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69: eCommerce Fastlane’s 2019 Epic Black Friday Shopify App Deals

Keywords: Epic, Black Friday

“Who says, Black Friday Deals should only be for consumers?”

As a Shopify business owner or marketer, you deserve to get in on the action and score some amazing app deals to help your brand grow and scale this holiday season!  …and that’s exactly what you’re going to get access to today!


A survey was sent out to Shopify Experts, Shopify Plus Experts, Agency Partners, and Ecommerce Professionals to share the best Shopify Apps and Marketing Platforms they consistently recommend to their clients and merchants. This crowd-sourced vetted list is below.


Today you get access to never before released super-extended free trials and discounts to some of the best and most popular Shopify Apps and Platforms.

It’s perfect timing to implement some of these solutions during the busy holiday season.  And the great thing about these app deals, is many have super-extended free trials!  Now you get the opportunity to try apps for free and let them prove their ROI without having to invest any of your money!


With Black Friday just around the corner, it’s perfect timing to implement some of these solutions at no cost to you!  Let these Shopify App Developers prove their value and potential impact on your business over the holiday season and into 2020!

These Shopify Apps and Marketing Platforms are driving millions in revenue and improving efficiencies for other Shopify brands.  Take their lead and implement a few for your business today!


You’ll notice many of these solutions have a microphone icon in the description. It will link you to a complete podcast episode so you can learn more about that solution and the problem it solves for other Shopify brands.

I’m so excited to share these incredible deals!  Let’s jump in!



      • Octane AI
      • ShopMessage
      • Recart
      • Justuno
      • Privy
      • PushOwl
      • SMS Bump
      • ProveSource



      • Okendo
      • Judge.me
      • Stamped
      • Bold Upsells
      • Discounted Upsells
      • Nosto
      • Visely
      • Delm



      • Drop a Hint
      • Free Gifts
      • Loox
      • Pixlee
      • Consistent Cart
      • Back in Stock
      • Instant Seach+
      • Growave





      • Spently
      • Orderly Emails
      • Covet.pics
      • Crush.pics



      • FourSixty
      • PageFly
      • Shogun



      • Wishlist Plus
      • Pickystory
      • EasyLockdown





      • ReConvert
      • Easyship
      • Tracktor



      • Shipup
      • Order Lookup
      • Pre-Order Manager



      • Return Magic
      • Advanced Shipping Manager





      • Carro
      • Lately
      • Gatsby
      • Outfy



      • Perfect Audience
      • Shoelace
      • Evermark
      • Rise AI



      • SEO Manager
      • Plug in SEO
      • Refersion
      • AMP by Shop Sheriff





      • Omnisend



      • Klaviyo



      • Marsello





      • Conversific
      • DataQ



      • Segments
      • Fullstory








      • Smile



      • Referral Candy








      • Stocky











      • Gorgias



      • Aircall



      • Endear





      • Rewind



Octane AI is a Facebook Messenger and SMS marketing, retargeting, and support platform that integrates seamlessly with Shopify and Shopify Plus to support small to enterprise businesses. Octane AI is GDPR friendly and trusted by 1,000+ fast-growing brands including GoPro, Apt2B, CoverFX, Summersalt, Manscaped, Vanity Planet, Maroon 5, and 100+ Shopify & Shopify Plus agencies.

Messenger & SMS Under One Roof: Manage & coordinate your Facebook Messenger & SMS campaigns in one place. Merchants double their ROAS and recover 5x more carts with Octane.

Gain Customers & Recover Sales: Send pre-optimized browse and cart abandonment flows on Messenger and SMS. Grow your Messenger & SMS lists with Octane AI’s growth tools.

Integrate with Your Apps: Integrate your Messenger & SMS campaigns with Klaviyo, Yotpo, Smile.io, ReCharge, Privy, JustUno, Gorgias, Refersion, Stamped, Re:amaze, Nosto, LoyaltyLion, Bold Apps, Dashbot, Facebook Ads, and more!

Listen to the Octane AI podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal:

ShopMessage is the conversational marketing platform that drives sales for Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants using Facebook Messenger. A guaranteed minimum of 4x ROI in your first paid month, or we’ll refund the difference. One condition–you have Growth Tools and Flows active for the entire month and follow our best practices.

Facebook Messenger Marketing: Easily set up and automatically send targeted, personalized Facebook Messenger messages to your store visitors. 4X+ ROI Guaranteed!

Grow Your Messenger List: Quickly grow your Messenger list with one-click subscriptions. Use our popups or integrations with Privy, JustUno, Klaviyo and more.

Send Messages that Drive Sales: Drive sales with abandoned cart, browse abandon, welcome series, upsells, shipping notifications, custom Messenger menus, and campaigns.

Listen to the ShopMessage podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal:

Recart is built by ecommerce merchants to help you increase sales with Messenger Marketing. Messenger is the next generation of marketing. Instead of sending your emails to the promotion folder, get better results by automating chat conversations with your customers on Facebook Messenger.

Messenger Marketing is Here: Email open rates are decreasing: avoid the promotions folder, get your message in front of your customers with Recart Messenger Marketing.

Grow your Messenger list: Grow your Messenger list with Recart, Wheelio, and Optimonk. Spark conversations with your loyal customers and build long-term relationships.

More Revenue with Messenger: Generate more sales with Recart Messenger Campaigns. Recover abandoned carts, send receipts, or ask for reviews with Loox Photo Review app.

Black Friday Deal:

Justuno is an AI-powered visitor conversion platform trusted by Shopify retailers of all sizes. Utilizing billions of data-points, it provides intelligent lead capture, personalized website messaging, and actionable insights that turn clicks into conversions. From upsell and cross-sell to exit offers and abandoned cart recovery, messaging banners, and more — Justuno has it all.

Pop-Ups & CRO Tools: Increase lead capture and conversion rates with email pop-ups, exit offers, countdown timers, spin-to-wins, AI-powered promos, and more.

Intelligent Sales & Discounts: Dynamic sales and discounts based on Justuno’s visitor intelligence. Trigger abandoned cart offers, cross-sell, and upsell to increase AOVs.

Optimize Marketing ROI: Integrate Klaviyo, dotDigital, Octane AI, Zapier, & more. Justuno maximizes ROI for all your existing marketing activities and channels.

Listen to the Justuno podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal:

Privy’s free suite of conversion and email marketing tools, including exit-intent driven popups & banners, help you grow your email list from your Shopify store. All without coding or development skills needed. Privy is trusted by small and large ecommerce businesses to capture & convert website visitors into subscribers & customers.

Grow & Sync Your Email List: Build beautiful popups with easy to use targeting & triggers that get people to join your list. Auto-sync contacts to Klaviyo.

Reduce Cart Abandonment: Use targeted popups w/ exit intent & discounts to close the sale before people go away & automated recovery emails to bring them back.

Automate Your Email Marketing: Send newsletters, cart recovery, and order follow up emails with master & unique coupon codes that sync with Shopify & Shopify Plus stores.

Listen to the Privy podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal:

With push notifications, you can reach your audience where you can find them- straight to their screens. Earn more by marketing your business with push notifications. The biggest problem faced by Shopify merchants is dealing with abandoned carts, which translates to a huge loss in potential revenue. Opting in for push notifications needs just 1 click, making it easy for your visitors to subscribe. You are able to target both desktop and mobile (Android) visitors by sending them push notifications even after they have left your store (web push retargeting). PushOwl’s abandoned cart reminders let you customize a sequence of 3 automated push notifications, to recover orders, and win back this lost revenue.

Abandoned Cart Recovery Push: Automated cart abandonment protector via push notifications (order recovery) to increase sales. Perfect for BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday)

Engage w/ Smart Push Marketing: Send push notification campaigns to bring back your store visitors or upsell more products, at a fraction of the cost of Facebook retargeting ads.

Reviews, Wishlist with WebPush: Integrations: Review Push Notifications (Stamped.io, Loox Reviews, Judge.me), Wishlist, Now Back In Stock; enhances Recart & text marketing

Listen to the PushOwl podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal:

SMS Bump is Shopify’s most loved SMS marketing and automation app that fully automates all notification and marketing processes for its stores through text messaging. Over 15,000+ Shopify brands are averaging a 35x increase in ROI. SMSBump is fully TCPA and GDPR compliant. The platform is able to create SMS /MMS (Text with image) marketing campaigns in seconds and track results. Integrates with major Shopify App Partners including Klaviyo, ReCharge, PushOwl, Smile.io, Loyalty Lion, Gorgias, ReCart and more.

Build Your Subscribers List: Build your TCPA/GDPR compliant subscribers list in no time using our pop-ups, floating button, email invite, keywords, sharable links + more.

Smart SMS Automations: Sell more with our pre-built SMS / MMS flows, including abandoned cart, customer winback, new order flow, product upsell, COD etc.

Highly Targeted SMS Campaigns: Powerful enterprise-grade segmentation for crafting your ultimate targeted SMS marketing lists.

