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Press Release: As Amazon Delays Increase, D2C Brands See a Silver Lining


With Amazon experiencing month-long delays and shortages on the products consumers need most, D2C brands have a unique opportunity to move into that space, building community, and cultivating lasting relationships that will continue to grow, even after the COVID-19 crisis. 

Our recent consumer survey revealed that 65% of shoppers using Amazon said they couldn’t get everything (32.75%) or anything (32.25%) they really needed from the retailer. Moreover, if an item is out of stock, 40.55% of consumers will turn to a less familiar brand to find the product they need. For D2C brands, this is a critical time to focus on customer acquisition and retention.

From displaying reviews that provide purchase confidence in this time of massive uncertainty, to creative rewards programs that spur referrals and bolster community, to making every purchase worthwhile by offering support to a current, relevant charity or cause, it’s now more essential than ever for D2C brands to connect with th …

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This article originally appeared in the Yotpo blog and has been published here with permission.

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