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With so much focus on engagement metrics like clicks and opens, we often overlook the most important subject to measure — the customer. Understanding which customers are engaging with you, and those that are not, provides the basis for your segmentation, spend, and maybe most importantly provides a clear view into how healthy your customer relationships are. Looking across the aggregate data of more than 100 million shoppers, we’ve found that 44% of a brand’s shoppers are ‘engaged’ – meaning they are likely to continue to visit, click, and so on. 

Brands of course want and need more than engagement, they need to build lasting relationships. So what’s a brand to do? How can a brand build lasting relationships and keep the attention of their shoppers?

In this (the first fully remote) episode of Point Line Trend, Fiona Stevens from LoyaltyLion joins us to talk about customer relationship health, and how brands can build sustainable and durable relationships.

And, check out LoyaltyLion’s customer retention scoresheet to see just how well you’re engaging your customers.

This article originally appeared in the Zaius blog and has been published here with permission.

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