Listen to the SMS Bump podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal:

ProveSource is a social proof app that shows live recent order notifications, sales pop-ups & FOMO notifications that increase trust.  Social proof is often associated with terms such as “Fear Of Missing Out” – FOMO and the “herd effect”.  ProveSource notifies your store visitors about your real customers and leverages social proof by displaying recent sales, order notifications, page visits, and live traffic count.   This builds trust, confidence and creates this FOMO/urgency with your visitors to gently nudge them to make a purchase on your site.

Boost Sales with Social Proof: Increase sales and conversions with social proof sales pop up notifications that highlight recent orders. Social proof is the best tactic.

Show Recent Sales Pop-up: Turn your shop into a busy and cool place that compels buyer action. Recent sales pop up social proof will boost your customer’s confidence.

Upsell & Cross-sell Automation: It’s hard to tell how hot your shop is. Show off the recent sales notification or how many visitors to boost sales and trust.

Black Friday Deal:

Built specifically for high-performance Shopify retailers, Okendo is a customer marketing platform with all the tools needed to capture and showcase high-impact product ratings & reviews, customer photos/videos, and Q&A. What results can you expect?

    • More reviews: A mobile-first approach to maximize review generation
    • Better reviews: Reviews with customer profiles, attribute ratings and photos/videos
    • Increased trust: Establish brand credibility and product confidence
    • More sales: Build shopper excitement and compel buying action
    • Better customer experiences: Integrated with support, loyalty and marketing systems

Listen to the Okendo podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal:

Judge.me helps you collect and display reviews about your products and Shopify store. This increases your conversion rate, organic traffic, and buyer engagement by leveraging your user-generated content. Our mission is to create more sales for you while providing the highest level of convenience at the most affordable price ($15/month). Or use our truly unlimited forever-free plan with no limit on orders or requests. Judge.me App highlights…

    • Product reviews with text, photo, video, with automatic reminders
    • Unlimited review requests, orders and imports
    • Review Carousel, All Reviews Page, Floating Reviews Tab
    • Q&A and custom forms/questions
    • Share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Tumblr
    • Product review groups & cross-shop synchronization
    • Instantly loaded reviews (Shopify meta fields) to increase page speed

Black Friday Deal: 45-Day Free Trial

Built specifically for Shopify retailers of all sizes. With 2,400+ app reviews, Stamped.io is a highly-rated customer marketing platform with all the tools you need to capture and showcase high-impact Customer’s contents throughout the customer’s buying journey.

    • Collect Reviews Easily: Collect Product & Videos, Site Review, Photo Reviews, Q&A, Instagram, Checkout Reviews easily to increase Social Proof & Conversions
    • Boost Sales With Reviews: Showcase product reviews & collection reviews rich snippets on Google search. Reviews app Increases organic traffic, page ranking, and SEO
    • Build Trusts with Reviews: Push Product & Site reviews to Google, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Use the power of Social Proof to increase Sales
    • Revenue Generating Features
      • Product Recommendations – Upsell similar products
      • Offer coupons to reviewers – Incentivize for photo or video reviews
      • Retargeting Ads – Create Facebook & Instagram Ads with Reviews

Black Friday Deal: 50% Off For First Month (use “fastlane” coupon)

The Bold Upsell app lets you display pop-up upsell and cross-sell offers that customers can add with a click! A customer buys a pair of shoes, you cross-sell them laces to go with them. You could also upsell them to a nicer pair of shoes, replacing the pair that they just picked out. It’s the ONLY APP that handles Upsells AND Cross-sells.

CROSS-SELLS (Would you like fries with that?)

The classic cross-sell, or as some call them “Upsell Bundles”. When a customer adds an item to cart (or clicks “checkout”), you offer them an additional item that they can ADD directly from the pop-up. Have a few different products they might like? Show multiple offers and let them scroll through to pick their favorites.

UPSELLS (Would you like to supersize that?)

A true product UPSELL offer is a slightly better item that replaces the initial product added to the cart. The app perfectly handles upsell offers allowing you to set up specific products that will trigger the upgrade offer.

Smart Upsell FUNNELS

Offer one upsell after another and send your average order value through the roof! Display up to three rounds of upsells & cross-sells in your upsell funnels to increase the chances they buy more. You can even trigger different offers based on whether they accept or decline the first round so you always get a chance to sell more. Funnels can be displayed across your store on the Product Page with Add to Cart, Checkout Button and After Checkout.

AI-DRIVEN Upsells and Analytics

Receive intelligent Upsell recommendations and analytics using the FREE Bold Brain APP together with Bold Upsell. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Bold Brain will make recommendations for product Upsells that will likely sell well together to increase conversion right within the app! Within a few clicks, you’ll be offering PROVEN upsells that your customers want without having to do the analysis yourself.

Listen to the Bold Commerce podcast episode to learn more!  (wow, episode #1. Thanks, Jay for taking a leap of faith and trusting in me on this podcasting journey!)

Black Friday Deal:

Getting new paying customers to your store is hard, yet, every day we see money being left on the table from Shopify stores not executing one of the oldest sales techniques in the book. The power of upsells and cross-sells, according to industry reports, it’s 68% more expensive to acquire $1 from a new customer than it is to upsell current customers, and that is why Discounted Upsells by Booster Apps was created.

Upsell and Cross-Sell Examples:

    • Buy one, get one free (BOGO)
    • Buy two, get 50% off of another one
    • Buy 4 pairs of sneakers, get a pair of socks for free

Not sure which products to upsell?

No worries, Discounted Upsells has you covered. Their AI friendly bot can calculate your perfect upsell offer based upon your store order history. We let the historical metrics for your store make the hard decisions for you.

Black Friday Deal: 30-Day Free Trial


Nosto is a market-leading, complete personalization solution that allows marketers and ecommerce professionals to deliver personalized shopping experiences to their customers, at every touchpoint, across any device. A team of 100+ professionals serving clients worldwide from our offices in NYC, LA, London, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, and Helsinki.

What makes Nosto unique?

Nosto’s Ecommerce Intelligence Engine analyzes every interaction from across your store to build a deep understanding of your business and every visitor interacting with it. Using patented Machine Learning algorithms and advanced statistical techniques, our engine is able to predict – and automatically deliver – the most relevant experiences in real-time to increase customer engagement and maximize your revenue potential.

    • Onsite Product Recommendations
    • Onsite Content Personalization
    • Segmentation & Insights
    • Facebook & Instagram Ads
    • Onsite Pop-ups
    • Personalized Emails
    • In-Store Personalization
    • Mobile App Personalization

Listen to the Nosto podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal: 10% Off for 6 months on the annual plan

Boost revenue with Visely by turning casual browsing users into paying customers. Show personalized product recommendations in-store and in your email campaigns to improve conversion rate and increase average order value. Offer intelligent, relevant and blazingly fast product recommendations with hassle-free configuration and customization. Maximize the value of every visit to your store!

Engage Your Shoppers: Build a personalized experience for your shoppers with customizable recommendation widgets. Widgets are available on Home, Collection, Product, Article, Blog, 404, Search, Cart pages, and also for Klaviyo and Shopify Notification Templates.

Create A Satisfying Customer Experience: Help shoppers discover your products. Create a durable and satisfying customer experience with your brand. Use multiple sources like Product Content, Images, Product Tags, User Behaviour and Purchase History.

Enhance Checkout With Up-Sells: Add highly converting, contextual up-sells on Thank You page or any of the Shopify checkout steps (available for Shopify Plus customers). For example: “Add $X more to get free shipping!”

Listen to the Visely podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal: 20% Off (install App and apply coupon: “fastlane-bfcm-2019”)

Delm allows you to add estimated delivery dates and order deadlines to your Shopify product pages by solving a seemingly simple customer question “When will my order arrive?” and create urgency by showing your order deadline.

Improve User Experience: Stop forcing your customers to leave your product pages for more information about shipping by adding estimated delivery dates.

Save Valuable Time: Spend less time answering support tickets. Most delivery date-related questions will be answered instantly on your product pages.

Fast And Lightweight Widget: 33 KB file size and hosted on a CDN

Fully Customizable Shipping Info:  Coding skills are nice to have but not required.

    • Shipping info examples:
      • FREE delivery between Monday, November 25 and Thursday, November 28. Order within 5 hrs and 7 min.
      • Want it Thursday, November 21? Order within 5 hrs and 7 min.
      • Delivery TOMORROW. Order within 5 hrs and 7 min.

Location-Based Date Calculation: Map simple or complex delivery conditions. We find the address (country, state, province, region) of your visitors via their IP address.

Black Friday Deal: 30-Day Free Trial

The Drop a Hint app allows visitors to send “hints” via e-mail to a person of their choice and the app captures both emails and doubles your email list.

