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Power To The Marketer: 5 MORE Can’t-Miss Sessions


Every session during the Power to the Marketer Festival was packed with enlightening ideas, insights, and strategies that marketers can use to grow their brands. The festival content, all of which is now available on-demand, dug deep into technical topics like personalization and data as well as cultural issues like sustainability and connecting with diverse audiences. The event also offered practical learning with workshops and product demonstrations.

But with ~100 sessions to choose from, where do you even start? 

Our previous article, 5 Can’t Miss Sessions, focused on some of our amazing mainstage content. Following are 5 more sessions where some amazing brands spill the beans on how they’re innovating the customer experience and increasing engagement. 

Read on, and get inspired!

1. A New Chapter: Booktopia Explores Post-Pandemic Trends in E-Commerce

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Most retailers are still learning how to navigate the post-pandemic landscape, especially as consumer shopping habits settle into new patterns (and then change, and then resettle again, and so on). According to Stefan Daleng, CMO of Booktopia, “One of the biggest trends that we’ve been seeing right now is that the growth of omnichannel retail has been profound.” 

As a leading book retailer based in Australia, Booktopia has a wide variety of customers to serve. Not only do they need to keep all types of readers sorted and served with the right content that’s relevant to their interests, but they also have to do it seamlessly across multiple channels. 

According to Lucas Midy, CRM Manager, it all comes back to taking a customer-centric approach.

“Starting with a customer-led approach, we’ll ask them for the content they’re interested in, but then [ensure] that we have those feedbacks through smart segmentation and automated automation in the platform that judges how well that’s actually performing. You know, if it’s a customer’s choice of data about a certain type of content, but actually they’re not engaging with that content, then maybe we can currently pick up on that lack of engagement and then tweak the actual content mix that we speak to them about from that point on. So that’s, I think, an interesting part that I’m not sure how many others in the industry are actually using. It’s sort of a mix between an AI and personalized approach, but I think it’s a much more human approach.”  

Lucas Midy, CRM Manager, Booktopia

Lucas Midy

CRM Manager, Booktopia

2. How Beauty Pie Uses Data to Deliver Next-Level Email Experiences 

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Beauty Pie is an exclusive club for luxury beauty products, and they’re always keen to better understand their club members and ensure their satisfaction with the products they’re receiving. They use an agile business model and continually test ways to deliver high-value products.

During Power to the Marketer, Chloe Pepper, Senior Email & CRM Manager at Beauty Pie, described the brand’s start-up mentality, and the way they’re using data and Emarsys to personalize the customer journey. Beauty Pie relies heavily on automations; the ability to scale those automations is critical to their customer engagement strategy. 

Being an innovative disruptor in the beauty space, Beauty Pie is always looking for new ways to get more out of their email marketing. In this clip, Chloe talks about their newly launched integration with Bazaar Voice as well as how they’re using complex segmentation for greater personalization.

“So with many businesses we’re not sure of, data to chew on and mull over… a few things in terms of recent integrations with Emarsys […} have really supported us is the integration with Bazaar Voice. So we can now target members who are leaving negative reviews on products and really alleviating some of that workload that was required from our member happiness team. I’m really trying to optimize that customer journey and then second to that is our snowflake integration. So now we have access to our analytical database. So any piece of customer data that we would want to be able to target on will be available to us in the platform and we can create complex segmentation as we continue to get more personalized and require more complex segmentation. And this will be really fundamental in supporting our growth and moving that personalization to the next level.”

Chloe Pepper, Senior Email & CRM Manager, Beauty Pie

Chloe Pepper

Senior Email & CRM Manager, Beauty Pie

3. Columbia’s Blueprint for a Storm-Proof Marketing Center of Excellence

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Columbia Sportswear is much more than the Columbia brand. In fact, it includes multiple brands spread out across a complex, global business. This business model comes with inherent marketing challenges, which is why Columbia set out to establish a Marketing Center of Excellence that would flow across teams, brands, and technology. It’s a method of sharing information, and in their Power to the Marketer Festival session, Columbia described how they improved communications and enabled marketing agility. 

In this clip, Rosemary Prescott, Email Marketing Manager, describes how Columbia keeps teams connected. 

