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Selling Wholesale On Shopify Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Ecommerce fastlane 4 - selling wholesale on shopify get a product wholesale easier and faster.

On today's episode, I’m chatting with Aidan Mattrick from Pixel Union. They are a triple threat when it comes to Shopify Partners. They are one of the top premium theme developers, they’re a Shopify Agency partner who has helped design and launch 1000’s of digital brands, and they are also a Shopify App partner, with 6 apps in the Shopify App store. We chat about one today called: Wholesale Club

According to a 2019 eCommerce Market Report, transactions in the United States processed through B2B ecommerce sites, log-in portals and online marketplaces grew 11% in 2018 to reach over $1 trillion dollars. And 50% of total B2B sales, or $7.37 trillion, are still conducted manually, by account managers and sales reps.

But much these sales are moving to Shopify now…

The new reality is buyers are seeking the convenience of using an ecommerce site to make their wholesale purchases and more sellers are seeing this as ways to reach more customers, process more sales orders and operate more cost-efficiently.

This is a great discussion to learn about how selling wholesale on Shopify just got a whole lot easier!

What You Will Learn Today…

  • The market opportunity that B2B offers Shopify brands today
  • Challenges that Shopify brands can experience when making a decision to offer their products to wholesalers and distributors
  • The benefits of getting involved in wholesaling
  • How to create a wholesale pricing strategy
  • Tips for locating wholesalers

Links And Resources Mentioned In This Episode

Tweetable Gold Nugget

Reward and incentivize your most profitable customers by offering them wholesale discounts right in your Shopify storefront.

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Episode Sponsor

This episode was brought to you by Omnisend, makers of sophisticated omnichannel marketing automation tools for sales-driven Shopify brands that have outgrown generic email marketing platforms. Engage your customers and boost your sales with dynamic emails, text messages, web push notifications, Facebook Messenger, and retargeting ads on Facebook and Google – all from one platform.

Try Omnisend for free for 14 days. Check them out at Omnisend.com and use the code “fastlane” when you signup to get an extra 50% off for the first 3 months.

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