How Does The App Work In Your Store

    • “Drop a Hint” displays under/next to “ADD TO CART” button, which allows your customers to send an Electronic Hint Card to a person of their choice. The Hint Receiver gets a styled Hint Card, which is a live-link to the exact product/size/color the browsing visitor “hinted”.
    • Drop a Hint App allows for up to four cards to be carried at any given time. Our app features the option – “Capture Item” Hint Cards. Essentially, the app will capture and display the exact item being hinted onto the Hint Card.

What Does The App Do For You As The Shopify Merchant?

    • The Drop A Hint captures and stores the sender’s and receiver’s emails. Drop a Hint comes with the option to automatically sync with your email service provider. Watch your email list double in no time.
    • Having valid email addresses, linked to specific items, can be successfully used to direct your marketing efforts, based on specific data, not guesses. You can tailor and optimize your email marketing and re-targeting campaigns and offer specific discounts that will result in actual sales.
    • Store owners get notifications, in real-time, what items on their store are being hinted at. That is an in-depth look into your “unknown data”. Looking into what your visitors like/wish for is opening a window into a more detailed understanding of your browsing visitor’s behavior.
    • An option to schedule automated follow up coupon offers for both Hint Senders and Hint Receiver.

Listen to the Drop a Hint podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal:

A powerful tool for multiple offers to boost sales and conversion rates. Free Gifts app provides you with a set of solutions from easy to complicated offers about giving gifts, discounts, up-selling and cross-selling to customers on Shopify, seasonally or the whole year-round. Customers will prefer surfing your site and staying for a while to discover all surprising deals that you treat them compared with other shops with nothing to give. Your shop will be more vibrant and lively, always on the vibe of the special holidays to take full advantage of crazy sales seasons.

Increase Customer Loyalty: Increase your sales! Attractive incentives motivate customers to come back more often

A Large Variety Of Offers: Buy X get Y (BOGO), Buy 2 get 1 free, Purchase over 500 USD get 1 (or many) free and many more

Boost Sales On Up-Sell Banners: Banner promotion in the cart helps customers know exactly how close they are to receive a promotion!

Black Friday Deal: 20% Off (use “FG20” coupon)

Consumers trust product reviews and photos much more than marketing assets. Use Loox to easily collect photo reviews, build strong trust and increase sales! When shoppers first visit your online store, you need to win their trust. One of the most effective ways to do that is to include social proof such as product reviews and testimonials. However, textual product reviews won’t cut it anymore. Customers want to see your product in action, used by real people just like them. Turn your happy customers into your brand ambassadors, build strong trust and boost sales with photo reviews.

Collect Reviews On Autopilot: Send automatic review request emails asking your customers for product reviews, and offer discounts for submitting reviews with photos

Beautiful Shopify Reviews App: Showcase product reviews from happy customers in beautiful galleries of photo reviews & social proof reviews popups and build strong trust

Product Reviews Drive Sales: Boost conversions, drive traffic by sharing reviews to social media & inline SEO & Google Shopping, improve retention via review discounts

Listen to the Loox podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal: 30-Day Free Trial + 20% Off Lifetime

Pixlee is a user-generated content platform that helps brands leverage happy customers to grow their business. Pixlee’s platform curates user-generated content (UGC) in real-time, manages permission rights, and easily integrates the content into multi-channel browsing and shopping experiences. We enable brands to use UGC to increase revenue, decrease content cost and connect with their most passionate customers. Our platform offers frictionless UGC distribution to multiple marketing channels (e.g., website, e-mail, ads, social media, mobile, native app, etc.), structures the data behind each photo or video to maximize the content’s impact, and is easy to use, with a friendly and accessible customer support team.

Connect Pixlee to your Shopify storefront to:

    • Leverage your brand community to tell a stronger brand story
    • Publish user-generated content on your homepage, landing pages, and product or category pages.
    • Reduce content costs by making UGC accessible to marketing teams across the organization
    • Access valuable customer insight and connect with your most passionate customers and band influencers

Listen to the Pixlee podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal:

Consistent Cart is the all in one multi-channel marketing solution. Other apps can help with specific parts of your marketing but barely make a dent in bringing everything together. Consistent Cart does the work of up to 10 apps. Since it’s launch, Consistent Cart has recovered over $120M in sales and counting.

Everything you Need to Boost Conversions is on Consistent Cart

    • Abandon Cart Campaigns
    • Email Notifications
    • SMS Notifications
    • Push Notifications
    • Growth Tools such as Add to Cart Popup
    • Activity Monitor
    • Cart Syncing across devices
    • Happy Birthday Emails
    • Customer Thank You Emails
    • Sales Pop Integration
    • Advanced Title Bar

Increase Sales On Autopilot: Reach customers and grow sales with 100% automated and customizable Email, SMS & Push notifications

5 Minutes To Setup: Just a few clicks and you’re done! Get ready to save so much time with baked-in marketing automation at scale

Grow Your Subscribers: Your subscriber’s list is the bread and butter of your store. Add subscribers using dozens of growth tools and integrations

Black Friday Deal: 15% Off Lifetime

Don’t lose sales when your inventory runs out. Back in Stock makes it easy for customers to sign up for a Back in Stock alert (Email or SMS Text Message). When you restock products the waiting customers are alerted instantly to bring them back to your store and complete the purchase. Back in Stock is simple to set up and runs automatically.

Automated Email & SMS Alerts: Customers can sign up to receive an email or SMS Text Message the moment a product is back in stock.

5 Minute Setup: Takes minutes to install. No coding required. Try it out — what do you have to lose?

Easy To Customize: Personalize your theme or make your own button with our JavaScript API. Email template access powered by Liquid.  Back in Stock App supports any theme.

Black Friday Deal: 60-Day Free Trial

Boost Conversion just like the fastest growing brands on Shopify & Shopify Plus do: Fashion Nova, Steve Madden, GymShark, Pura Vida Bracelets, Ebbets, and thousands of other merchants are already using us on Shopify today. All-in-one solution, InstantSearch+ is the most advanced and fastest search app for your Shopify store.

    • Predictive Search and Autocomplete
    • Merchandise the products You Want to Sell
    • Lightning-Fast Instant Search for Shopify Stores
    • Increase Conversion With a Great Search Page
    • Delight Retail Shoppers with Visual Experience
    • Personalization and micro-segmentation
    • Smart Navigation Optimizes Collection Browsing
    • Improve Shopper Experience Through Analytics
    • InstantSearch+ is compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0)

Instant Search Results: Personalized on-site product search powered by Machine learning. Help shoppers find what they want faster down to the variant level.

Merchandising Collections: Let merchandisers order products in collections, search, and recommendations. InstantSearch+ will match it with the shopper’s intent.

Navigation & Recommendations: Increase the conversion of browsing shoppers, using the same filters in search and collections. Increase sales with relevant recommendations.

Listen to the InstantSearch+ podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal:

Growave is the all-in-one marketing platform that helps Shopify brands reach their audience, engage users, build customer loyalty and increase conversions with ease. With Growave, you get reviews, loyalty & rewards, wishlist, social login, and many other products.

What makes Growave different?

ONE SOLUTION: You get all the tools for reaching, engaging and converting your customers from one place.

Easy To Setup: Their top priority is simplicity. Every step you take with Growave is smooth and easy.

Reviews, Wishlist And More: Increase engagement, loyalty & sell more using photo reviews, wishlists, Instagram feeds, social login, loyalty & rewards, and social proof.

Rewards And Loyalty Program: Launch your own loyalty program with points, referral & VIP tiers. Increase repeat purchases and turn your customers into loyal advocates.

Reach. Engage. Convert: Growave is the all-in-one ecommerce marketing platform designed with your customers in mind to let them see you, connect and stay with you.

Black Friday Deal: 90-Day Free Trial


Spently allows you to engage with your customers using marketing components that are embedded right within your Shopify notification emails. These emails have substantially higher open rates paired with greater revenue generated per email, as opposed to newsletters.

Supercharge Your Default Shopify Store Emails

  • Drive sales through awareness using product recommendations, and insert smart product up-sells based on your customer’s past purchasing behavior right within your notification emails
  • Incentivize using discount codes, and take advantage of unique discount codes to encourage your customers to make a purchase
  • Spread the word using referrals, so your existing customers can moonlight as affiliates, and position your referral program to reach scale using referral links
  • Deepen customer engagement using social media links by adding a social widget to your notification emails, so your customers can follow, interact, and keep up to date with your posts on a preferred social network
  • Foster customer retention by using automated follow-up sequences, allowing you to connect with your customers to gather feedback, create strategic replenishment emails, or address abandoned checkouts to aid in order recovery. All of these emails are based on events, and triggers you specify.
  • Measure with our analytics dashboard, and get the insights you need to optimize. So you can iterate objectively based on data
  • You can also get granular, and monitor attribution based on unique links, along with individual stats for each Shopify notification and follow-up email.

Listen to the Spently podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal: 60-Day Free Trial

As an online merchant, you need your website to sell more and always look its best. Shouldn’t your store’s email designs do the same? OrderlyEmails is a design tool that helps you to effortlessly customize the emails that Shopify is sending for your store; for example, the order confirmation email sent to all customers when they make a purchase.

