34: Significantly Increase Revenue With Conversational Commerce Using Facebook Messenger

What You Will Learn Today…

Today I’m chatting with Matt Schlicht, the Co-founder, and CEO of Octane AI. They are a Shopify App Partner that enables merchants to increase revenue, and build customer relationships, with a Facebook Messenger solution.

There is a massive opportunity for those that implement a Facebook Messenger advertising strategy in 2019 and beyond!

The case studies from other Shopify brands have proven that Octane AI is having a significant impact in driving more sales (and improved customer experience) through abandoned cart messages, receipts, shipping notifications, proactive customer support, back-in-stock notifications, win-back campaigns, custom messaging flows, conversational Facebook ads, integrations, and so much more!

On this episode you will learn:

  • How Shopify store owners are earning 5-10% of their monthly revenue from the Octane AI platform and Facebook Messenger.
  • The importance of connecting your Messenger strategy with the other Shopify apps you use for Reviews, Referral Programs, and email.
  • Why every Shopify store owner will be including Facebook Messenger in their advertising strategy in 2019.
  • AI (artificial intelligence) and the future of customer relationship management.

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The Golden Nuggets

2019 will be the year that every Shopify store owner starts focusing attention on conversational Facebook Messenger ads.Click To Tweet
There is a massive opportunity for those that implement a Facebook Messenger advertising strategy in 2019!Click To Tweet

Ways To Connect With Matt And The Octane AI Team

Email: matt@octaneai.com
Twitter: @octaneai | @MattPRD
Facebook: Facebook.com/octaneai
Instagram: @octaneai
LinkedIn: Linkedin.com/company/octane-ai | Linkedin.com/in/mattschlicht

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