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47: Learn What The Wayfair Decision By The Supreme Court Means For Your Shopify Business

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Today I’m chatting with Mark Faggiano, CEO of TaxJar, a leading technology for Shopify eCommerce businesses to manage sales tax.
TaxJar seeks to make eCommerce easier for everyone by helping merchants spend less time on sales tax to focus on growing the businesses they love.

What You Will Learn Today…

  • How you can accurately and easily automate sales tax for your Shopify store
  • What the Wayfair decision by the Supreme Court means for your business
  • How to determine in what states you have to collect sales tax
  • How to manage sales across multiple channels
  • Managing the complexity that comes from a growing business

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When building a business, your most valuable asset is your time. When taxes start taking up hours of your time, it’s probably a good time to think about automating.Click To Tweet
With the Wayfair ruling, if you pass a state’s economic threshold for revenue or transactions in a state, you must collect and remit sales tax to that state.Click To Tweet
The TaxJar app for Shopify will automate your sales tax reporting and filings in minutes.Click To Tweet

Connect With The TaxJar Team

Twitter: @taxjar
Facebook: @taxjar
LinkedIn: @taxjar

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Are You Collecting + Submitting Tax For All States?

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