The app does not send any emails itself but instead upgrades your store’s boring default email notifications with much more professional and effective designs. Your store continues to work in exactly the same way as before … no duplicate emails will be sent … and there are no subscription fees to pay each month. So it’s a win-win situation!

Conversion and engagement tracking – Award-winning feature

All traffic and sales generated by each email appear in your Shopify admin’s marketing and conversion reports automatically! There is nothing to set up, it’s included free with every purchase. This feature won a Shopify Commerce Award.

Designer email templates: Upgrade your Shopify email templates to sell more, and match your brand perfectly. Beautiful e-mail themes, with no design experience needed.

Include upsells and discounts: Generate more sales automatically by including product recommendations, discounts, upsells and social profiles in your e-mail notifications.

No subscription fees: Customize, translate, and test your email designs, then purchase for a one-time payment. 22 e-mail templates included in every purchase.

Listen to the Orderly Emails podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal: 20% Discount On The One-Time Purchase

Covet.pics covers all your gallery needs: shoppable, scalable and easily curated. Power-up the product and lifestyle photography you’ve invested in and funnel smartly towards conversions.

Keep the visitor’s attention and let them buy right inside the aspirational gallery that attracted them. Cut the time from want to buy, and bypass the redirect to product page. The Covet.pics Buy Button will show product variants (if applicable) and make the sale instant.

Galleries That Sell: Powerful visual commerce made easy. Curate homepage hero galleries, automate product page ones or create a killer press page.

User-Generated. User-uploaded: Automate Instagram or invite your customers to upload their own photos. Run photo contests and create a community around your products.

Funnel, Follow-up and Automate: Don’t stop at improved funneling. Send post-purchase photo upload incentives. Track your campaigns and gallery performance.

Black Friday Deal: 10% Off (use “fastlane” coupon)

Join thousands of merchants across the globe who are already enjoying the benefits of faster stores, improved image SEO, and happier customers. Don’t keep your customers waiting — speed up your store’s loading time with Crush.pics easy to use automated image compression technology.

Faster Stores = Happier Customers

Crush.pics helps reduce the file size of your store’s images using a technique known as “image compression”. By removing unneeded data the images look almost identical to their original but take less time to download. Google loves fast websites and so will your customers.

Improved SEO = Discoverable Products

Crush.pics offers intuitive ways to optimize your images for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By renaming your images and ALT tags to describe the product they represent, you’ll help search engines categorize your images more effectively. More and more customers are using image search to look for products prior to purchase — can you afford to miss out?

Image Compression: Speed up your store’s load time with Crush.pics easy to use automated image compression. Smaller image sizes = quicker page load times.

SEO Image Optimization: Help search engines discover and understand your product images using Crush.pics intuitive image renaming wizard.

Fully Automated: Choose your compression and renaming settings once and let Crush.pics work away in the background compressing and renaming as you go.

Black Friday Deal:

The only app you need for Shoppable Instagram & UGC, Influencer Discovery and Influencer Campaign Management, UGC Rights Management, and Robust Instagram Analytics. Foursixty is trusted by over +3,000 brands like MVMT Watches, Pura Vida Bracelets, Gymshark, Frankies Bikinis and thousands more. We were the first Shop Instagram & UGC App on Shopify and since then, we’ve led innovation and features in the Shoppable Instagram & UGC market.

    • Shoppable Instagram Galleries. Anywhere.
    • Shoppable #UGC Galleries. Anywhere.
    • Collect UGC via @tags @mentions
    • Product Specific Insta & UGC galleries on Product Pages
    • Shop Instagram & UGC Galleries for Email Campaigns
    • Digital Rights Management
    • Instagram Content & Instagram Stories Analytics
    • Shop Instagram galleries in your Cart & Collection Pages

Make Instagram Shopping Easy: Your customers love your Instagram posts. Make it easy for them to shop your Instagram posts & UGC in the most relevant spots on your site.

Use UGC Legally: Illegal use of UGC is a problem many brands face. With Foursixty, request and secure the rights to UGC to ensure you’re using it legally.

Ensure You Never Miss a Post: Love your customers? Find key brand advocates, fans, and influencers and track their Instagram posting activity so you never miss a @post.

Black Friday Deal: 20% Off Complete Plan ($250 instead of $300 – To claim email interested@foursixty.com)

PageFly is a powerful page builder with a drag-and-drop system that is designed for conversion rate optimization of your store. With PageFly you can build home page, product page, collection page, landing page, sales page, about us page, contact us page, and other.

    • Create Landing, Home, Blog post and Coming soon pages.
    • Product and Collection page add-ons.
    • 50+ high-converting templates in variety.
    • Mobile-friendly by default, mobile-customization by choice.
    • Live-chat available 24/7

Positive branding: 50+ high-converting templates for all page types and market niches. Works well with product review apps to build trust.

High conversions: 40+ page elements and editing tools to create eye-catching heading, flexible form and strong CTA. The design is responsive by default.

Product page elements: 10+ Shopify Product page elements to help you build highly customizable Shopify Product pages.

Black Friday Deal: 45 Day Trial + 50% Off

Build and optimize your Shopify pages with Shogun, the most powerful page building platform for eCommerce brands with no coding required.

Page Design Made Easy

Design home pages, contact us forms/pages, coming soon page, about us page, donation & FAQ page with a drag and drop page editor.

Conversion-focused Templates

30+ custom page templates. Leverage our theme editor to change page layout, collection pages, click funnels, and custom fields.

Product Options & Images

Complete Product page control: Image optimizer & Image resizing tools for product image galleries, photo galleries, product video & parallax

Listen to the Shogun podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal: 30-Day Free Trial

Enables customers to bookmark their favorite products and pick up where they left off when they return. And they spend a lot more! Wishlist Plus users’ conversion rates are 20 to 30% higher and they spend 30 to 50% more per purchase. Run personalized marketing campaigns out of the box via email, Facebook and Instagram based on wishlist activity. Used by over 10,000 merchants!

Best Wishlist App

Intuitive, full-featured wishlist module that doesn’t require your users to log in to save favorites and is optimized for mobile users.

Bring Shoppers Back

Drive traffic and sales with personalized email and social campaigns based on wishlist activity. Send emails via your email service provider (Klaviyo, Bronto, dotDigital, Retention Science, and Listrak).

Easy Customization

Easily customized to match your brand. Leverage our powerful APIs and partner integrations to enable most any need.

Black Friday Deal: 60-Day Free Trial

PickyStory enables you to add a shoppable photo gallery, create smart discounts and sell complete bundles from a single window! Start selling your style instead of just offering individual products. Showcase your products in a real-life situation and inspire your shoppers to shop the look with a beautiful photo gallery.

Shoppable Photo Gallery

Create a shoppable photo gallery with your look photos and add the photo gallery anywhere on your website.

Photo Gallery Bundles

Sell complete looks through a photo gallery. Inspire shoppers to add multiple items from the same look.

Photo Gallery Discounts

Offer bundle discounts straight from the photo gallery and generate more revenue from every sale you make.

Black Friday Deal: 30-Day Free Trial + 25% Off Lifetime

EasyLockdown is a simple but powerful access management tool to fuel up your store by granting access to certain Collections, Products, Pages or Blogs to certain groups of customers only. Easy to use and doesn’t require any coding skills.

Use Cases

  • Completely lock your store for non-logged in customers
  • Create wholesale products with different pricing available for limited customer group only, for example, tagged with a certain tag
  • Grant access to some selected products for customers who have more than XX orders or spent more than $YYYY
  • Grant access to pre-order products for your subscribers only
  • Any other scenario which requires to lock some part of your website from the general public.

Restrict access

Limit access to any type of content: lock Pages, Products, Collections, Blogs, Cart or the whole website. Access management made easy!

Grant access

Grant access to any group of customers by the number of orders, money spent, accepting marketing, tags or locations.

Flexible access rules

Add more precise access rules (locks) with any combination of customer information.

Black Friday Deal: Only $5 Monthly



ReConvert is a simple yet powerful app for thank you page optimization. It allows you to customize your thank you page fully & easily with a drag & drop interface. We integrate with some of the most powerful apps on the Shopify platform so that you can get the best of ALL worlds. Use ReConvert’s amazing built-in widgets, to create the perfect converting thank you page.

Your stores thank you page gives you the perfect retention boosting opportunity. Customers visit the order status page more than once when receiving default notifications from your store like shipping updates to their email. By optimizing your thank you page and adding upsells or cross-sells, you will re-engage customers who just completed a purchase with your store and engage them when they are most likely to buy or to comply with other requests.

Checkout Upsell & Cross-sell

Get an instant revenue boost with our thank you pages – collect customer birthdays, conduct surveys, upsell, cross-sell and track orders.

Simple & fully customizable

Easily design your order status page- no technical knowledge necessary! Customize your thank you page with a simple drag and drop interface.