“The Emarsys tool was originally launched with just the email team, but it’s now being used more widely across the rest of the retention and acquisition teams. And since launch, we’ve been able to bring together those additional teams and talk through the segmentation and how we can more widely use learnings in one area to benefit another area. In addition to the weekly Emarsys meetings, we also added a monthly Cross-Brand email meeting which really shares testing results, best practices, allows all of our brands to come together and just share knowledge and testing that we have done over the past month. And we really encourage the brands to implement touch bases across teams. So we have an automation specialist for Colombia that meets, you know, weekly or monthly with the automation specialist for Prana. And they can really share the knowledge that they’ve gotten in their specific roles.” 

Rosemary Prescott, Email Marketing Manager, Columbia Sportswear

Rosemary Prescott

Email Marketing Manager, Columbia Sportswear

4. How Reformation Uses Connected Data to Crush Their Marketing Goals

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Reformation is a US-based fashion retailer with a focus on sustainability. According to their LinkedIn profile, “Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We’re #2.”

This is one of those sessions that simply has it all! Jordan Wallace, Senior Retention Manager at Reformation, covers everything and the kitchen sink. Listen to the full session and you’ll get tips and strategies for waitlists, abandoned cart, emails, web channel, gift cards, and more. 

In this short clip, Jordan discusses how they use site tracking to acquire data that fuels their automations. 

“We’re always looking at every opportunity when something gets broken down to be rebuilt, to rebuild it in a more functional and optimal way. So when we had the opportunity to kind of reconstruct our tracking on site, when they were building site in general, we made sure that every single point that we could track a customer on site and what they were engaging with, it was properly brought into Emarsys using interactions. And really what that gave was immediate actionable data that we could use in our automated programs, which has made a significant difference today.”

Jordan Wallace, Senior Retention Manager, Reformation

Jordan Wallace

Senior Retention Manager, Reformation

5. Drive Impressive Email Channel Revenue with the Power of Identity

Register for the Festival and log in to Watch This Session

Are you able to recognize your customers when they’re shopping with you online? Can you do it even if they don’t log in to your website? 

In an ideal world made just for marketers, site visitors would happily log in, so you can easily track their behavior and use that data to personalize content for them. That’s not what happens in reality, though. Some customers will avoid creating login identities altogether, and other users may have a login ID but not always bother to use it, and so on. And as for cookies? Well, you can’t always count on those.

Wunderkind is a performance marketing solution that is designed to help marketers reach customers without relying on cookies. They’ve built their own first-party data network with more than 300 million consumers and more than a billion devices, so they can tell which devices belong to which individual. 

In this clip, Megan Kresinske, Director of Product Marketing, talks a little about the challenges brands face, and how Wunderkind can help.

“A problem a lot of brands have today is when someone lands on their site, it’s really difficult to tell who they are. Is this person who just landed on your website a new customer or are they an existing customer? And for most brands, they only can identify a customer if they actually create an account and log in. And unfortunately, unless you’re Amazon, not a ton of consumers are doing this today. So a challenge that many brands face is that when a user actually leaves or abandons their site, it’s how do we message those consumers? We don’t want to send the same type of message to everyone when you should be talking about those different cohorts of traffic in very different ways. So that’s really what we focus on, and what is core to Wonderkid is our ability to identify up to 40% more anonymous website visitors than brands could do on their own. So for example, if someone comes to your website on their mobile phone and then two days later decides to come back on their desktop, Wunderkind would actually know that’s the same visitor instead of treating them as two separate entities, which happens today in some email programs.”

Megan Kresinske, Director of Product Marketing, Wunderkind

Megan Kresinske

Director of Product Marketing, Wunderkind

Final Thoughts 

The Power to the Marketer Festival really does have something for every marketer, whether they’re looking for strategies, technical solutions, or general inspiration.

Sometimes it feels safe to stick to the same old campaigns and customer outreach rather than trying something new, especially in times like these when retail is challenging and the economy is shaky. But the key thing to remember is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. If there’s one thing the Power to the Marketer Festival has proven, it’s that marketing is a community, and we’re all able to learn from each other’s successes. At our festival, you can always find a new-to-you strategy that’s already a proven winner.

Join the festival and gain the power to engage your customers. 

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