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Scaling Success: Inside Scoop On Driving Multi-Million Dollar Growth

A Shopify Podcast To Grow Revenue And Loyalty

Welcome to another episode of eCommerce Fastlane. Today, we’re sitting down with Jason Wojo, the Founder and CEO of Wojo Media.

Jason’s expertise in smart advertising has been instrumental in the growth of numerous businesses. Through his company, Wojo Media, he has propelled over 1,300 businesses to six, seven, and even eight-figure revenues, contributing to a staggering $122 million in online sales for his clients.

In this episode, Jason will enlighten us with his insights on how digital advertising has evolved after the iOS updates and the end of third-party cookies. He’ll delve into the use of tools like Triple Whale and Hyros to navigate the challenges of ad tracking and adhere to stringent data privacy laws. Jason will also underscore the significance of a comprehensive marketing strategy, encompassing financial tracking, email marketing, SEO, and understanding customer lifetime value, rather than solely focusing on Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

We’ll also discuss new trends, like advertising on smart TVs and the power of telling your brand’s story. Jason will dive into the technical challenges and strategies for making content on platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Stay with us as we learn about the strategic thinking and new methods that have made Jason Wojo a leader in online advertising.

This is Jason Wojo’s Story…

At just 26 years old, Jason has already made a name for himself as a powerhouse in digital marketing. He’s the Founder and CEO of Wojo Media, an agency that’s grown to 8 figures by helping e-commerce businesses scale up fast.

Jason’s journey started unexpectedly—he dropped out of cooking school to pursue his dreams of being an entrepreneur. He took on multiple jobs and began building his skills in Facebook ads. In 2018, before the pandemic hit, he launched Wojo Media.

Since then, Wojo Media has skyrocketed. They’ve helped over 1300 businesses reach impressive revenues, with many hitting 6, 7, and even 8 figures. Altogether, Jason’s agency has driven more than $122 million in online sales for their clients, all through the power of paid advertising.

What sets Wojo Media apart is their comprehensive approach. They don’t just manage ads or tweak offers. Instead, they dive deep – creating high-converting sales pages, developing “omnipresent” ad targeting to reach customers at the perfect moment, and focusing on the key metrics and levers that drive profitable growth.

Through his innovative strategies and relentless drive, Jason has quickly established himself as a trailblazer in the digital advertising space, despite his young age. His story showcases the incredible potential of mastering paid acquisition in the e-commerce world.

Key Takeaways From Our Conversation:

1️⃣  Embrace Change for Competitive Advantage: Jason emphasizes that updates by iOS and changes in ad platforms are designed to weed out low-quality advertisers, paving the way for skilled marketers to thrive. Staying adaptable and mastering core marketing principles is crucial in leveraging these changes to your advantage.

2️⃣  Holistic Marketing Strategies are Crucial: Looking beyond just Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Jason explores the importance of a comprehensive approach. This includes sending daily emails, building affiliate partnerships, enhancing brand presence, optimizing conversion rates, testing upsells/downsells, and tracking key metrics that dictate long-term success. Tools like Triple Whale and Hyros can help with attribution and compliance with data privacy laws.

3️⃣  Authenticity Wins in Advertising: Despite the rise of AI, Jason believes in the power of authentic human connections in marketing. He emphasizes that AI-generated content can lack the personal touch and direct response effectiveness that clients expect. Instead, focusing on authentic storytelling, understanding customer avatars through user-generated content (UGC), and crafting compelling offers are more effective in building lasting brand loyalty.

Summary Of What We Covered:

  • Jason prefers not using AI like ChatGPT for client work to maintain authenticity and avoid losing client trust, as AI-generated content can lack a personal touch. He uses AI only for productivity tasks.
  • In light of iOS updates and the cookie apocalypse, Jason recommends using Triple Whale for e-commerce stores and Hyros for advanced stores to properly attribute ads while complying with data privacy laws.
  • Businesses that fail to invest in tracking financials and instead blame ad platforms for decreased ROAS risk losing market share to competitors who adapt and master core marketing principles.
  • With changes from iOS and ad platforms weeding out low-quality advertisers, skilled marketers should focus on being adaptable, mastering marketing fundamentals, and providing value to thrive.
  • Rather than solely focusing on ROAS, Jason suggests tracking key metrics like email marketing, SEO, affiliate partnerships, conversion rates, AOV, and customer lifetime value to drive growth.
  • Jason sees connected TV advertising, like Hulu ads, as a brand awareness play for businesses with excess cash doing at least $50-100 million in annual revenue.
  • To help American brands overcome conversion challenges with Canadian customers, Jason recommends using Shopify Markets to show local currency with proper rounding and display duties and taxes in the cart.
  • Jason emphasizes focusing on top-of-funnel activities and acquiring new customers before diving into RFM modeling for customer nurturing and engagement.
  • Wojo Media positions itself as a bolt-on growth partner for e-commerce stores, focusing on improving key performance indicators across paid ads, email, SMS, and other channels.
  • While AI can be useful for certain tasks, Jason believes authentic human connection and storytelling are crucial in marketing. Over-reliance on AI-generated content risks losing the personal touch that resonates with customers.

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