Retain customers & Upsell

Get important customer information using surveys and updating your customer record with their birthdate for future surprise and delight marketing. Grow your store’s email lists and subscribers, cross-sell and upsell post-purchase.

Listen to the ReConvert podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal: 30-Day Free Trial + 20% Off

Easyship is a shipping platform that reduces shipping costs, helps you sell worldwide, and increase conversion rates to #ShipLikeABoss in no time! You have direct access to hundreds of courier solutions allowing you to save time and money.

Simplify shipping and save

  • With hundreds of couriers worldwide, one account is all you need to access 250+ shipping solutions.
  • Benefit from rates up to 70% off. Compare domestic and international shipping solutions. Get special discounts offered by USPS. Cubic rates are also available.
  • Flexible shipping options increase conversion. Let customers choose between the cheapest, fastest, or best value for money solutions.
  • Sync orders and print labels in one click.
  • Take international orders confidently by automatically generating and downloading shipping labels, customs invoices, and declarations for any type of product.
  • Reveal duty and taxes in the checkout flow for international customers to build trust and transparency.

250+ solutions & 70% discounts

One account gives access to 250+ shipping solutions and discounted shipping rates of up to 70%. All without lengthy setup procedures.

No more hidden fees

See all required taxes, duties, and courier fees upfront for every country in the world. We work hard to ensure you don’t get any surprises.

Increase Your Conversion Rate

Showing dynamic rates based on actual items in cart shown at checkout make your quotes more accurate.

Listen to the Easyship podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal: $100 Free Shipping Credit (install app, apply “FASTLANE100” for $100 credit)

Tracktor turns first-time buyers into repeat shoppers by increasing customer satisfaction while lowering your support costs.

Every major retailer has order tracking built into their stores and now you can too. Tracktor adds professional-grade order status & package tracking that’s integrated with all of the major carriers. This gives both you and your customers incredible visibility into the status and location of the packages that are in transit.


  • Track orders in real-time
  • Real-time package lookup integration with over 800 carriers across the globe
  • Customers can view their order status on your store with or without an account
  • Tracking happens on your store: customers enter their order number and email address to see their latest order status
  • Tracktor’s order tracker blends beautifully into your store, matching your brand and impressing your customers with responsive design for mobile and tablet shoppers
  • Add tracking links directly in your automated emails and Shopify customer notifications
  • Reduce the #1 support request, “Where’s my order?” by letting your customers help themselves
  • Integrates with Shopify Flow so Shopify Plus stores can create robust automations any time their customer’s package changes status

Black Friday Deal:

Turn delivery into Loyalty! Shipup follows your packages in realtime to create a seamless, transparent and branded delivery experience. Send notifications to your clients, redirect them to branded tracking pages and proactively manage potential delivery incidents with our customer service integration. Shipup helps you get a delivery experience so compelling that your clients will want to purchase again.

Notify and Reassure

Shipup tracks your packages in real-time and sends proactive and branded notifications to your customers during delivery.

Engage and Retain

Bring back your customers to your website by providing a custom and embedded tracking page. Send surveys to turn detractors into ambassadors.

Improve support

Let your customer support know everything about your customer delivery issues and trigger alerts, available with Zendesk and Gorgias.

Listen to the Shipup podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal: 60-Day Free Trial

Order Lookup helps to reduce support requests by giving customers real-time order tracking information. This solution adds an easy-to-use customer-facing portal to your Shopify storefront. This allows customers to enter their email address and order number, empowering them to access their order information, in real-time. Additionally, it includes any notes or tracking information you may have added.

When you use Order Lookup, a significant amount of your customer support requests will be eliminated, which saves you time and money, while simultaneously allowing you to provide a flawless customer experience. Additionally, this highly customizable app allows you to adjust display styles and output information and is offered in multiple languages but supports any language you choose.

Reduce customer support

Your customers can look up their orders with either their email or order number, reducing the order inquiries you receive in your inbox.

Live tracking

Give real-time order information to your customer with a fully customizable order lookup page.

ePacket support

Perfect for dropshipping businesses, Order lookup works seamlessly with ePacket.

Black Friday Deal: 20% Off Lifetime

The Pre-Order Manager app can replace the “Add to cart” button with a Pre-Order button for out-of-stock products. Your customer clicks the Pre-Order button and goes through the regular order procedure to buy an item. You can set the same option to sell “Coming Soon” products, manage pre-sale and hide the “Sold Out” button.

The most professional Pre-Order app on the Shopify App Store, trusted by 5,000+ merchants

  • Completely updated in July 2019
  • Many features to manage pre-orders professionally
  • No theme customization required
  • The most reviewed Pre-Order app on the Shopify App Store
  • Fast A-class live support
  • From a trusted Shopify App Developer (released 20+ high-end Shopify apps since 2013)

Black Friday Deal: Buy 1 Get 3 Months For Free (use “Fastlane” coupon)

Return Magic integrates with your Shopify or Shopify Plus store to create a seamless return experience for your customers. Using Return Magic, you will be able to easily refund your clients on their original payment method (including Amazon Payments, Shopify Payments, etc.), process exchanges or issue new gift card refunds. But don’t worry: Return Magic doesn’t automatically refund your customers, you always need to approve any transaction.

Why Return Magic?

  • Create your branded return portal. Customize colors, text, and CSS.
  • Provide a choice between refunds on the original payment method, gift card refunds and exchanges for ultimate convenience.
  • Increase gift card refunds and improve your cash flow.
  • Translate in your local language/support multi-language (beta).
  • Create smart rules to protect profit.
  • Get actionable insights with advanced analytics (beta).

Automagic!: Automatically generate your own branded portal. Automate cash and gift card refunds with support for exchanges.

Convenient: Autogenerate & print labels from over 50 carriers worldwide. Provide multiple refund options to enhance the shopping experience.

Smart: Create smart rules: advanced analytics and rules engine to personalize the return experience. Increase customer LTV and profit.

Listen to the Return Magic podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal: 90-Day Free Trial (use “Fastlane90” coupon)

Advanced Shipping Manager has been helping thousands of Shopify stores since 2005, by delivering full control over ALL of your shipping rules and methods. No matter how complicated your challenge may be, Advanced Shipping Manager can help! The app pays for itself almost immediately!

Features include:

  • Real-time Shipping Rates
  • Shipping Tables
  • Item Level Origin Zip/Postal Code
  • Optionally set dimensions
  • Prevent specific items from being shipped via certain shipping methods
  • Designate specific items to ship separately from the rest of the order
  • Assign a single item to be shipped in multiple packages
  • Offer real-time delivery estimates for item page and/or checkout
  • Charge real-time duties & taxes or present the estimated amounts at checkout
  • Set global free shipping thresholds with optional exclusions of specific items
  • Apply markups and markdowns (discounts) to shipping rules
  • Check out the website for a full list of features and options

Hybrid Shipping Rules

Easily create multiple rules for a shipping method, allowing for multiple origins / various couriers to be accounted for in a single method.

Real-time Shipping Rates

Connect with over 50 supported couriers. Our top integrations include Purolator, AusPost, CanadaPost, UPS LTL, FedEx LTL and more.

Estimated Delivery Dates

Display estimated delivery dates supplied by couriers based on cut-off time, item-level processing, and actual transit time.

Black Friday Deal: 30-Day Free Trial (To claim, email support@kingwebmaster.com)



The influencers that are your fans and customer already love your brand. They are excited to work with you and aren’t as costly to engage with. Their content will be more genuine and will resonate with their followers better than any “outside” influencer that you’ve worked with.

You shouldn’t be in the dark! We will let you know when an influencer or press/media engages with your brand. If you aren’t sure of all of the influencers that have bought your products, subscribed to your newsletter, and follow you on social media, then this app is for you.

We surface your influencer’s contact information so that you can get in touch and start building a relationship with them.

Discover Your Influencers: Discover all of the influencers that are your brand’s customers, email subscribers, and fans. Who is your most influential customer?

Get New Influencer Alerts: Never miss out when an influencer engages with your brand. Stay up to date with email alerts. Did an influencer buy from you today?

Engage Your Influencers: Reveal the emails of your brand’s most influential fans and customers. Build long-term relationships. Have you reached out yet?

Black Friday Deal:

Lately is a disruptive social media management platform that pairs AI (artificial intelligence) with humans. The platform automatically turns blogs, press releases, white papers, online articles, newsletters, videos and podcasts into dozens of pre-hashtagged and pre-shortlinked autogenerated social media posts.

With Great Power Comes Great Productivity

Save endless hours with Lately‘s super powerful features, together, all in one place including content creation, planning, publishing, organizing, and the necessary insights to gain 100% visibility across 100% of your channels so you can connect workflow to results. This solution is an absolute game-changer…so much so that I personally use this solution for my social sharing!

What You Will Learn Today

  • The one thing that’s killing it in content that you MUST do or get left behind.
  • How to humanize your brand.
  • How Shopify brands can be truly authentic and human without compromising the brand.
  • Tips on how to create inclusive and accessible content that builds customer trust.

