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96: Commission-Based Advertising Across 25M+ Premium Online Destinations To Guarantee More Revenue And Return On Ad Spend

Commission-based advertising on premium online destinations for guaranteed revenue and return on ad spend in Ecommerce Fastlane episode 9 featuring Cooper Harris.

My guest in today’s episode is Cooper Harris the Co-Founder & CEO from Klickly. They are a 100% commission-based SaaS advertising platform that helps Shopify brands take control of their return-on-ad-spend.

Their unique solution allows consumers to buy directly in-ad from over 25M+ premium website properties. And the best part, you get to choose your own commission that results in actual conversions.

This is true, performance-based marketing at it's best!

Given the way the market is leaning and the impact that the Coronavirus has had on ecommerce advertising, I am excited to share this conversation with you today!

What You Will Learn Today

  • What is Klickly's Commerce Engine?
  • Why commission-based advertising is very appealing to Shopify brands right now.
  • How machine-learning is powering the logic to drive more sales.
  • How to guarantee return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) and avoid bots and click fraud.

Links And Resources Mentioned In This Episode

Tweetable Gold Nuggets

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Klicky powers purchases directly in emails, ads, marketing messages, and even AR/VR. ” quote=”Klicky powers purchases directly in emails, ads, marketing messages, and even AR/VR. “]

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Unlike traditional advertising agencies, Klickly guarantees your return on ad spend.” quote=”Unlike traditional advertising agencies, Klickly guarantees your return on ad spend.”]

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