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Precision Casting With The Amplitude Smooth Creek Trout: A Review Of Scientific Anglers’ Fly Line

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Creek Trout Fly Line Review

The market abounds in fine fly fishing lines, and choosing the one that will best suit your needs isn’t easy. But conveniently, there are brands with such a spotless reputation that they become ever-safe choices. Scientific Anglers' Amplitude Smooth Creek Trout fly line is one example of the brand’s expertise. This versatile, high-quality fly line, specifically designed for fishing in smaller trout streams, has undoubtedly raised the bar. Today, we are looking at this fly line with guys from Gritr Outdoors.

Technical Features

The specifications of the line determine its performance potential. The Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Creek Trout fly line is built to shine in smaller trout streams and overgrown river patches. As versatile as they come, this line has gathered the benefits of other SA fly lines.

The Amplitude Series

Scientific Angler's Amplitude series is known for its exceptional quality, and this line is no exception. It boasts a remarkable reduction of up to five times in drag and an increase of up to eight times in durability compared to other lines by the same brand. This series is equipped with a proprietary technology that reduces friction and enables the line to glide effortlessly through the guides, resulting in increased casting distance and a longer lifespan.

Solid Taper Formula

The line's solid taper is one of the mainstays of its performance. The weight-forward design allows for presenting heavy nymph rigs and small dry flies equally well. The same goes for roll casting and mending – both activities are extremely easy to perform with precision. The greater the mass towards the front of the head, the more suitable this line is for different fishing scenarios.

SA Line ID

It’s easy to confuse lines with each other, especially if they aren’t marked in any specific way and all look similar. The SA Line ID is an integrated marking system located in the first 1-2 feet of the tip section, making it much easier to identify the line. You no longer need to guess or mark the line by tying a ribbon.

AST Plus

AST Plus is a new iteration of the brand’s patented dry-slick technology. It makes the line 50% slicker and 200% more durable than other lines. You can expect your rigs to float higher, shoot further, and be around longer.

Improved Dry Tip

An angler’s heart sinks deeper into their chest with every missed strike. Nobody likes missing out on opportunities, and Scientific Anglers tries to minimize the chances of it. The Improved Dry Tip utilizes a series of micro balloons that make the tip float twice as high as standard fly lines; in addition to significantly improving strike detection, such a design aids in quicker hooksets.


The line is exceptionally versatile and equally suitable for presenting dry flies, nymphs, and streamers. Since it is designed with a major focus on trout, it expects to perform best in cold to moderate water temperatures, though its performance in warmer water is not lacking either.

Best Using Scenarios

The Amplitude Smooth Creek Trout fly line boasts versatility as one of its signature features. However, there are specific scenarios where it shines brightly to maximize its potential. Below are some of the best usage scenarios where this line is highly effective.

Small Trout Streams

This line's forte is smaller trout streams, as it offers more than an average weight-forward line can. The line is great for navigating tight casting conditions often found in small streams that the trout like so much.

Cold to Moderate Freshwater Fishing

Even if you aren’t interested in trout, plenty of other fish are in the rivers. Just make sure the water in those rivers is either cold or at least moderate – this is where the line performs best. As for the fish species, bass and panfish are worthy candidates for the place in your catch collection.

Dry Flies and Nymphs

If we were to choose the best-performing fly types, dry flies (for trout, of course) and nymphs would be the best options. The line's true-to-weight nature and superior floating ability make it an excellent choice for presenting dry flies and nymphs with the required precision.

Pros & Cons

Sure, let's examine the pros and cons of the Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Creek Trout Fly Line.


Superior Performance: The Amplitude Smooth Creek Trout Line offers up to five times less drag and eight times the durability of other lines, making it an ever-reliable choice.

Versatile Design: The line is designed for smaller trout streams but isn't limited to that. With the ability to handle heavy nymph rigs and small dry flies equally well, this line can bring much more than a mere trout. 

Optimized for Different Conditions: The line is most suitable for cold to moderate waters, making it a perfect option for various trout situations. At the same time, it can handle warm water ponds and streams with similar decency.

Efficient Taper Design: The line's taper has more mass towards the front, facilitating the easy turnover of heavy rigs and bulky streamers. This design feature aids in making efficient roll casts.


Weight Compatibility: While the line offers a variety of weights, it may only perfectly match some rod types. Some users might prefer a half-size heavier line for better loading, and there are no half-size options for the Amplitude Smooth Creek Trout.

Limited Aesthetics: If you care about looks, this line is only available in one color set. This isn’t weighty enough to be considered a full-fledged drawback, but it’s still worth mentioning.


Choosing the right equipment can make all the difference when it comes to trout fishing. The Amplitude Smooth Creek Trout is an excellent option for its exceptional performance and durability. This fishing line is designed to deliver accurate and successful casts, making your fishing experience more enjoyable and rewarding. With its versatility, you can trust that the Amplitude Smooth Creek Trout will be a reliable choice for your next fishing trip.

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