Listen to the Lately podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal: 30-Day Free Trial + $99 Monthly (instead of $349)

Whether you use Gatsby’s social popup, checkout field, or Shopify POS integration, you’re going to get social media context on your customers AND automatically engage the influential ones. Stop spending countless hours scanning hashtags on Instagram, onboarding expensive influencer platforms, or manually doing outreach… just turn Gatsby on and it solves all three of those problems.

With Gatsby, you’ll discover your actual customers that are authentic & influential on social media. It then even does the initial email outreach for you. You just preset some filters along with the outreach email template, and you’re good to go.

Add Instagram Capture: In your email capture pop-up, checkout form, or even in your physical POS app

See Their Influence: Audience Reach, Profile Photo, Full Name, and more

Trigger Influencer Outreach: Authentic outreach emails that auto-send based on follower size

Listen to the Gatsby podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal: 20% Off For 3 Months

Outfy is the most productive app to greatly enhance the social reach of your Shopify store by driving more traffic, which eventually increases your revenue!

Increase Social Reach: Outfy helps you to promote your products on as many as 12 social media networks, seamlessly reaching 1000s of potential customers with ease.

Huge Time Saver: Set your store on “Autopilot” to push your posts automatically. Make them non-robotic with caption templates and tag clouds.

Impactful Sale Promotions: Choose suitably themed templates, customize them to catch more eyeballs on social media, without having to get a graphic designer involved.

Black Friday Deal: 60 Free Sharing Credits + 30% Extra Credits On First Purchase

Perfect Audience is a quick, easy way to retarget your Shopify website visitors and serve them ads on news, sports, business, and social websites so they return and convert into sales.

No matter what you sell or where you’re based, abandoned carts are an issue you need to address as an ecommerce retailer. Perfect Audience serves ads to the right people at the right time to encourage them to click and take another look at your store. Since few people convert on their first visit to an online store, driving multiple visits to your site is your best chance for success.

Perfect Audience, a Marin Software company, helps you keep your advertising budgets under control with a variety of tools that show you exactly what you’re spending and where you’re spending it. It’s a do-it-yourself Demand Side Platform for dynamic display banner advertisements, displaying the exact product a user was viewing on your site.

Increase Revenue: Our display and social ads can help drive people back to your store to complete their purchase or buy more!

You’re In Control: You’ll have complete control over your campaigns, creatives, budgets, audience segments, and more. Test, optimize and refine in one place.

Data Transparency: Where are your ads serving? Which ads drive the most conversions? Where are the opportunities for improvement? It’s at your fingertips.

Listen to the Perfect Audience podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal: $300 Free Ad Credit (install then email success@perfectaudience.com)

Deliver engaging retargeting experiences that tell your brand story and wow your customers.

Shoelace combines automation, human expertise and insights from thousands of digital marketing campaigns to help you deliver the best retargeting experience for your brand. From ongoing retargeting journeys that retarget your visitors as they interact with your brand to one-off campaigns retargeting specific segments, our platform helps you leverage every customer touchpoint as an opportunity to create memorable experiences that foster long-term relationships.

  • Boost conversion rates and grow sales with personalized ad sequences
  • Increase repeat purchases by keeping your customers engaged
  • Build stronger, long-lasting relationships with your customers

Automations: Setup triggers that automatically create retargeting ads based on your brand’s activity.

Journeys: Take your website visitors through a memorable sequence of brand experiences by showing them the right ad at the right time.

Synchronized: Connect Shoelace with your email, reviews and rewards program to sync your brand’s messaging across multiple channels.

Listen to the Shoelace podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal: 10% Off For 3 Months On Any “Expert-Managed Journeys” Plans

Evermark is a better way to grow your Shopify store. Run fully automated Facebook & Instagram campaigns. All you need to do is set a daily budget and let our smart campaigns do all the work.

Find new customers by automatically targeting people on Facebook & Instagram that are similar to your best customers.

Sell more by promoting the products that people are most likely to buy and by retargeting people that have dropped off before completing a purchase.

Sit back and relax with fully automated Facebook advertising. You only need to set your daily budget.

Why use Evermark for your Shopify store?

  • Automate your Facebook & Instagram advertising and eliminate manual tasks.
  • Improve the performance of your campaigns with our intelligent optimization.
  • Connect your Shopify store and get started in just a few clicks.

Black Friday Deal: 20% Off Lifetime (use “fastlane” coupon)

Maximize revenue and loyalty with Rise.ai, Shopify’s first proactive store credit & loyalty program. You’ll harness the power of gift cards to increase revenue and loyalty and to drive new customers to your store.

Build Your Gift Card Program

  • Build an enhanced gift card and store credit program on every Shopify plan!
  • Customers can send branded gift cards and gift vouchers directly to gift recipients via email & IM (this feature isn’t included in any of Shopify’s plans – but we make it available to you in all plans)
  • Multi-channel capability allows you to offer gift cards usable across multiple stores (Online, Shopify POS)

Rise.ai WorkFlow – Send Store Credit Using Automated Rules

  • Set up as many rules as you want to increase loyalty, retention, and satisfaction
  • Use store credit & loyalty points as easy-to-manage rewards and loyalty cards
  • Issue a gift card as a refund
  • Establish an automated bulk gift card & gift voucher based on triggers examples:
    • Offer customers 3% of the purchase as cashback
    • After spending $X (or bringing customer referrals), the customer receives $10 as Cashback
    • After buying 3 times at your store, customers automatically receive a gift with purchase

Listen to the Rise AI podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal:

The best way to drive traffic to your store is by being on the front page of Google. SEO Manager makes it easy for you to understand and implement SEO measures that will help your store rank better in search engines.

As a Shopify merchant, you know that getting people to visit your store is important. Simple to use, this app allows merchants to take control of how search engines see their store and give them real-time feedback about the success (or failure) of their search engine optimization efforts.

While that is easy to say, it is more difficult to do. Enter SEO ( Search Engine Optimization.) Optimizing your store is as essential to ecommerce success as a baseball bat is to baseball. With a step-by-step tour that guides you through the app’s features, we also offer comprehensive help documents to further your understanding of SEO. Not only do you have an amazing application at your fingertips, but you also have resources available written by the leading Shopify SEO experts.

Supercharged SEO Tool: Includes: SEO scan, meta content tools, keyword suggestions, Google search console connection, search analytics, and so much more.

JSON-LD Structured Data: Give Google information about your store in a way it understands. This helps you to rank better and get found.

Broken Link Management: Keep your 404 errors under control with SEO Manager. We identify your broken links and automate the fixing process.

Black Friday Deal: 20% Off Lifetime

The Complete SEO App to check, fix and optimize with the SEO all in one power tool: Plug in SEO. Super easy to set up and use, it will help you with everything you need to improve your Google ranking, drive organic traffic to your shop and manage SEO optimization.

  • Structured Data (JSON-LD Schema Markup) aka. Rich Snippets
  • Bulk Edit SEO Data
  • SEO Meta Title and Meta Description Templating
  • Fix Headings, Image ALT tags, Filenames
  • SEO For Special Pages Including Collection, Search, Filters, Tags
  • Blog Optimizer
  • Fix 404 Broken Links
  • Keyword Tools
  • Multilingual – Non-English Language SEO
  • Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) integration
  • Help To Fix SEO Issues
  • Constantly Updated As Search Engines Change

Improve SEO Rankings: Discover the easiest ways to optimize the SEO ranking of your Shopify Store. Increase rankings in Google and other search engines

Drive More SEO (Free) Traffic: Higher Ranking = More SEO Traffic. Drive Free, recurring, high-converting traffic to your Shopify store on autopilot

Complete SEO Power Tools: Covers all of your SEO: JSON-LD rich snippets, bulk edit SEO, blog optimization, fix meta titles and descriptions, 404 broken links and more

Black Friday Deal: Free Plan + 20% Off Lifetime

Refersion is a fully-loaded affiliate and influencer marketing platform that you can launch in minutes; we handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on building partnerships with your affiliates. Be it bloggers, influencers, ambassadors, or customers; we help you recruit, track, and pay affiliates and influencers through an intuitive, easy to use affiliate marketing platform. Zero technical knowledge required!

We receive the full order information from your Shopify store, so you can choose whether to exclude shipping, tax, or item costs, retroactively credit affiliates for an order, see the referring source.

Manage Your Affiliate Program: Create unlimited offers using multiple commission types. Design registration pages that showcase your brand and affiliate marketing program.

Track Your Affiliate Marketing: Track orders with referral links, coupons, emails, or SKUs from your dashboard. Segment affiliates & influencers by offers.

Grow Your Affiliate Network: Get your affiliate program in front of thousands of ambassadors & influencers with a free listing on the Refersion Marketplace.

Black Friday Deal: 14-Day Free Trial + 15% Off

Your AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) solution is here. Add Google AMP to your store and start receiving search-engine benefits given to amped pages in mobile search results.

