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PowerReviews Holiday Consumer Survey 2020 – Canada Edition


PowerReviews Holiday Consumer Survey 2020

Our consumer survey of 650 Canadian shoppers highlights spending plans for the Holiday season, factors driving purchase decisions, likelihood of shopping online vs in-store and much more.

  • Overall spending level will be in line with previous years: Two-thirds (66%) said it will either stay the same or increase this year – despite market conditions.

  • Holiday shopping will start earlier than usual: Nine in ten will either start spending earlier or at the same time as they normally would.

  • Huge shift to ecommerce: 54% say they will spend more online this year than they did last, although 27% say they have no concerns about Holiday in-store shopping despite pandemic.

  • Looking beyond Amazon: 67% will buy from big box retailers other than Amazon and 68% will go direct to consumer this year.

  • Blended cross-channel purchase methods will be a big deal: 47% say they will use curbside pickup more this year than they did last.

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This article originally appeared by our friends at PowerReviews.

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