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Navigating A Cookie-Less World: Future-Proof Your Ecommerce Strategy With Ben Zettler Of Zettler Digital

A Shopify Podcast To Grow Revenue And Loyalty

Welcome to another episode of eCommerce Fastlane. Today, we’re sitting down with Ben Zettler, the founder and CEO of Zettler Digital, to discuss current digital marketing strategies and tactics that are effective for DTC brands. Ben, a Klaviyo Elite Partner and expert, will share insights on building brands and enhancing customer engagement. We’ll discuss list building, opt-in processes, and utilizing incentives in marketing. Additionally, we’ll explore changes in data management, the effects of iOS updates, and strategies for adapting to a cookie-less world.

As we explore Ben’s journey with Shopify and his rise to becoming a Plus Certified Agency Partner, we’ll highlight the success stories that have influenced his agency’s focus on site optimization, owned marketing, and advertising management. Whether you’re a small startup or a scaling enterprise, this episode offers great insights to help you move the needle for your business.

This is Ben Zettler’s Story…

Ben Zettler leads Zettler Digital, an e-commerce agency acclaimed for enhancing the performance of a range of Shopify-powered brands. With a comprehensive approach to e-commerce, Ben and his team specialize in site optimization, robust owned marketing, and precise advertising management. Recognized as a Meta business and Google partner, Zettler Digital provides businesses of all sizes with essential tools to attract targeted traffic and adapt to the evolving digital marketing landscape, marked by privacy changes and market dynamics. Skilled in using customer data to personalize content and optimize user experiences, Ben’s deep expertise in the e-commerce sector has propelled his agency to significant growth within the Shopify community.

Here are 3 key takeaways from our conversation:

1️⃣ Leverage Customer Data Smartly: Discover cutting-edge tools like Elevar and Littledata to enrich Google Analytics insights and adopt a robust approach to manage first-party data effectively, especially in the face of changes like Apple’s 14.5 update and the move towards a cookie-less world.

2️⃣ Engagement Through Personalization: Understand the crucial role of tailoring customer journeys through data-driven email and SMS marketing. Ben emphasizes list-building strategies, employing incentives, and customizing content for different user segments to enhance brand engagement.

3️⃣ Embrace the Power of Partnerships: Ben’s experience highlights the importance of partnerships, as demonstrated by the personalized support and growth opportunities offered through Shopify’s partner program. Their supportive ecosystem is contrasted with other platforms and underlines the significance of collaborative growth.

Here are some of the topics we explore:

  • How do Elevar and Little Data tools specifically enrich Google Analytics data for subscription-based businesses, and what impact does this have on improving customer lifetime value?
  • Building an email and SMS marketing list and how do these strategies enhance the understanding of the customer journey?
  • How can e-commerce businesses balance the need for gathering customer information with respecting user privacy?
  • Ben highlights the importance of deeply understanding a company’s brand and pain points.
  • Key strategies for managing first-party data and tracking user behavior?
  • How Gatsby.ai can enhance marketing strategies within Klaviyo and improve ambassador programs through Instagram activity tracking?
  • What role will AI and data play in e-commerce content production and user segmentation moving forward, and how should businesses prepare for these technological advancements?

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