Mobile traffic is growing faster than ever. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an initiative invented by Google to speed up the mobile web. This app converts parts of your store to AMP and indexes your pages with Google for nearly instant load times, faster mobile page speed, and higher mobile search results. Google gives SEO benefits to AMP-enabled mobile pages. AMPing your site can be the difference between page 3 and page 1. Don’t let your competitors outrank you.

The Most Advanced AMP Solution: Trusted worldwide to add Google AMP to Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants. Committed to quality & experience, backed by our team in the USA

Improved Mobile AMP Page Speed: We AMP the Home page, Products, Collections, Blogs, & Pages. Our app won’t charge you extra when you have over 150 amped products

Get Googles AMP Lightning Bolt: Our AMP pages gain Google’s lightning bolt next to mobile search results, indicating cached status, site speed, and AMP page optimization.

Black Friday Deal: 45-Day Free Trial + 25% Off



Join fellow Shopify merchants that have trusted their email and marketing automation to top-rated app Omnisend. The marketing automation platform connects your ecommerce business with potential and existing customers across multiple channels: email, SMS, Facebook, Google, and others.

Marketing automation is all about sending anticipated and relevant messages at the right time. We take it a step further – add SMS messages into your automated workflows. You can then follow up by syncing your subscriber’s segments to Google and Facebook ads.

Capitalize on pre-built automation workflows that you need to set up only once

  • Welcome – greet your shoppers and introduce your brand right after signup.
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery – win back lost orders by reaching your shoppers that have abandoned their shopping cart (especially important during Black Friday!)
  • Confirmation – send branded and automatic order, shipment, and cancellation confirmations.
  • Post-Purchase – reactivate your customers with a series of messages designed to drive repeat sales.

Drive Sales On Autopilot: Automate your purchase funnel with fully automated, personalized emails and SMS messages that help you to win more customers and sell more.

Get Started In Minutes: Skip the tedious work with our single-click Shopify integration, email templates & automatic product import.

One App For All Your Needs: More than just email marketing—handle all your marketing activities across multiple channels in one platform during this Black Friday.

Listen to the Omnisend podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal: 14-Day Free Trial + 90-Days 50% Off (use “Fastlane50” coupon)

There is only one way to grow your Shopify store—by building high-quality, customer relationships. Most marketing software claims to do this but never delivers on the promises. Klaviyo is different. Klaviyo allows you to listen for and understand cues from your visitors, subscribers, and customers and enables you to easily turn that information into valuable, relevant messages.

Ecommerce stores switching to Klaviyo see an average 67x increase in ROI. Join the over 20,000 businesses growing faster & building amazing customer experiences across their owned marketing channels.

Better Understand Your Customers: Within minutes, you can integrate Klaviyo and Shopify and begin using all of your historical Shopify data. Klaviyo automatically adds the code required to track browsing behavior so you understand your customers beyond their purchase history. Klaviyo also integrates with many other ecommerce and marketing apps such as Facebook, Recharge, Zendesk, Swell, Smile.io, Aftership, and more, to help you collect the most data about your customers.

Communicate on a Personal Level: Klaviyo simplified the data and segmentation so you can create more relevant messages and experiences that stand out from the competition. That means you can stop the excel madness that’s usually required to figure out who to speak to and what to say.

Make More Money: With Klaviyo, you don’t need to choose between moving fast and getting powerful functionality. We provide everything you need to make more money as fast as possible. Shopify stores using Klaviyo make an average of $85 for every dollar they spend on Klaviyo.

Analyze Results: In Klaviyo, every individual gets a unique profile so you get a 360º view of your customers. Whether you want a high-level view of your email performance or want to drill deeper to find out who bought from you and when in a single profile view, you can see it all.

Listen to the Klaviyo podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal: 500 Emails Sends With 250 Contacts Free

Grow sales with loyalty marketing automation for Shopify eCommerce & POS. Marsello combines data-powered automation & real human experts to run targeted retention marketing that gets results for fast-growing Shopify brands. From email marketing to loyalty & VIP programs, Marsello helps you target the right customer at the right time, with the right message.

Retain loyal customers with a loyalty rewards program. Keep your customers coming back with a custom loyalty program that automatically rewards loyalty points for spending, referrals, product reviews, social media engagement and more.

Automate emails when it counts. Start with pre-designed email flows using optimal automation settings and customize to suit your business. Welcome first-time shoppers, win back at-risk customers, reward your best customers, recover abandoned carts, and say happy birthday!

Custom Loyalty Programs: Design a beautifully branded rewards program that works seamlessly with your eCommerce & POS

Smart Email Automation: Automate email flows to keep customers coming back at every stage of the customer lifecycle

Campaigns & Holiday Emails: Send one-off email campaigns with best-practice email templates ready to customize and schedule for BFCM

Black Friday Deal: 30-Day Free Trial




Analytics is for analysts. Conversific is for Shopify stores.

Conversific is a new kind of analytics tool for Shopify that helps you optimize your traffic and conversion, gather better data and grow online sales. Create your 100% free account in 1 minute (no technical skills required).

Conversific Highlights:

  • Google Analytics Made Easy: They hand-picked the most important ecommerce metrics for each report and made stunning and effortless one-pagers. Everything you need to make the best decision on one page, with all the context you need.
  • Order Analytics: analyze orders coming from each sales channel, including Amazon, Facebook Store, Instagram, eBay, etc.
  • Benchmark Against Your Peers: Access industry benchmarks to see how your site compares to competitors, including stats on revenue, conversions, bounce rates, and site performance. Benchmark data is much more reliable than Google Analytics.
  • Marketing & Conversion Insights: You’ll have a direct look at the marketing channels (including Facebook, Instagram) working best for you so that you can crush your ROI reports. Data coming directly from Google Analytics.
  • Product Insights: Conversific will show you which products and categories should be featured, which products aren’t pulling their weight, and which products would benefit from being packaged together (including Amazon, eBay, etc. orders).
  • Weekly & Monthly Reports: We are sending a cool weekly report based on your dashboard so you can be up to date with the most important numbers of your store even while you’re sipping margaritas on the beach! No need to login to Google Analytics each day.
  • To-do List: Actionable tips based on your metrics and reports to improve conversions will help you grow your business much more than those platforms just collecting data.

Conversific will tell you precisely which products are a waste of money. Which marketing channel should you use and which results only in burning money. Which Facebook campaign has the highest conversion rate etc. All-in-one ecommerce dashboard, Google Analytics for Ecommerce.

Black Friday Deal: Free to Start then 33% Off (use “FASTLANE” coupon)

DataQ is an easy-to-use tool that gives you the power to better understand your customers and create paid-media campaigns that maximize ROI.

Powered by Fresh Data: Your customer data fuels DataQ! After a quick and easy one-time setup, DataQ continually ingests your store data providing you with anonymized access to your data-sets so that you can create segments, track essential KPIs, and sync custom audiences all with the confidence that you’re utilizing consistently fresh data.

Advanced Segmentation: Level-up your segmentation! Use our templates to get inspired or build from scratch with our custom segment builder. With DataQ not only will you have ready-made segments but you also get a better understanding of your customers with segment scores and predictive metrics centered around customer lifetime value (CLV).

Activate Custom Audiences: Drag and drop your way to activating the perfect custom audience! With our activation features and continuous syncs, you can easily combine and exclude high-value segments to target the perfect audience on top marketing channels.

Best-In-Class Insights: Access your most essential e-Commerce KPIs and audience insights. We’ve done all the calculations and setup all the right algorithms to provide you with actionable dashboards that not only display your data story but also provide tailored recommendations that seamlessly translate to optimized campaigns.

Listen to the DataQ podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal: 30-Day Free Trial

Segments Analytics gives the modern brand immediate access to enterprise-grade analytics and insights. Savvy merchants know that generic metrics and email blasts are no longer sufficient in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace. Created by former data scientists from Linkedin, Segments helps brands uncover hidden insights and take action to grow their business.

Stores with the most success on Segments have:

  • 100+ orders per month
  • 2,500+ total customers
  • 50+ product SKUs
  • 3+ months of order history

Stores should use Segments to:

  • Deeply understand customers using key metrics like lifetime value, AOV, ARPU, AOPU, conversions, and churn rate across different historical date ranges
  • Target customers lifecycle stages using dynamic time frame cutoffs for active, at risk, and churned customer states
  • Segment customers automatically with RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) framework and top revenue-generating use cases
  • Build new segments by filtering on total spend, demographics, purchase behavior, product attributes, and customer tags
  • Sync segments for omnichannel targeting refreshed automatically
  • Measure performance across all time periods, including monthly cohorts across 30, 60, 90, and 180 day periods
  • Map the customer journey for different segments and buyer types to understand timing, products, and device usage
  • Uncover upsell and cross-sell opportunities with product combos that increase repeat purchases and CLV
  • Work with expert data scientists for analyses and recommendations

Unlike email marketing services, Segments is native to your core ecommerce data and acts as the decision engine for marketing and other objectives. Plug and play Segments with other email and messaging tools — there are no switching costs.

