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Winning Strategies: How AdScale’s AI Tech Transforms eCommerce Advertising With Mati Ram Of AdScale

Welcome to another episode of Ecommerce Fastlane! In this installment, we deep dive into the world of ad optimization and AI-driven campaigns with Matty Ram, the CEO of AdScale.

Matty unravels the evolution of their advertising techniques and the creation of AdScale to help brands enhance their ads with AI technology. We explore the platform's features for DIY customers and AdScale Plus, its ability to optimize campaigns using AI, and a special offer for our listeners.

Join us as we uncover AdScale's capabilities in revolutionizing ad performance and driving business growth.

This is Mati Ram’s Story…

Mati Ram is the innovative and forward-thinking CEO of AdScale, a leading AI-driven advertising platform revolutionizing how eCommerce brands approach pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Before ascending to his role at AdScale, Mati began in a different sphere, working with a team of mathematicians to develop risk management software for financial institutions. Their work eventually led them to delve into sophisticated online advertising to generate leads, a path that resulted in the acquisition of their company by a large NASDAQ-traded firm. With a wealth of experience in AI and data analytics, Mati and her team transitioned their focus to the eCommerce advertising sector, founding AdScale with the mission to help brands improve ad performance using the power of AI and big data.

Here are 3 key takeaways from our conversation:

1️⃣ AI-Powered Efficiency: AdScale's real AI technology optimizes ad campaigns, delivering results and offering a business intelligence module to understand and improve company strengths and weaknesses.

2️⃣ Data-Driven Targeting: By leveraging first-party data, AdScale targets the right customers at the right time and channel, helping brands grow significantly without increasing their ad spend.

3️⃣ Industry Evolution: The episode explores how AdScale is revolutionizing advertising with AI, addressing myths and misconceptions around AI-driven ad campaigns, and honing in on the future of AI in advertising.

Shopify Ecommerce Podcast

Here are some of the topics we explore:

  • How does AdScale differentiate itself from traditional PPC agencies, and how does it address the evolving challenges of customer acquisition costs and industry changes like IOS 14.5?
  • What advantages does AdScale's AI technology offer in optimizing ad performance, and how does it utilize first-party data to create targeted advertising campaigns for ecommerce brands?
  • Can you discuss the impact of AdScale’s AI technology on improving efficiencies for businesses on Shopify and perhaps share a success story or case study to illustrate its effectiveness?
  • What key misconceptions or myths about ecommerce ad campaign management does AdScale seek to debunk, particularly around the need for expertise or continuous optimization in ad performance?
  • How does AdScale plan to continue innovating its AI technology and expand to other advertising platforms like TikTok, and what impact does this have on the future of advertising and business growth?
  • How does AdScale use regression analysis to predict revenue and optimize the entire ad portfolio? Can you elaborate on the algorithms and real-time adjustments involved in the process?
  • AdScale Plus program and its impact on brands like Ed Hardy.
  • How does AdScale assess and address creative fatigue in advertising, and what role does AI play in generating and optimizing creatives for long-term effectiveness?
  • How does AdScale plan to support business owners and marketers in navigating the future of AI technology and ad optimization?

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