actionable advice and real-life success stories.

Tune in to learn how to create personalized experiences and build meaningful relationships with your audience.

This is Cory Gill’s Story…

Cory Gill is a co-founder of a company called Alia, a Shopify app giving merchants an opportunity to increase sales and conversions through incentivizing customers. As an honors student at Northeastern University studying business administration & economics, minoring in computer science, psychology, Cory envisions Alia to revolutionize eCommerce conversion. He understands the importance and value of educational content when visiting sites to eventually convert to a purchase. But with Alia, he hopes to highlight the story of the brand through interactive lessons to be engaging enough and reward customers, as well. Cory knows that this process will benefit the Shopify merchants focusing on increasing conversions and sales, also benefiting current and future customers through education incentivization.

Here are 3 key takeaways from our conversation:

1️⃣ Gamification and short timeframes are powerful tools for engaging younger clients with low attention spans.

2️⃣ The future of the product includes expanding across the entire sales funnel, integrating with third-party loyalty programs, and embedding in email and SMS marketing to create a personalized experience for the user.

3️⃣ The misconception in the industry is the overemphasis on driving traffic to the website, while less attention is given to conversion and long-term customer retention.

Here are some of the topics we explore:

  • How can gamification and short timeframes be effectively used to engage younger consumers with low attention spans in the eCommerce space?
  • In what ways can longer-form educational content be leveraged to support the sales of products that require more considered decision-making, such as pet prosthetics?
  • How can a solution like Alia be incorporated by a wide range of brands and industries, irrespective of their average order value (AOV)?
  • What impact does a first mover advantage, through Alia’s customer education and reward system, have on brands in the eCommerce space?
  • How can brands effectively enrich customer records for segmentation through the use of SMS and email marketing, leveraging a solution like Alia?
  • What are the potential benefits for brands in expanding across the entire sales funnel, integrating with third-party loyalty programs, and embedding personalized experiences through email and SMS marketing?
  • What common misconceptions exist in the eCommerce industry regarding customer acquisition, conversion, and long-term customer retention?
  • How do Support Zebra and Retention.com specifically support direct-to-consumer brands in the Shopify ecosystem, as mentioned in the episode?
  • In what ways can brands effectively leverage Alia’s interactive lessons and customer rewards to create unique and engaging customer experiences, as emphasized by Corey Gillies?
  • How can brands make use of first-party customer data within the Shopify platform to drive effective customer segmentation and marketing initiatives, as discussed in the episode?

Boosting Your Shopify Stores Growth, Revenue, Profits, and Lasting Customer Value

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