Black Friday Deal:

Your days of guessing which optimizations will deliver the most conversions are over. Fullstory proactively illuminate problems in your digital experience and shines a light on revenue-impacting opportunities. On the Internet, data is plentiful but empathy is in short supply. At the core of FullStory lies session replay’s power to tie your analytics to real human experiences.

Identify Issues Impacting Conversions: Why don’t certain users make it through your carefully-crafted workflows, and how can their experience be improved? Fullstory analyzes your user journeys step-by-step, giving you a comprehensive look at when, where, and why your customers take an unexpected turn.

Discover A Spectrum Of Signals: Dozens of factors impact your conversions, from slow pages and script errors to frustrating workflows and device-specific bugs. Fullstory not only detects an array of these factors (which they call Signals) right out of the box but also allows you to analyze the Custom Events that are most important to your business.

Prioritize Fixes By Greatest Impact: Even with total visibility into your digital experience issues, it can be difficult to know which fixes should be prioritized and which Signals are merely noise. FullStory identifies and ranks the Signals that correlate most strongly with funnel fallout—and impact your company’s bottom line—so your team can choose which issues to remediate right away.

Black Friday Deal: Lifetime 1000 Monthly Visitor Recording Sessions



Increase customer retention with a customized loyalty program. Your customers become more valuable the more they shop and engage with your brand. A loyalty program gives you an easy way to encourage behaviors that motivate customer engagement and boosts retention.

Smile offers three easy to build program types:

  • Loyalty points program
  • Referral program
  • VIP program

These programs are the tools you need to create a beautifully branded rewards experience that drives repeat purchases and sustainable growth. With points, VIP, and referrals, you give customers a way to join, engage with, and share your brand community.

Match Your Store’s Design: Design a beautiful loyalty program with points, referrals & VIP tiers! Edit emails and the onsite experience to fit your brand!

Customer Retention Made Simple: Create, launch and make adjustments to your rewards program in minutes, not hours. All without a developer!

Connect With Marketing Tools: Connect Smile to all of the marketing tools you use for email marketing, reviews, subscription, POS, and on-site messaging.

Listen to the Smile podcast episode to learn more!

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Grow your sales through word-of-mouth marketing. Reward your customers for referrals and watch the sales and shares roll in.

A referral program that runs itself. Rewards are automatically paid out. ReferralCandy frees up your time so you can run your business. Sticky emails creates a sweet ROI. Find a new level of engagement in the campaigns you send and watch your email ROI skyrocket. Actionable Analytics. See data-driven insights to track traffic sources and see which customers are superstar referrers.

Your Brand, Your Designs: Customize the look and feel of everything, from pop-ups to referral offer pages to emails, with our easy-to-use Theme Editor.

Track Referrals And Sales: Track the performance of your referral program. Get an overview of sales and shares, or drill down to details like who referred who.

Reward Customers Your Way: Cash? Coupons? Special gift? Choose what your customers would love most – we’ll handle the code and fulfill rewards for you.

Black Friday Deal: 60-Day Free Trial



Effective inventory management is a strategic advantage for your Shopify business. Selling out of in-demand products can be harmful to your sales—but keeping too much inventory on hand can drain your resources.

Leverage Stocky by Shopify to optimize your inventory decisions. Spend less time worrying about what products to purchase and more time maximizing your profits with the best product mix for your business.

Stocky Features

Purchase Orders: Create and manage purchase orders from one place. Communicate more effectively with your suppliers and vendors, and have a clear view of what’s coming in and when.

Demand Forecasting: Receive recommendations on your products based on your rate of sales. Know which products are the most profitable and which you should re-order when.

Receiving: Give staff full visibility across all your locations and warehouses. When stock comes in, your staff can use a barcode scanner to quickly and accurately receive and place inventory.

Stock Transfers: Replenish stock quickly to meet customer demand. Transfer products from one location to another in Shopify POS or in your Shopify admin.

Stocktakes And Adjustments: Enable your staff to conduct regular stocktakes by easily counting or scanning stock on hand.

Analytics And Insights: Use in-depth reporting to make good inventory decisions. Access analytics such as low stock and best seller reports, stock on hand, ABC analysis, SKU/variant reports, and more.

Black Friday Deal: Free (with Shopify $79 Plan and above)



The Best Customer Service and Live Chat Help desk For Shopify And Shopify Plus.

Gorgias is a help desk (help center or customer support) for Shopify stores that allows your customer service team to manage all of your support, customer service in one place. Top Shopify stores use Gorgias to reduce ticket first response time and increase the efficiency of their customer support teams.

Using Gorgias gives your customer support team a true all-in-one help desk experience across email, live chat, phone, Facebook, Instagram, contact us page in one unified view to streamline your support tickets, saving you time and money. As opposed to solutions like Zendesk or Freshdesk, Gorgias has an extremely powerful integration with Shopify and Shopify Plus, so that you can see order details for a customer, and refund, cancel, duplicate orders without leaving the help desk app.

Use other popular Shopify apps, like Smile, Aircall, Smooch, Recharge, Swell, Veeqo, Intercom or soon Ping directly through Gorgias. allowing you to cancel recurring subscriptions, modify loyalty points, and more functionality, all without leaving your help desk! Use templates, automation, rules, and macros to cut support time by 30-50%. Your support team will be more productive and your customers will love you for it.

360 Customer Service & Support: View customer service requests from email, live chat, social in one place. Import tickets from Zendesk and other customer support CRM app

Integrated Customer Live Chat: Embed a live chat integrated with Shopify and other customer support apps. Perform refunds and edits straight from your help desk live chat

Stats And Live Chatbot: Automate your customer support live chat and contact us page using stats, rules, and templates. Contact us now to boost your customer service

Listen to the Gorgias podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal: 60-Day Free Trial

Call center software made for modern Shopify brands with a tight connection to Gorgias CRM. No technical consultants or complex gadgets required. A computer, a headset, and an internet connection are all you need to start talking to your customers today.

Set Up Your Call Center In Minutes: Simplify call center setup so your support and sales teams can get up to speed sooner. Invite your agents, organize your workflows, and open for business anywhere.

Work Efficiently As A Team: Build IVR menus and smart routing rules to direct callers to the right agent every time. Collaborate on calls through the shared inbox, apply tags or comments, and assign follow-ups to specific teammates.

Track Progress Toward KPIs: Gain visibility into call center performance with the live activity feed. See who’s available, who’s in a call, and how long customers have been waiting. Adapt strategy at the moment to minimize missed calls and achieve your objectives.

Black Friday Deal: 30% Off For 2 Months (use “aircallfastlane” coupon)

Don’t leave foot traffic to chance with Endear’s 1:1 messaging app and CRM, your store team can drum up business at all hours of the workday. Make the most of slower periods and set all your locations up for repeatable success thanks to Endear’s centralized email & text, personalized lookbooks and recommendations, and unified client profiles.

Get To Know Your Customers: With a centralized CRM, your associates can view customers’ shopping activity across all channels and locations, and contribute to your growing customer understanding through their own notes and observations.

Empower Your Associates: With Endear, associates can proactively reach out to customers at the right time, with the right content. Take advantage of custom recommendations and lookbooks to capture your clients’ attention and stay top of mind, no matter how they like to shop.

Send Personalized Messages At Scale: Send emails and texts to one or many customers at a time and tailor your messages based on their history with you. Streamline outreach with templates and enhance your communication with product visuals and linked recommendations.

Listen to the Endear podcast episode to learn more!

Black Friday Deal: 30-Day Free Trial + First 3 Users Free (use “fastlane3” coupon)




The Top-Rated Backup App

Rewind is the easiest way to backup your Shopify store and undo unwanted changes. Get peace of mind knowing that your most important store data is automatically backed up by Shopify’s top-rated backup app.

Every day, Rewind backs up millions of items for merchants of all sizes. From small shops to Shopify Plus stores – including Endy, MVMT Watches, and GymShark.

Why Do You Need an Automatic Backup?

  • Even though Shopify backs up all its data, you don’t have access to those backups. When items are deleted in your store, they’re gone forever.
  • Doing a manual backup by exporting CSV files is a complicated, time-consuming process.
  • Some apps can delete items in your store. We’ve seen customer cases where an app integration deleted all their prices, inventory count, and more in seconds.
  • People make mistakes. Whether you’re editing code yourself or you hired a freelancer to work on your store, you’ll want to undo mistakes instead of losing hours of work.

The Cost of Downtime

When your store is not functioning properly, you are turning customers away at the door. Human error, malicious attacks, or software glitches can all cause ecommerce downtime. Consequences of downtime include:

  • Countless dollars in lost sales
  • First-time visitors may never return
  • Hours of lost productivity and effort

Listen to the Rewind podcast episode to learn more!

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